Eye For An Eye

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Unexpected Return

It has been a year since we moved to Canada and it's been the best year of my life, the most amazing decision I could have made for us. Ryan and I are so happy together, our relationship started progressing after I had my daughter. We didn't want anything else to happen whilst I was pregnant.

I never knew I could love anyone as much as I love her, she is the light of my life and every time I look at her, I know the decision I made to move away from her dad and all the threats was the right one.

She entered this world a little late, stubborn and lazy just like her mum. Mila Dove Carter in honor of her uncle Miles and Callum. I didn't want to give her my brother's name so we settled for the closest to his. Then dove is the Scottish origin meaning for Callum.

She was born on the 22nd May, a beautiful bright sunny morning. Now she is seven months old and about to have her very first Christmas with her family. My dad, Uncle, and Lily all moved out with us, obviously wanting to start fresh but to also help me build the headhunters back to the top.

The only thing I find hard about this situation is every time I look into my baby girls eyes I see West. They are both identical. Some of my men that are still in England to keep an eye on things told me he has been searching for me. He still is.

Ryan was too clever for him though, he made sure there was nothing left that West could trace back to me. My dad did the same. Ryan is my second in command, he is also the brains of my gang.

My third in command is Lily. Honestly, I don't understand how that happened either, I thought she wouldn't want anything to do with this but she stepped up. Both of us have been training for months, especially for me. I'm not the weak pathetic girl I used to be.

She has also settled down with a lovely, sweet girl called Brooke. They both love Mila so much, they are my main babysitters whenever Ryan wants to take me out on a date which is a lot.

I used to think me and West would be forever, that he would be the only man for me but Ryan has proved me wrong. He has become a great father figure for Mila without me even asking. I love walking in on them as he reads a story to her or her giggling away at the funny faces he pulls.

He loves me and treats me with so much respect, he's the perfect gentlemen. I sometimes question how I even have such a gorgeous, sexy caring boyfriend. I am the luckiest girl in the world right now.

Right now nobody was in the house, my dad has Mila for the night to give me and Ryan some well-deserved space and alone time. He cooked an amazing meal for us both and now we were having some adult time in our bedroom.

The mature scene below. (Ryan's Pov)

Her breathless moans and slight whimpers only served to inflame my lust as I caressed her through the damp fabric of her panties. Warm breath against my neck made me shiver slightly, goosebumps spreading across my skin instantly.

Hope's pants were becoming louder, they were ending in a soft huff every time my fingers reached the top of her slit. I started to rub her a little harder and faster making her bury her head in the crook of my neck. She undulated against me, hips rocking back and forth as she ground herself against my fingers in her lust.

"Oh my god, Ryan!"

I could barely recognize her voice as there was a husky hint to it, her arousal so evident now. It was so unlike her unusual calm voice. Hope let out a whimper as I removed my hand from her sex. I couldn't stop my smirk from forming as she silently begged for more, closing her thighs together.

With ease I rolled her over until she was laying underneath me, her slim tanned legs spread open. I gazed down at her whilst her lidded eyes gazed back at me, arousal warring with adoration within their deep blue crystal depths.

I reached down with one of my hands instantly ripping away her underwear, now leaving her completely naked underneath me.

As I started to kiss her, losing myself in the sensuality of her plump lips moving against my own, my hand continued it's journey southward. I slowly teased her which made her need obvious, hips tilting up slightly in a silent bid to urge me to hurry.

She broke the kiss, turning her head slightly to look at me. "Ryan," she moaned softly, her hand reaching down to grip my wrist.

"Stop being such a tease and fuck me already" She demanded which was such a turn on for me, well I best do what the lady says.

As I hovered over her with a smirk placed on my lips I couldn't help but look into her beautiful blue eyes. Knowing that she's mine and only mine made me the happiest man alive. After she had Mila she became ashamed of her body.

