Halls of Truth

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Chapter 2

After his release, Alexus wondered the colony of Charlestown. He noticed the children playing soccer and frolicking about. Understanding nothing of his vision, he sighed impatiently. He wondered who the man in gold was and why did he appear to him through vision rather than in person.

Tossing the estranged thought aside, Alexus grabbed hold of a robbery in process. A stone brooks away, He saw a fruit cart being ransacked and plumaged of its loot. Taking charge, Alexus ran. He arrived just to see the remains of the fruit cart and a depressed owner.

“What?!” Alexus wondered. Scanning the surroundings, he noticed the perk racing away. Climbing on top the forums , Alexus noticed the perk. Taking aim at the grounds before him, Alexus released an arrow as it hit it's precise location. Amazed, the robber turned his head.

“You- You’re!” Dropping from the archway, Alexus grabbed the mugger and pushed him up against the alleyway wall. His green eyes churned with anger and resentment.

“You stole this.” His nostrils flared. “I hate crooks, more than I hate murderers.”

“Hey, listen bud I don’t want any trouble!” The crook cried. Pulling out a switch knife, his fear depleted and was replaced with merciless courage. “Thought I was taken down, did ya?” The man smiled. “I’m the infamous Blare VanBlare. I’m like your modern day Robinhood in the states.”

“I don’t care who you are, you’ll die if you choose to steal from commoners. Got that?” Alexus threatened the man. In a sudden swirl of hot air the bow reformed in his hand ready with an arrow. “All I need to do is release the arrow and you’re dead. Now hand over the goods and live you’re pathetic life in peace.”

Glancing at his eyes, the crook noticed that Alexus was serious. Accepting his luck, he handed him the goods and ran. Disturbed by his words, Alexus sighed.

When he made it back, the man had closed shop. Amazed that Alexus had been capable of getting the goods back, the man thanked him gratefully.

“Are you sure, that you don’t need any? A growing man like you deserves something for your troubles.” The shop owner insisted.

“Don’t worry about it. Honestly.” Alexus smiled. “I was glad to help. Besides, I must get going now. I’m in search of the Imperial Phalanx, do you know where it’s located?”

“The Imperials, you say?” The old man placed a hand under his chin as if he were hard at work. “I remember overhearing a group of militia saying that the strongest are in New York. I thought about it and just passed it off as business talk. Although that could be true.”

Curious to the idea, Alexus nodded sternly. “Thanks again!” He waved as he walked out of the colony of Charlestown.

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