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Heartless Queen - Book 1

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When you have lost everything, you have a choice. You either break or you fight. I chose to fight, fight for my family honour and avenge their deaths. I will stop at nothing to make every last one of them pay. This is how my grandfather has raised me, taught me that emotions are weakness and a blade is your best friend, trust no one and kill everyone in your way. I have always wanted answers to all the questions I have but my grandfather would never answer them, but I will find out one way or another. After all, I'm the best assassin there is, powerful men want to hire me as I've never missed a mark or failed in my life. I don't even know what it is to fail. I'm known to them all as the Heartless Queen and I like it, no one can mess with me, no one can get away from me and no one can hide. Book 1 of the Heartless series. Book 2 - Heartless Soul - Completed. Book 3 - Heartless Ending - Completed. I have full copyright over this story, and for those that use wattpad. This story is also published on there 😊

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1 - Finally Found

Carmela's POV

I finally found him, the bastard that killed my family. The one that coldly and viciously tore them away from me. He was going to pay for his crime, I was going to take my vengeance out on him, and he wouldn't even know it was coming.

I stood in his personal office within his house and looked around. It was decorated in dark woods and black furniture with five rows of books on each wall except the window wall. A very masculine office, a power office you might say. There were a few plants that were green and leafy, a big black sofa that had a solid glass coffee table in front of it. Lastly there were two black comfortable chairs that were set out in front of the desk and behind it was a tall black office chair. The desk was massive, far too big for one man, its dark wood was polished to perfection everything on it was set out neatly and in their exact positions.

I ran my fingers over the wood to feel its texture, but it had none, just a sleek glossy finish. The edges of the desk were intricately carved into a flourished pattern. I admired it for a moment it was plain to see a lot of work would have gone into making this beautiful work of art. A file on the desk caught my eye with my name on it, well not my actual name but the one given to me by the criminal underworld, Heartless Queen. I smirked.

This name was given to me because I carve a heart on the cheek of every one of my victims and there has been a lot of them. They say I do this to remind myself of what a heart looks like because I don't have one of my own. When in reality I do it so that the owner of the contract knows the job has been completed so I get paid. I sighed at my own thoughts and looked down at my hands, so much blood has been spilled by them and not all for my own vendetta. I was an assassin, the best there is. Everyone wanted me to do jobs for them but I'm very picky in which jobs I take, and I always got the fee I wanted. The fact of the matter is no one can argue with my terms because I am just that good. Some have tried to negotiate terms with me, but they never got their way. I know this never made me popular with these men because they don't like not getting their way. Men and their egos I snorted to myself. They should know that a woman is more deadly than a man, you only have to look at nature to work that out, but they will never admit that because to them a woman is nothing but something to control and overpower, manipulate and fuck. I wonder if these 'great' men thought that about their own mothers.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of footsteps, it was faint but quickly coming towards the office doors. I hid myself against the bookshelf in the far west corner of the room, pressing myself firmly against the wall. The door opened softly, and a young red headed woman in an extremely short dress walked into the room and placed a glass and jug of fresh iced water on the desk and quickly ran out of the room closing the door behind her. She was clearly uncomfortable being in this room, she looked scared even, but I shrugged and decided I didn't care. That's her problem to deal with and I have too many of my own to deal with.

From the corner of my eye I noticed something move, I pressed myself again to the bookshelf and slowed my breathing. It was a secret door that opened to the left of the desk, I wondered where that led too. From the opening a tall, built man stepped out, he was breathing heavily while his muscled and tone body glistened with water droplets. A towel hung around his neck, god he looked good I couldn't tear my eyes away from one droplet that ran down the centre of his chest down over his abs towards the 'V' lines of his lower abdomen and disappeared at the waistband of his black shorts. I blinked my eyes several times trying to snap myself out of my thoughts. He stood in front of the open window I had just come through and breathed the fresh air deeply from the breeze that came through it.

