The Mixing Pot

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Teens on their own during the end of the world. What happened when there are no rules, hormones, and questionable motive. Is trust enough, or is death the only way.

Action / Adventure
Golden pen
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Chapter 1: Hunting

The crunching of the leaves sound louder, the more she’s trying to be discrete.The woods fly pass as if everything is going in fast motion. The thudding of her feet on the ground, and the craziness of a suitcase trying to follow. Her legs burn, her heart is racing, and her head feels like it’s going to explode. She can’t catch her breathe, but the only thing keeping her going is the far sound of multiple footsteps trailing her.

She turns her head to see how far behind the group was, and a few moments later she collided with something so hard, it knocks her off her feet, taking her last remaining breath for a moment, making her drop the suitcase in her hand.

It didn’t take her long to notice that she had ran into another person. She fumbles back, and tries to collect her things, as quick as possible. She then stops at trying to pick up her bag when she hurd the hard cold defining sound of the cocking of a gun. Her heart jumped from her chest, and she closes her eyes, bowing her head while in anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

“Get up!” He said in a low voice, almost like a whisper. Is he hiding too. She gets up slowly, and turns around even slower to face him. Even though he was holding a gun straight to her face, she couldn’t help how handsome this guy was. He was tan with black hair that flops over his eyes, and made his blue eyes pop, and his lips were pink and full. He was tall, but not ridiculously tall, probably around 5’11” or 6’. But he had no emotion on his face, Making her wonder, even more who he was.

She looks him in the eye. “Just shoot me already,” she said with both hands over her head like being held up by the police, as if there were still police.

He gave her a dirty look, “ shut up, if I was coming to kill you, you would be dead.” He looked around as if he were waiting for someone.

“Look,” she said, “ if your not going to kill let me go, I’ll be in my way, but if I stay here their going to kill me.” She is on the verge of tears, almost shaking in fear.

He walks closer to her and puts his guns down for a second “who’s trying to kill you,” he then looked at the suitcase on the ground that she was so desperate trying to grip on to. He then backed up and point the gun back at her, “ more importantly why is someone trying to kill you.”

For someone who has the power to kill another person he sure seemed emotionless. She glances at the suit case then back at him. “ look, they took something from me and I took it back,” she said with a straight face, trying to mock the dominance he has over her at the moment, failing miserably.

He still has no expression, she try’s scanning for any emotion on his face, but all she can see is the loss and suffering deep in his soul. He’s putting on a front trying to mask something. But everyone is suffering these days, if you haven’t had a loss at this point, your a lucky one.

He glances back at the suitcase and point at it with his gun, “ what’s in the bag.”

“Nothing important, to anyone else but me, you know old memories and stuff, from before.” She said in a confidence, but she was looking at the ground making he statement seem invalid.

He looked at her again, “open it,” he said with the gun still pointed at her.

She backed up and almost as if she was mentally protecting the case, “ no!”

“No?” He said, “it’s almost like you don’t have a gun pointed at you, open the bag.”

She sighs, clearly out matched, as she was bending over twords the back, she hurd the troubling sound of the multiple footsteps finally catching up to her. She looked up and saw five other guys, multiple builds and all different sizes. They each have a makeshift weapon, expect for the one with the gun.

She finds herself on her knees, feeling more hopeless then ever, no where to run, on one size there’s a guy who she ran into five minutes ago, with a short temper,and did nothing but threaten her. On the other side, there’s five guys who has been chasing her for hours.

One of the guys in the group, who clearly seemed to be the leader, because he was the only one who had a real weapon. He stepped up and gave a super villain chuckle, “ okay kid,” he said looking at the boy, who is now pointing his gun at the guys, “ I’ll take this little bitch off your hands, and we’ll be on our way.”

Without any hesitation, the boy only fired five shots, only five, that’s all it took. The girl had put her hands over her ears and closed her eyes, and tears streaming down her face.By the time her eyes were open, the whole group was dead. All with one bullet hole to the head, right between the eyes. A perfect shot, five times in a row.

She can feel her self shaking with fear again, because she clearly ran into the most dangerous person she can find. She gets up slowly again, trying not to startle him. She turns slowly to meeting him face to face, they made contact for a while. “ grab your stuff, lets go.” He said breaking contact.

She was very confused, “why,” she said picking up her stuff, but also continuing to obey him because he was the one with the gun.

He walks over and picks up the gun from the other guy, “unless you would like to stay with them,that is,” he said kicking the dead body, still emotionless.

He started walking and she followed, they walked for around five minutes before she finally said something. “ Thank you for saving me, I owe you my life.”

He doesn’t say anything, so she speaks again, “ I’m Sam by the way,” she said hoping for an answer back. He says quiet as they continue to walk to an unknown location. “Do you have a name?”she said sarcastically.

“Chris,” he said, and nothing else.

She smiles, “Well, Chris, thank you for saving my life.”

They walk for hours without saying anything to each other. The atmosphere was akward, but the scenery was amazing. The woods, mostly dark from thick trees, glows in golden specks of light here and there, illuminating colorful patches of flowers and green grass. Woodland creatures fleeing away majestically. And the whole place felt like walking through a fairytale. When they finally came to a stop, showing a rather large clearing and with looks like a makeshift camp ground, but nobody is here.

He starts a fire and goes inside a tent, that looked old and tattered,for a while. Sam stays outside the tent, waiting for what’s going to happen next. Because that’s all anyone does these days do,live day by day, and hoping to see tomorrow. He comes out in a different plaid shirt, only a few shades greener than the first one, and a hunting knife.

Chris walks over to what looks like a rabbit hidden in a broken down cooler. Sam winces at the sight of the dead animal, almost turning green. Chris notices this, “what can’t handle a little blood.”

She covers her nose, “no, but that poor animal,” she slightly gagging.

He stays emotionless, “ well what do you eat,” he said hacking up the poor creature.

She walks over to the suitcase and drags it over twords him, Sam sits down across from him, pulls out a key hanging from her chain around her neck, and unlocked it. She flings open the case and reveals hundreds of snacks, and candies.

She looks at his face as he stopped hacking the rabbit and and drops it, still not showing any ounce of and expression, other than bored. She lets out a smile, “ Bon appétit.”

They both eat until they couldn’t eat anymore. Sam and Chris ended up talking for hours, about nothing and everything. It was dark before they got up. Sam curled up by the fire, using her clothes and overgrown, wild curly hair as a measure of warmth. Chris sleeps peacefully in tent.

Two weeks since the world fell apart, and another day survived.

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