Fighting Fire

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Chapter 4

Athena POV

Rolling my eyes and lowering my hand I dive back into my book. Or should I say tried. My heightened senses were currently overpowering my excellent concentration, so I could hear all the mumbles and whispers.

“Did you see that ass, man.”

“Fuck yea I did, but that view through that shirt.”

“Hell yea, I’ve saved that image.”

“I’d tap that.”

“Well no shit, who wouldn’t!”

“Redheads are notoriously wild in the sack too…”

Taking a deep breath and counting to ten I slowly close my book and look up toward the group of pigs. In the center of the group of jocks, presumably the football team judging from the letterman jackets, was the whistler.

Seeing that he had gained my attention a smirk broke out on his face, and he leaned forward. “Well hey sexy, we’ve been needing some fresh eye candy around here.”

How original. I slowly crossed my legs and leaned forward resting my arms across my knees, watching his eyes go directly towards the neck of my shirt just how I knew they would. “And what’s your name handsome?”

“Prince Charming,” he said as his smirk grew and he moved a bit closer. I’m sure he thought it was attractive, but really he looked like the joker when he smirked like that.

Having correctly predicted his actions, I smile and move an inch closer so that now our knees are touching. “What a coincidence,” I uncrossed my arms and moved one hand up his chest towards his neck. Then while he was busy getting off on this, it took me one flick of my wrist to grab his collar and pull him toward me.

Eric POV

After the girl flipped them off, the group of Neanderthals had started talking back and forth, everyone could hear them. Sure I’ve said some of those things to or about girls before, but for whatever reason it was getting under my skin this time. I figure she would just continue to ignore them, since she didn’t seem to care about anything around her thus far, but no. Instead she closes her book and slowly turns around. Crossed her toned legs and rested her arms across her knee. Does she realize that we all had a full view down the neck of her shirt? I shift in my seat, Fuck she’s hot. They are talking much lower now, why can’t I hear what they are saying? The conversation continued for a few moments before she started to run her hand up his chest. Great, another girl that just throws herself at “men”. I look away, having lost interest, and start to scribble in my notebook.

Mere seconds later I hear multiple students gasp, so I look up. This chick had grabbed Issac’s collar and started to pull him in and fast. My stomach churned, was she seriously about to start a makeout session with him in the middle of class? Wait,I glace toward the front of the classroom, why the fuck was the professor letting this continue? Turning back to the scene unfolding on the other side of the room, I see she has pulled him past her mouth and instead is now whispering in his ear. The whole class subconsciously leans forward, but still no one can hear. What the hell, now dirty talk?! Her actions were hot beyond belief, but him? I watch his face, since hers is facing the other direction. As it continues I see his smirk vanish, but as soon as I blink it has reappeared. Was I seeing things I only hoped were true? Once she has finished whatever it was, she releases his collar and slides back into her seat. Continuing to read her book, the rest of us are left to process, and fill in what we imagined the conversation to be.

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