Hope didn't want me seeing her naked thinking I would be disgusted with her stretch marks and baby weight but I didn't care. She was and is the most beautiful woman to me. That didn't matter to her though, she must have trained every single day at the gym and progressed a lot with her fighting skills.

Now she was an amazing fighter, she even beats a lot of the men in her gang who are twice her size and that have been training a lot longer than her. Sometimes we practice on each other, but most of the time it ends up with us having rough sex.

What can I say, I'm a guy and she's sexy as hell.

"You're so beautiful Hope" I sat her up, bringing her to her knees, my eyes scanning her body making me groan with a hungry need for her. I ripped the shirt that I was wearing in half so I could wrap it around her head as a blindfold.

As I finished tying a knot making sure it wouldn't slip off I forcefully pushed her back down on the bed making her gasp in surprise, which earned another smirk from me.

I started kissing her slipping my tongue into her mouth without warning, the sweet taste of mint and fruity wine. I felt her small hand trail down my body till she reached my manhood. I bit her bottom lip gently as she took hold of my large member, slowly sliding up and down my length.

She started moving at a faster pace making me growl into her mouth, I could feel myself building up but I didn't want it to end just yet.

So I flipped her over so she was now laying on her front. I brought her hips up, positioning her entrance in front of my member which was aching for her. Then without hesitation, I thrust into her making her scream my name but she didn't struggle against it.

My hips started rocking back and forth at a super fast pace, both of our moans turning into one. I could feel her walls clenching together making my member twitch ready for its release.

"Let go baby" I murmured into her ear, giving it a little nip. As she released, a loud moan came from her mouth as her whole body started shaking from the orgasm so I started moving in and out of her faster until I did the same.

After I had finished I collapsed onto the bed next to her naked body pulling the covers over us. As she pulled off the blindfold I pulled her into the side of my body, placing a few gentle kisses on her neck making her smile softly.

"Well that was amazing" I spoke, which just made her giggle as she sat up a little so she could look at me.

"It really was, I love you Ryan" I couldn't hold in my grin. I cupped her cheek to bring her in for a kiss which she returned. As my lips left hers I couldn't help but glance down at her chest, my need for her growing again.

"Round two?" I asked with a devilish smirk. Hope didn't say anything, she just straddled my lap instantly grinding herself onto my member making it hard. Before I could enter her a loud bang came from our front door.


Hopes Pov.

We both heard the loud banging coming from our front door, I quickly crawled off Ryan to put on my silk dressing gown. I felt a little disappointed to be away from him now but it needs to be done.

I opened up my drawer to grab two guns, one for me and one for Ryan. As I threw it over to him, I couldn't help but laugh at his pouty face.

"I swear this best be important, as soon as we have dealt with this I'm taking you back to bed and you will not be leaving it for the rest of the night" He grumbled making me roll my eyes at his silliness.

We both made our way downstairs as the knocking became louder and louder. I started to become irritated by it, knowing if this person carried on someone would be paying for a new door.

I stormed up to the door past Ryan with the gun held firmly in my hand. I swung the door open to reveal someone I never thought I would see again. Someone who died in front of my eyes. My heart was beating rapidly, my hands began to shake making me drop my gun.

I couldn't believe my eyes, how on earth is this possible. He can't be here, alive standing right in front of me all bruised and bloody.

I was finally able to speak, ignoring Ryans constant questions on who it was behind me.

"M-Miles" I stuttered.

Without a second thought, I ran into his arms, burying my head into his chest as I cried hysterically. His body felt so weak against mine but I didn't care at this moment. All that mattered right now was my brother, my best friend was here with me and he was alive.

He tightened his arms around me whilst his body shuck making me cry, even more, I could feel him start to buckle making us both kneel to the ground.

"I missed you so much Bambi, but I need to tell you something. It's important" he whispered into my ear making my eyes snap up to his.

"West has found you, and he'll stop at nothing till your dead"

I gulped as I looked over at Ryan who was staring at me with a confused look on his face, His eyes darting between me and my brother.

Looks like the fight Is about to start.

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