The Quarantine Zone

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The Quarantine Zone

4- Quarantine

4 Weeks Later

The incident in Junction City didn’t die there; the military had just no idea how far this went; it spread to other cities within the weeks following Junction City being consumed in the chaos. The National Guard was called in, and then the impossible was both considered and put into action.

To quarantine and isolate the entire state of Kansas, for the rest of the world’s safety.

It was a radical, almost unrealistic step, but their belief was they had just no idea what brought the illness that ravaged the state, but a few tests on the water taken from Ground Zero of Topeka revealed that the water itself was infected; there was no telling when another outbreak in the state could erupt and claim more lives.

So at every major checkpoint leading into other states military outposts were set up to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure it stays isolated in Kansas only as well as studying select few living and undead specimen for a possible cure or vaccine; also setting up electric fencing and cutting off communications with it as well; an incident early into the establishment of the outposts awarded an ill-fated soldier a near death experience with someone evacuated turned into one of those green eyed monsters and tried to eat him.

As a result from there they refused to let anyone out; only those who got out in the hours before Junction City’s outbreak were able to escape the dead zone. There was no other choice; from the tests performed on infected blood the virus within, dubbed the Evorto Virus in honor of the Latin scientist who cracked its secrets or E-Virus, is that it mutates and changes at an alarming rate; it has an groundbreaking incubation period that can be accelerated depending on how active the victim is and has been hypothesized to be capable of spreading to humans and animals alike from bites as well; innocent dogs and cats could become carriers of this illness.

But what of those trapped inside? What of those who were miraculously able to survive the undead horde but unfortunate enough to remain trapped within the dead zone?

Many were unable to survive any longer, hopeless knowing that there was no escape from their impending doom and either committed suicide or fell prey to the roaming hordes of zombies. Some adapted and chose to abandon all humanity in order to survive in their new “hope” while others refused to give up faith and sought escape by any means necessary.

Because this is the world they have come to live in the new state merely dubbed The Quarantine Zone for their isolation and tumble into for a select few.

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