Halls of Truth

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Chapter 4

Eleven rounds was hard enough in a video game, but when Alexus tried doing thrity six rounds, he was more than overwhelmed. Beating down sweat, Alexus stood weakened and out of strategies. Normally he was clever enough to devise a masterplan, but this time nothing came to mind.

He was locked dead center in between two dozen monsters and a godess enjoying her pets play. Glaring up at the goddess, he noticed the monsters swirl and slash right at him. The creatures looked very similar to Erinys, except the different colored hair and eyes. The all had the same seductive body, the same exact outfits and the same hideous overgrown claws.

Alexus almost felt bad for them. Amazed, he observed his enemies movements. It was a simplistic overwhlem the enemy tactic often used when it came to empire assults. The most common ones that used these were the Chinese and Roman Empires. Amazed that he knew anything about history, he dodged a slash from one of Erinys’s pets. Drawing his arrow, he fired sending the shroud back to the agonizing pit of hell where she belonged.

Intrigued Alexus smiled. He had never had quiet a challenge like this before, but considering their numbers it was obvious that he would fail if they acted quickly. Dawning on a solo challenge, Alexus dropped to one knee and did the single most retarded thing in the world, he took aim at Erinys. Sailing across the sky, the goddess grabbed the arrow as it hit her shoulder.

In a wail of agony half the army crumbled to dust. Enraged the goddess pulled out the arrow. “You’ve got guts kid.” She muttered tempering her rage. “I will kill you myself. But this time, I’ll take it slow. I’ll save your life just so I can destroy it later.” Dropping from the sky, the goddess forged a spear out of pure magic.

In a simple prance across the remainder of her army evaporated back into her. Her eyes glittered with a golden aoura as she glared daggers at Alexus. Unsure of how he was going to stand against the monstrosity of a god, Alexus took a step back.

Delighted, the goddess slashed her spear down as he fell back. Gushing out blood, Alexus clamped down to his knees. “The gods weap on your poor choice in actions.” He spat.

Angered, Erinys kicked the hero across the terrain. In pain, blood and beaten, Alexus still insulted the goddess. “You have courage demigod, but I will kill you soon.” Releasing her spear, she grabbed his head and kneed him to the face. In pain and blisters, Alexus still found the courage to go on.

“Are you done?” Alexus said. “If you are it’s my turn!” Summoning his arrow, Alexus released a volley of eight shots, sailing through the sky each arrow marked it’s place. Satisfied, Alexus charged forward and picked up Erinys’s spear. Taking aim at the goddess, he smiled. With a simple release of his thumb the spear tip blasted out a purple energy. In a scream of agony, Erinys was down on the grounds. Glaring down at her, Alexus closed his eyes as he dugg the spear tip into her left eye.

“That’s punishment enough, ” He sighed, as he pulled out the spear. “The next time, I’ll destroy you.” Turning around Alexus began his leave.

Enraged Erinys laid there defeated. “No. I can’t lose.” She whispered discomforted. “No! I can’t LOSE!” In a spark of golden light she appeared before Alexus, smacking him down she grabbed her spear and raised it prepared to kill the demigod.

“Farewell, half-god. Seek refuge in Elysium!′ She cried, in a sudden slash her spear hit something bronze. Glaring at her victim, Erinys noticed he had used his bow as a shield. Taking view of its craftsmenship, Erinys backed away.Frightened she glanced at something in the distnace.

“You’ve won this fight, Alexus. The next will be mine!” Screaming at the top of her lungs, the goddess flew away enraged leaving a confused Alexus.

Walking across the mountain range, Alexus noticed a distance frontier gate. With a smirk on his face, he charged forward toward a new challenge and hopefully a new home.

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