Halls of Truth

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A bloodbath happened within minutes of the counch being blown. By then, Alexus had been able to manuver his way through the footsoldiers with his limited and weakened close combat skills. He blocked, slashed and ran most of the time. Even while running, he cursed himself in Ancient Greek at his sloppy and crafty work of leaving a battle of men.

But for some strange reason, the familiar voice didnt speak at all. The voice in his head was silent, almost like he was observing Alexus, waiting for him to slip up and then guide him. Meeting up with Damian at the center of the fields, Alexus turned to him and advised a teamup.

Nodding agreeingly, Damian muscled up back-toback as they gazed at their impending enemies headed straight for them, on either side. I need distance, Alexus thought. He was right. He did need distance. In order for Alexus to defeat such a vast amount of enemies, he needed to use his bow and arrow. The only problem was, that by doing so, he’d have to leave Damian on his own. Could he handle it? Could Damian handle being alone against so many soldiers?

Gazing at his newly found friend, Alexus wondered to himself if he could ever live up to the legends of the Demigods. He had heard the stories of Hercules and how he had protected his loved ones in countless situations. But could he ever be as invincible as the strongest man known in all the world? