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Heartless Queen - Book 1

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Chapter 2 - Control

Romeo's POV

"Are you alright boss? What happened in here?" asked my right-hand Enzo, as he burst through my office doors, momentarily taking my attention away from the beautiful deadly woman outside my window. I knew she would be gone when I looked back, but I still looked for her. I cast my eyes down to the only place she could be, behind the bushes that are thickly entwined with roses. I shook my head at the thought of wanting her, at the thought of how beautiful and mesmerizing her eyes were, the green flex that is clear in her right eye was swimming in a sea of clear blue. I need to get a grip of myself I thought and pushed away from the window with a last look and promise, "Ci incontreremo."

Enzo was still looking frantically around the room wondering what had gone on, but nothing within the room has changed so I best put him out of his misery. "I've just had a visit from the Heartless Queen." I stated as I stowed over to my desk chair which was now looking like a target for her daggers. Enzo looked at the placings of the daggers and chuckled. "She nearly took your balls off man, you got off lightly if all you have to show for the encounter with her is that cut on your cheek." he slapped his hand on my back as he said this which made me roll my eyes. "Fuck off and get me a new chair." I commanded him as I took the daggers out of it and placed them on the desk. That's when I noticed on the hilt of the blades there were three letters engraved 'CRF', I didn't know what they meant, initials maybe, could be hers or a previous victim of hers, who knows. I sighed heavily, just another thing to add to the somewhat empty file.

Before Enzo left the room with the chair, I asked him to get me all the footage from the cameras on the grounds for the last hour, I wanted to try and study her so I could make provisions for the next time we met. After he left, I went into my bedroom through the bookcase to get a shower and dress for my meetings to which I am now late for, due to her little visit and I didn't like the interruption to my schedule.

My office doors flew open with a bang and brought me out of my contemplation of what the initials meant as I span one of the daggers around in my hand. Gino Landaro arrogantly pushed his way into my office before I allowed him to enter. My nose twitched at yet another uninvited guest just barging into my office. I calmed myself down and just watched him storm over to me and land himself in one of the chairs that is in front of my desk. Gino was putting on a clear show for me, because he has always been a scared, useless fucker. He looked at me and I nodded at him curtly with a greeting of just his name. Enzo had followed him through the doors with the same expression as mine, he closed the doors and stood in front of them tall and broad looking like a wall all on his own. We knew each other well and didn't need words to communicate what the other were thinking.

"You evidently wanted a meeting Gino so let's begin, shall we?" I said in a calm manner despite not feeling calm inside. He looked at me with annoyance in his eyes for a few minutes before he spoke. "I want you to give me what we agreed upon, you owe me two million and three girls for my club." I calmly stood and walked over to the drinks caddy beside the window, poured two glasses of the finest scotch whisky there is and handed one to Gino. He looked uneasy at the glass before he took it and knocked it back with a loud gulp. I watched him before I took a drink myself and lent on the front of my desk. "Why do you seem to think I owe you anything Gino?" I asked knowing full well the answer to my own question but wanted to hear it from him. "I know this, because the delivery came up short and there were no girls to be seen. I told you what would happen if it wasn't there." he had told me what would happen however I didn't give a fuck. He had actually grown some balls which was amusing. "Yes, you did but you failed to remember that I don't make deals with dumb fucks like you, that think they can steal from me." I said this with a calm expression on my face but simultaneously slammed one of the Heartless Queen's daggers down into the back of Gino's left hand pinning him to the chair he was sat in. He screamed in agony as I twisted the blade round unleashing my inner beast, he tried to get me to stop by grabbing my wrist with his other hand and pleading with me. "Don't you ever come into this office and disrespect me again, could your stupid fucking brain not comprehend the fact that I know everything. I knew you were skimming off the top of every drop you made to me, I knew that you would come here demanding more but you failed to recognize the fact that you're in my office and I'm your fucking boss." his usual cowardly self was back, and all his earlier bravado was gone. I withdrew the blade from his hand and he immediately clutched it to his chest and lent over it with tears and fear evident in his eyes. "Enzo get him out of my sight he's bleeding all over my floor." Enzo had advanced forward as the attack happened, he was close enough to just grab him around his neck with his thick arm and drag him backwards out of my office as soon as I instructed it, but stopped at the door as I called out to Gino telling him that Enzo will take good care of him. He knew what that meant so was starting to struggle in Enzo's grip pleading in a gasping voice as he was dragged away.

