Fighting Fire

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Chapter 8

Eric’s POV

“Well damn,” Alex is the first to break the silence that has taken over. “That’s definitely the coolest chick… Hell who am I kidding, She’s the coolest person I’ve ever met.” Returning to my seat, I see a star struck Alex still staring at the door Williams had left through. No words form in my mind, and after Alex broke the silence, he seems to be at a loss for words as well. So, we just go back to our lunch and wait for the bell to ring and signify that our next course will start in 5.

Athena’s POV

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. In between each course I’d head to the library and dive into my studies. By the time the end of the day rolls around I had a week’s worth of assignments completed in each course, and am so ready to get out of here. Normally I would head to the gym to train, preparing for my next fight, but that would have to wait until my ribs had time to heal. Walking out of the school I feel the sun beat down on my face, and my eyes fall on two guys smoking against the opposite building. God I haven’t smoked in forever! You know what, screw it, I’m out of commission for now anyway.

Walking towards the smokers I recognized the mop of black hair from the dean’s office. They were both so caught up in their conversation that they hadn’t seen me coming until I spoke up. “Mind if I bum one of those?” His head slowly turned and I am once again gazing into those wondrous hazel eyes, I was right, silver and gold streaks draw one in deeper. The sexiest smile I’ve ever seen comes in response as his strong hands dive into his jacket pocket to draw out his pack and lighter. Positioning the cigarette between my fingers, I allowed him to light it for me, all the while neither of us could break eye contact. Though it didn’t make sense, there was a magnetic pull I felt toward him. Inhaling, I quickly step back realizing our close proximity and blow the smoke to the side.


“Anytime” he says, clearing his throat.

I step back against the wall, leaning my head against the cool bricks and taking another drag.

“So do I get a name for that cigarette?”

“I guess it’s only fair, an equal trade. The name is Athena, Athena Williams.” I turn my head towards them after introducing myself, hazel eyes still smiling at me, shining brightly. Behind him his friend leans against the wall with his shoulder, and I take a quick second to check him out. About an inch shorter than the boy with hazel eyes, his frame is thin and nicely toned, though not the defined wall of muscle that originally gained my attention. He is dressed in a similar style, yet in earth tones which looks good with his shaggy blond hair and light green eyes. A sharp cough ends my observation and I look toward the perpetrator. Smirking I see his hazel eyes have darkened a shade, “Well, do I get a name in response? Or should I be asking your friend”, glancing around him I make eye contact with his friend who seems amused. I’m having way to much fun fucking with people today. Looking back at the rock hard body with now dark eyes, I smile and take another drag of the cigarette.

“Eric Romano”, he responds using a sound closer to a growl than an actual voice, and I feel my heart squeeze in my chest as my breath hitches. I maintain eye contact waiting for him to introduce his friend, yet he makes no move to. Rolling my eyes I quickly step around him and in between the two boys.

“In case you couldn’t hear names Athena Williams, and you are?” His lips tilt up into a smile, amusement still dancing in his eyes.

“Name’s Alexander Morelli, but YOU can call me Alex”, he says as his smile transforms into a smirk.

Taking the last long drag from the cigarette, I push myself off the wall and spin to face the two boys. Blowing out the smoke, “Thanks for this,” I drop the butt and crush it under my shoe and turn around walking toward my car. That was fun, and also so fucking hot! I swear I can still hear and feel that deep growl.

Eric’s POV

I am still watching her walk away, stunned for the third time today. The sway of her hips doing little to calm whatever feeling is squeezing my heart and making me fidget. Reaching her destination, I watch her unlock the doors of a classic Ford Mustang in black jade, tossing her bag and jacket on the passenger seat. Next she walks around the hood of the car, tying her fiery locks on top of her head and sliding on a pair of aviator sunglasses, before slipping into the driver’s seat.

As she turns the key in the ignition, the engine purrs to life and all eyes that weren’t already watching her turn. I find I’m disappointed she didn’t even look back my way once, but if that girl gets any hotter I think I’ll evaporate into mist. She peels out of the parking lot, gunning it down the road. So now that that distraction is gone, I turn my head to Alex and glare.

He just smirks in response, crushing his butt under his boot and walks toward the car. What the fuck was he trying to pull with her, more importantly why was I so annoyed. I could count on one hand the sentences Athena and I had exchanged. I need a fucking drink, a stiff one, maybe even a girl. So, I follow Alex to his car and ask if he’s interested in heading to the bar tonight.

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