Halls of Truth

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Alexus walked into a sea of Greek warriors fully armed and ready for battle. He didn’t understand why everyone was lined up in the strategic Roman cohort ranks, but he didn’t hae time to care. Musculing in the men gazed at a tyrant of a man. He bared a harsh expression and seemed to lead the amry.

“Welcome, traveler.” The man spoke with verocity and creed. “I am Hermid. Do you seek to join the Imperial Phlanax?!”

Amazed, Alexus wondered how the man knew that. He hadn’t been there for more than five minutes and someone could already read into his motives. Glancing at the man, he nodded. “Yes, sir. I am Alexus Erman, I seek refuge in your-”

“Enough with the formality!” Hermid laughed. “Yea, sure you can join. If you can survive in our seige warfare battle today at the colliseum. Show your worth and I’ll recomend you to the king, Odysseus.”

“Odysseus?” Alexus wondered. “He lived more than three thousand years ago, how could he possibly still be on earth?”

“No relation, he’s named after him. His mother’s favorite hero. Impecible name though. I’m named after a viking god, sure beats Hermid.”

“Actually, you’re name is only derived from Hermit, who was in fact a known character in Norse mythology.” Alexus explained.

“Anyways, meet at the colliseum in ten. Men! Dismissed!” With a final call, Hermid went on his way.

For the next eight minutes and a half, Alexus took his time figuring out the Imperial Phlanax and the capital. He had gotten some fresh bread from the bakery, a sack of fruit and a lovely pass at by the various accounts of women within the colony.

Arriving at the colliseum, Alexus was amazed to see a modern replica of the Roman colliseum on Greek territory.Skulking through the halls, he noticed the gaurds patching up various soldiers’s wounds.

With a quick grasp of his arm a man with a clipboard guided him through the halls. “Here, sit.” He murmured. “Put these on.” He said handing Alexus a pair of wristbands and a helmet. “Alright, here’s your sword good luck and don’t get hurt.” With a sudden cranck of chains, a gate opened behind him. Rising to his feet, he stood in a line up of twenty four soldiers.

Next to him stood a man with kind eyes. He seemed rather average ranging in age between eightteen and twenty four. He had curly black hair and green eyes. His body type was a bit slim but did seem mature. With a tender smile, the man razed his eyebrow. “I’m actually reletively new here. I hope we could become friends. The name is Damian.”

“Alexus.” He replied. “Sure, thing. Let’s win this and then we could go for a beer.”

“I can’t drink. I’m underage.” Damian smirked.

“Never stopped me before. When you’re a teenager who wonders the world of both man and gods, you learn to not care.” He smiled. “Besides, you can’t really be expecting yourself to wait until your twenty five right?”

“Twenty one. They lowered it in the nineteenth century.” Damian laughed. “You’re funny, I’ll get a few kicks with you as a friend.”

With the blow of the counch, everyone faced the king. At the top of a large staircase, Odysseus stood staring down the soldiers of his unit. “Welcome, one and all! I am King Odysseus, the son of Dionysus our beloved god of revelry and grapevines. He has given us many things such as theater and parties. I hope that this night’s entertainment goes well. And without further ado, I give your our seige warfare battle!”

Taking their stances, the opponents readied themselves. Gazing down at the bronze sword in his hand, Alexus realized one thing, he’d never fought with a sword a day in his life and that alongside his racing heart assured him, this was a battle he was gonna lose.

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