Fighting Fire

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Chapter 6

Eric POV

Five minutes later I’m walking up the stairs toward the office. Saying a quick hello to the secretary, she proceeds to roll her eyes when I send a wink her way. As I round the corner to the waiting room, I see that the girl is still waiting for her turn with the dean. I make my way in and find a seat, but she doesn’t so much as glance up from her book. I find myself disappointed that I’m not immediately given another chance to stare into her eyes.

Athena POV

Since I’m not on the dean’s schedule like a normal student, I’m currently sitting in the waiting area reading my book when I hear footsteps coming down the hall. Without looking up to greet whomever it is, I’m able to see from my side view that it’s another student. Over the years I have become a pro at observing people without their knowledge, so as I pretend to read my book I decided to check out who has joined me in the waiting room.

He was actually a pretty good looking guy, I have to admit. Although slouching, I’d guess he’s probably around 6′2". He’s well built, not in an overdone/steroid type way, but definitely puts work in. He’s wearing a pair of lighter blue denim jeans, that fit him perfectly, a pair of military boots, and a black v-neck t-shirt that allows me to see the fruits of his labor without looking as though the shirt was painted on. I can see that he has a handful of tattoos, but none showing enough for me to be able to tell you what they are of. A pair of broad shoulders held his strong jaw and 5 o’clock stubble. Atop his head was a mop of black hair, longer on the top and short on the sides, wavy and looking as though all he has to do to style it is run his strong hands through to the ends. His skin is a beautiful natural tan, but what gets me most is his hazel eyes. They are so striking, and if I was closer I’m sure I’d be correct in telling you they have streaks of gold and silver running through them.

The dean has kept me waiting forever, and I’m getting bored and hungry. Moving to stretch I’m reminded I had severely bruised my ribs last night and was met with blinding pain. “Fuck!” I yelp, and the man who had sat down jumps slightly. Slowly I reach into my bag I shake out two pain relievers and swallow them with the remainder of my coffee.

“Hurt yourself breaking that kids face?” My companion in the waiting room speaks up. When I make eye contact I see an amused smile gracing his already handsome face, head on I can see he is more than just a fine specimen. Dramatically looking at my nails then back at him I reply, “Thank god my manicure is okay!” He chuckles and goes back to his phone. Good, that was enough to satisfy his curiosity. Looking back at my nails I pretended to be double checking, looks like I have already chipped my black nailpolish.

“Ms. Williams?” I look up and am met with a very angry, older white man. Ahh, this must be the dean. I get up, grab my bag, and toss my empty coffee cup in the trash, slowly following him towards his office leaving the young man alone. Anyone care to venture a guess on my fate?

Eric POV

We sit there for fifteen minutes before the dean comes for her, and within that time she only looks up once to say one sentence. It had been quiet for so long, and I was trying so hard not to stare at the gorgeous creature who won’t give me the time of day. When she finally moved the slightest bit, she yelped in pain. I wanted to ask if she was okay, ask her what had happened, but she didn’t know me and I didn’t want to poke the already angry bear. When she pretended to be worried about her nails, I chuckled. I could see they were painted black, but they were hand done and already chipped. So how had she gotten hurt?

I try my hardest to get her out of my head as I continue sitting in the otherwise empty waiting room, but I keep drifting back. Thirty minutes passes and I hear the door open. Turning around I see her walking out, and from what I can see there is no security escort and no tear stains on her face from trying to get out of trouble. She passes me like I’m not right there, no awkward goodbye and no embarrassed eye contact. “Mr. Romano”, snapping out of my trance, I look up when I hear my name. I can already tell this isn’t going to go that well, he still looks angry from his last meeting. Williams was it?

Getting up, I follow him into his office and take a seat in front of his large desk. Probably over compensating for something. “Alright Mr. Romano, this is the first day of a new semester so we can’t technically talk about your grades. However, based on your last two semesters here I thought we could get ahead of the game.” After that I tune out, I know my grades aren’t great, but that’s because I don’t want to be here. I know the future for my life and I am good at it. This was just a waste of time, and I am just here to appease my mother.

A long twenty minutes later we finish, I shake the older man’s hand and promise to tighten up. This is the third time I’ve had this meeting, so we both know better than to believe my words. Finally I can head to lunch, I just need to find Alex.

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