Halls of Truth

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Chapter 1

Cheers of joy and anticipation roared before him. Sporting a ceremonial kilt, a pair of shackles to his wrists and ankles and nothing but his bare chest exposed, Alexus walked into the coliseum amazed at the grueling sight of the Greek commoners.

Alexus knew that he was as good as dead in these chains of his. The Greeks were practical, but not invulnerable. He knew out of all the stories he’d learned over the passed months time, he knew that the most famous heroes were taken prisoner.

Closing his eyes, his perception changed in an overworld layout, he could sense a man harboring Golden armor. The man held a golden helm, a thick armored breast plate and a chiseled kilt made of the finest riches in the world. His eyes were intoxicatingly green with an aura of pure might. In a sudden glance, the man turned.

“Focus Child!” The man shouted in a scoring breath. Seconds after the vision shattered to relieve Alexus back in his own crossroads. He stood before a massive brute to receive punishment for his trespassing.

The man was a tall Middle eastern man. He had no facial hair and the steady eyes of a natural born killer. Lifting his hand up he chopped off the chains to Alexus’s hands and feet. Amazed Alexus stood speechless. Regaining his composure, Alexus glanced at the man unnerved but with question.

“Why did you release me?” He asked.
Baring down at Alexus, the brute smiled. “I want to fight on equal terms. I maybe an executioner but I do give fairness when it is needed.” The man spoke. “My name is Diomedes the punisher.”

With a smile Alexus introduced himself. “I’m Alexus Erman, the accused.” Drawing his sword, Diomedes smiled. With a swift chop at Alexus’s head, he cringed to notice the culprit had created a huge distance between them.

At the other side, on top of the head of a thirty meter tall statue of Hercules, Alexus stood barreling down an archer’s bow as an arrow formed from thin air. “I’m gifted with arrows, so far I have calculated ninety-nine one shot kills. I’ll like you to be Mr. One Hundred!”

Unamused with Alexus’s speed, Diomedes smirked. “There’s no mortal alive that can make a hit from way up there!” Diomedes cried. “You’re bluffing!”

Intrigued the crowds cheered in anticipation. Not a single person believed he could hit his target from such a distance, but not many believed that Diomedes, the punisher would be defeated.

Releasing the arrow, Alexus closed his eyes. As the arrow sailed through the sky it shimmered in a golden light. Penetrating his defenses, Diomedes fell to the might of a measly arrow.

Amazed, he spat up blood as Alexus appeared before him. “Impossible!” He wheezed. “How could one so scrawny defeat me, Diomedes the Punisher!”

“You underestimated your opponent.” Alexus’s eyes drew in a void of death, carnage and sorrow. “In a fight you never assume you are stronger. Just remember that size doesn’t matter.”

“I deem him, worthy of living!” Diomedes cried, as he collapsed unconscious. In a cheer of the crowds, Alexus was honored as a mighty mortal.

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