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The Quarantine Zone

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When an outbreak occurs in the state of Kansas, the company known as BioTech do the unthinkable and completely isolate the entire state behind walls; how will survivors fare against the undead menance

Action / Horror
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Biological innovations were always a big thing to consider, something the public nearly went wild over the simpliest advancement in biological engineering.

BioTech was no exception from this rule. Established in late 2015, they had revolutionized much of the world with their inventions and genetic research; their coming out to the world was curing the deadly virus of cancer; eradicating it from the world. From there they continued working, reducing various other viral illnesses, fixing numerous issues, and other miracles.

They were miracle workers, who did not seek profit nor funding for their efforts and work…but merely they appreciated the world’s favor of them. They were a nigh global company; having minor offices and laboratories in major locations of the world, from the United States to Russia, to even places like China and Japan.

Ironically McDonalds was still more frequent in places in the world, which honestly was bizarre. But none the less BioTech was doing everything possible to change the world once and for all. They even had a deep motto that spurred everyone working for them to continue on, no matter what.

“We all live on one world, that means we must preserve it no matter what.”

Topeka, a rather nice, and in a sense, peaceful city; they’ve been especially at their peak ability with the fact that the company BioTech was based directly in their city, this one actually as a two for one package in a sense; this lab was outfitted with a power plant was outfitted to fuel not only the city, but as well as the city itself; operating on a net power-grid that allowed everyone clean fluid energy without the risk of fossil fuels being burned or bills being extreme. It was currently around 7:00 PM; a cold January day as well, yet something seemed afoot still.

Within the BioTech labs, several researchers were seated around a table, discussing upcoming and current projects for the time being: like their project on designing a way to expand the lifespan of pets, or the other one on making a means to improve the immune system of those without health insurance. However someone soon stood, and cleared his throat to silence the muttering of the scientists and researchers speaking about things.

The one who stood was, in a sense, old and wise. He addressed everyone with a gravelly aged voice, as he smoothed back his bald head and rubbed his bushy grey beard. A long white labcoat adorned him, as under it a white dress shirt was complimented on his form alongside a pair of black dress pants and brown loafers. He resembled the average older, wiser mentor many had, yet he was clearly in charge of this BioTech division.

“While the other projects are good,” He spoke, beginning to gradually walk around the table, looking down at every scientist. “We need to prioritize on all major ventures as well; Dr. Evert, how are negotiations going?” A youthful, almost fearful person spoke up, clearing his throat to conceal his terror of being addressed by his boss out in the open.

“W-well sir, we’ve gotten a new shipment of equipment from our Japanese Branch to work on a method to repair the damaged cooling reservoir. Thankfully the minor leak we sprung wasn’t that severe Professor Elliot.” The old man nodded, fingers trailing through his beard.

“Excellent, what else?”

“I managed to do a routine inspection, so far we’ve had no successful break-ins for the past few months.”

“Music to my ears Dr. Williams, and what of you Dr. Connors?”

“Construction of the new labs have gone as planned sir, we’ll soon be possibly capable of manufacturing viruses designed for the sole purpose of eradicating other pathogens.”

Unbeknownst to them all, in the cold night sky, something was transpiring.

Something beyond the limits of understanding.

As the research staff spoke and tended to ensuring everything was running at optimal levels, there was a different story happening outside at the one of the four main reservoirs. The BioTech Power Plant division operated on unconventional means of cooling the plant; their pond sized reservoirs left in the open with a steel sheet covering them; mainly to protect from things like animals or debris falling in and getting caught in the machinery. As expected, every reservoir’s water was heavily contaminated with pollutants from the fallout of the plant; thankfully protocol kept it far away from any living creatures. However next to the eastern one there was a small river situated, connected to the BioTech Natural Park; said park being a haven for animals they rescued or were keeping within the facilities, said water coming from a Water Treatment plant; so the animals could have access to clean, processed water to help them in their stay. Currently atop a catwalk overlooking said reservoir was a lone janitor, a rather unsophisticated young man…one might say he was actually rather drab and even foolish looking; dressed in a messy button up shirt with faded, dirty jeans and near destroyed sneakers; unkempt brown hair on his head as well as a pair of oversized headphones resting on his head; his head nodding to the beat of a song on his phone. He was currently mopping said catwalk, and completely against regulations he tipped the soaking mop over the railing every few swabs, letting the grimy water and filth from the mop drip down into the reservoir, merely continuing on his job as if he wasn’t hurting anyone.

