Fighting Fire

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Chapter 5

Athena POV

“Baby if you wanted to get close to me and talk dirty, all you had to do was ask. I would have been happy to help in ANY number of ways.”

‘Fuck’, I sigh again. I have given him many chances, followed by the warning. It is more than most get. After all this is a new school… I had to try, right? He should have stopped, there were plenty of other girls who would love his one liners, but he didn’t… And that will be his downfall. This is going to be a very long day.

In one swift move I stand up, turn around and take the step towards him. His friends were giggling like a bunch of girls and he was smiling like a moron, he thought I was lying in my warning. He still thinks I’ll fall at his feet. So before another word can leave his mouth, I grab a handful of hair at the back of his head, and with a fraction of the force I possess I smash his face into the desk table. A loud crack echoes across the classroom, followed by multiple gasps and even a few screams. The classroom comes to a screeching halt, everyone holding their breath as you can practically hear his blood dripping.

He looks up at me while holding his hand under his nose, attempting to catch his blood, shell shocked and terrified. Meeting his gaze and holding it, a sinister smile tugs at the corner of my lips and a mischievous glint flickers across my eyes. A noticeable shiver runs down the length of his spine. Still not a sound in that classroom, but I knew what was coming. So I turned on my heel, picked up my bag and swung it across my shoulder. Then with my free hand I grab my book and jacket. All anyone can hear is some heavy breathing from a certain guy with a broken nose. Walking up towards the front of the class, I stop when I complete my journey. In front of the professor’s podium I let a shocked look come across my features. “Dean’s Office?” I asked letting my voice drip with sarcasm and fake shock. Not even waiting for a response, I smile at the dumbstruck man I’m surprised is allowed to teach. Sauntering out of the room, I rethink my entry to this new school. The door swings shut behind me and I immediately shake the thought from my head, it is two late now. Instead I silently laugh at myself, confirming I might still be a little pissed about last night’s events.

Eric POV

Oh. My. God. Alex and I exchange shocked glances. That chick has just fucked that boys face up for good in mere seconds. It had all happened so fast, she was up and next to him in one move and before anyone could react, bam! But instead of panicking that her temper got the best of her, she looked Issac straight on and smiled. SHE SMILED. Any normal person would be terrified, but I am not normal. That was the fucking sexiest thing I had ever seen by a landslide!

Issac was still sitting at his desk, his buddies frozen to their spots, as he held his nose. Now I’m a big guy, but these football players are huge. Even so they are all shaking because of a girl who was maybe five seven, and all though clearly fit she was slim. It was safe to say I was in awe of this girl. But who was she?!

As soon as the classroom snapped out of their trance the professor asked one of the many girls that offered, to take Issac to the nurse. He then attempted to get on with the lesson, but no one could concentrate or stop talking about this new chick who was ‘clearly psychotic’ (These sheltered babies have no idea what a truly psychotic person is capable of). After twenty unsuccessful minutes the professor gives up, reads out the assignment on the board before and dismisses us.

Leaving the classroom I see a trail of blood heading the other direction towards the nurses office, and burst out laughing. Alex looks at me with a raised brow, so I point to the ground. He just chuckles and shakes his head before we part ways. While he heads to lunch early, I have a meeting with the dean about my grades. I’ve never been so excited about going to the dean’s office, and I’ve been there quite a bit. I can’t wait to get a better look at this fiery beauty.

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