I poured another drink and stared out the window at the tree outside my window, like nothing had ever happened. People always ask me why I don't chop the tree down as it obscures the view of the lustrous landscape. My reply was always the same, I want the tree to remain. End of discussion. In fact, the tree was there for the exact same reason its already been used for earlier, an easy exit if I ever needed it. I scoffed at myself knowing that I'd never use it as an exit, and I would stubbornly fight my way out all guns blazing if I needed too.

"Sir, I was sent to clean the floor. Is it okay if I do that now or do u want me to come back?" a small voice sounded from the door. I side eyed the young maid at the door. "Do it now." I commanded her, she flinched at my tone but came right in and started quickly cleaning. She was on her hands and knees in front of me her little uniform didn't cover much so I could see down her top to her supple breasts. My grandfather before me always insisted on these tiny uniforms and I've never cared enough to change it, but only now understanding the perks of them. The girl was pretty with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. I don't remember her, she must be new. "What is your name?" I coldly said to the maid. She answered timidly and said Melanie, she never once looked up at me to scared too perhaps, well good at least she knows her place. "How long have you worked for me?" she swallowed hard and said 3 months. "Are you treated well?" she instantly stopped what she was doing, and her breathing quickened. "Yyyy-yes sir." she stammered, instantly letting me know she was lying to me and I wouldn't tolerate liars. "Stand up and look at me when you answer me." she was visibly shaking now but slowly stood up but still wouldn't look at me in the face. I leant forward and lifted her chin up to see she had fading bruises on her neck. I was annoyed that someone had laid a hand on her, making her look at me. I asked her sternly "Who did this to you?" tears silently streamed down her cheeks, but she didn't answer me.

I grabbed her arm and dragged her with me to the dining room where I know most of the men would be, I barged through the doors with her in toe and let go of her arm, she whimpered and continued to silently cry next to me. The men in the room stopped what they were doing and stared at me and the maid, some were shocked others didn't care. "Who left these marks on this maid?" I shouted. I looked over the men's faces from the right side of the room to the left no one moved or said anything. "Don't make me repeat myself." I commanded. From behind me I heard someone drinking from a glass, I looked over my shoulder at Mario he had a snide smirk on his face. He used to work for my grandfather in his inner circle. He still continues to work for me but as an advisor now, not an active member. He took another drink and pushed off the door frame, "What does it matter? she's just a maid." he snorted at me. My anger flared and I knew it was him, he always had a reputation for taking whatever or whoever he wanted without consequences, he was scum, she would just have been another notch on his bedpost. As he got closer to me, I wheeled round and landed a punch square to his jaw, he staggered and fell to one knee. Rubbing his jaw and cursing at me and telling me there will be consequences for doing this to him. "I don't take kindly to threats Mario." I coldly said to him looking him dead in the eye. I took out my gun and shot him in the head, right between the eyes, there were a lot of gasps and muttering between the men in the room, but no one dare say anything to me as they know they would share the same fate. "No one touches any of the maids unless they consent to being touched." my mother raised me to respect women and would have killed him herself if she was here. I eyed every man in the dining room making sure that they knew this would be their punishment if they disobeyed me and I knew they would pass this message onto the rest of the men that wasn't present to hear it directly from me, before I exited. Melanie followed me out of the dining room her soft foot falls close behind me, she grabbed my hand to stop me, instantly regretted it and let go of my hand when she saw my eyes. "I'm, I'm sorry sir, I just, I just wanted to say thank you." she softly stammered looking at the floor. I left without saying a word and walked back to my office, I needed a fucking drink.


Ci incontreremo – We will meet again.

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