The foolish man swabbed again, and once again he dumped the dirty water over the railing and sighed in relief; finished with his sector to clean.

“Bullshit job…” He muttered to no one in particular. “Shoulda went on to be a rockstar but nooo I had to take out that fuckin’ loan; stuck bustin’ my ass at a crap job for chump change…” He resumed working, cursing under his breath, and soon glanced up, seeing a twinkle in the nigh starless sky. It caught his attention because while the few stars that remained were shades of white or yellow, this one was a startling green, and seemed to be…well growing in glow! He stepped closer and placed his hands on the railing, wanting to steady himself to look properly, and confirmed his suspicions, that light was in fact getting closer.

“What the fuck…?” He tilted his head confused, and his breath caught in his throat as he felt a sudden blur of pain shoot through his body, right after a bright flash filled his vision. His vision blurred a tad and his hands pawed at his chest; feeling a rather…sizable hole there, blood beginning to dampen his shirt. His heard hammered in his throat to the point where it drowned out the music, as well as the sound of something breaking through the metal sheet covering the reservoir. His world began to slowly darken, as he tipped backwards, and fell, falling into the murky waters below; his entire world finally going black right before he drowned from the polluted water.

However, had there been a spectator to the bizarre scene, they’d have figured out what killed the poor smuck; a meteor.

It wasn’t colossal or large enough to cause panic; it was in fact rather small, around the size of an ancient cell phone. Upon making contact with the water said meteorite began to fracture and break apart…and then from its shell oozed a vicious green watery liquid, probably brought on by it taking damage.

So within the reservoir three things were there now: a strange liquid from beyond this world, contaminated polluted water used for cooling of the plant, and now blood from the unfortunate moron who had stood there and let it approach rather than move out of instinct or sense. And shockingly, that little meteorite did more than just kill someone.

The Eastern Reservoir was the very one that had been said to have a minor leak; that impact didn’t help but to worsen the problem; the crack growing large enough for the infected water to seep out at a steady rate, working its way into the absolute worst place for it to go; the river. There was a little to no way to tell of the polluted water; it mimicked freshwater now, especially since it merged with the clear water in the river, and to make matters worse the dogs, cats, and a few other animals drank from this river; doing so even now as a few dogs dipped their heads into the water and lapped it up.

They immediately began to feel the horrific water corrupt them; whining and barking madly, before the first dog to drink finally collapsed.

He died, his pulse just stopped, and his brain had begun to die.

But he was dead, and problematically enough he began to rise, eyes now a deep green and white hue, head twitching erratically.

Without warning he lashed out at the dog closest to him, tearing his fangs through the unfortunate beagle’s neck; killing her instantly as she slumped down, blood pouring from her neck in a horrific fountain, the ones who didn’t drink from the river whimpering and whining at the display of brutality before them.

And then the dog who had just died shakily rose, despite the severe fatal wound she sported, her eyes the exact same green, dead glow as her killer; and within minutes she rushed at the collie who was closest to her, claws and teeth tearing into the poor creature and basically flaying it with such brutality it was beyond unnatural; its intestines ripped out and layed along the ground. Within minutes it as well rose, twitching as its eyes turned.

That was just the beginning of the madness, because that river led to the distribution plant; where the water was then sorted to go through pipelines and other things; where it’d eventually find its way to the water supply that people would be exposed to it…

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