Halls of Truth

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Chapter 3

Skulking forward, Alexus dawned wearily at the seemingly endless horizon. He’d traveled three days non-stop and was beginning to lose hope of ever finding the bloody Phalanx. As he skulked onward, Alexus noticed a sudden change in light. Gazing up where the sun should’ve shone was a angel-winged woman. As she dove down from the heavens her form was revealed.

The woman was sunning, she held snow pale skin and a lovely charcoal black colored hair. Her figure was astounding and she also revealed her chest. She had on a shadow thick dress and no shoes. Her breast was also assorted with a black fur cloth underneath them.

Amazed, the woman smiled a thick and sinister smile. “A newbie. You smell, hopeful!” She muttered. “Demigod, allow me to crush your skull, I’ve been dying to kill one of your kind for eons.”

“So, you’re not a goddess, too bad. You’re pretty too.” Alexus mused.

Flattered, the woman smirked. “Actually, I am. A goddess of Death, Thanatos is my father. I am Erinys, the goddess of violent vengeance. When one seeks an unbalance vengeance their prayers come to me. You’ve probably heard of me and the other forms of me.”

“Other forms?” Alexus ventured. He knew that it was a wild shot, but if he could get Erinys to start up conversation long enough, he might be capable of figuring out her weaknesses.

“It doesn’t matter. But if you must know, in every story and myth there are different scenarios that play out.” She began. “In most myths I am not one being but thousand of monsters, who are sisters of Thanatos and daughters of Nyx. In others I am a single monsters and then there is the most accurate myth, the one where I am the daughter of Thanatos.”

“So as a goddess you control the other forms?” Alexus wondered.

Opening her stance, the goddess closed her eyes and began to glow a harsh yellow aura. In an explosion of screams, three dozen monsters bursted out of her stomach and her attire changed. She now sported a long sleek and elegant battle suit along with her angel-wings of death and the blatant stared of murder.

“In the most accurate one, I am the goddess of the Erinys, the queen of the Erinys and daughter of death.” At that moment her eyes keened as she took flight.

“I’ve never killed a goddess before.” Alexus admitted. “But I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Summoning his bow, Alexus took aim on his first erinys. With an explosion of ichor and dust Alexus smiled as he gazed at the goddess. “One down, thirty-five to go.”

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