His well-muscled back was to me now, I took several steps forward to reveal myself to him, I didn't have to do this, I could have killed him from where I stood. He was an easy target in this position, but I wanted him to know who is going to kill him. He looked over his shoulder at me with cold dark eyes and turn the opposite way to what I thought he would and walked towards his office chair, sat down and leaned back with his hands interlaced over his abdomen looking bored. I flared my nostrils in disgust at how he could look bored at me because I know for a fact that he wasn't expecting me. My breathing quickened as I stared into his eyes with a look that could kill, my body shook slightly at my built-up rage mixed with the adrenaline that was coursing through my veins.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" a deep masculine voice demanded. I said nothing but stood straight with my chin held high, I doubted he knew who I were, but I think he could have a good guess. "Answer me?" the man said with even more command in his voice. I smirked before I answered. "You should already know why I'm here?" as I gestured towards the file in front of him. He looked at the file for a second and shrugged nonchalantly before looking back at me. My anger flared and I sent a concealed dagger flying towards his head and it landed exactly where I wanted it too. I didn't want him dead, well not just yet anyway. It stuck in the head rest of his chair to the side of his high angular cheekbone. His eyed showed shock and then rage, until he breathed out slowly and spoke. "You missed." I smirked at his snide comment and replied with my own. "Did I?" he must have felt it then, a small trickle of blood roll down his cheek. He wiped it away and looked at the red liquid on his fingers examining it before wiped it off onto his bare chest. The smudges it left were now mixed with the sweat that still clung to his skin and said no more about it.

"My only assumption is that you're here for answers, to which I might not give and to then kill me." his voice was calm and even, his eyes looked deep into mine but with no emotion, whereas mine would have showed all sorts of emotions. This was as emotional as it could get for me, this was about my family, the only people that I have ever loved. "You will answer my questions before I kill you!" I stated as a matter of fact before I sent another blade flying towards his head, it stuck in the head rest at the other side of his head. He looked from the corner of his eye to see where it landed and scratched his cheek before pushing back his chair about to stand up only to hear another blade hit his chair. He looked down to see this blade was between his thighs and quite close to his manly area. He glared at me with pure rage in his eyes, his knuckle bleached white against the chair arms as he held them that tightly. He stalked towards me quickly with heavy footsteps, I started to step backwards as this angry lion stalked me. I'd already mapped out this room in my mind and knew the coffee table was close behind me so I stepped up onto it before I'd fall over it, just as he grabbed my thighs lifting me and slammed my back down against the coffee table and then freeing one of his big hands to hold my throat. I was taken aback by the force that I hit the coffee table with and was out of breath as it made all the air in my lungs quickly escape, but I couldn't replace the oxygen properly with his hand tightly holding my throat. His breathing was irregular and seething as he wore this expression with a red face, the veins in his neck were prominent and bulging as they were in his arms. His eyes are what captured all my attention though as they didn't just hold anger in them but something else that I didn't quite know what it was. "I will not be answering anything you ask but you will answer mine." he spoke through perfectly white gritted teeth. "Why are you here? And who sent you?" as he asked me these questions, he pressed his full body weight down on me in a show of power and I felt his everything press down onto my intimate area. Only then realising that the glint in his eyes that I couldn't place before was lust, I only know that as I felt his hardness against me.

I tried to swallow as much oxygen as I could because I was starting to see black spots in front of my eyes, 'no' I said to myself 'I will not go down like this, I will not let him do this to me'. I blinked my eyes at him trying to refocus, moved my leg around his and then with all my strength made him roll off me and onto the floor the only problem being was that he took me with him. He landed on his back with a grunt but moved his hand from around my neck. I inhaled deeply filling my lungs as I regained my vision properly, I looked into his eyes.

He still had the same expressional look as before but with more lust than anger now. I was repulsed by his advances, I have never been touched by a man and intend to make it stay that way. I was in a compromising position as I was currently half straddling him, my breathing had become more even, and the pain had subsided enough for me to talk. "Don't you dare push yourself against me ever again or else I'll cut off your dick and feed it to your second in command and watch you bleed out." as I said this, I moved my knee up into his groin and applied firm and heavy pressure, his breathing hitched, and his body tensed with pain, loosening his grip on my thighs.

I pushed up off him his rock hard chest quickly to a standing position and ran for the window, I dove out onto the tree that was outside of it. Looking back into the window I saw him standing now just staring at me, his attention was then turned to something that happened within the room and I was gone by time he looked back. He strolled over to the window resting his hands on the wooden frame and sighed. He was staring at my exact location however I knew he couldn't actually see me, he must just assume that's where I were. His eyes were cold and stern but showed a little disappointment, he shook his head and walked away from the window back into the room. I breathed out in a huff, I didn't realise I had been holding my breath all this time and with that I left his estate as I appeared. Silently and unnoticed.

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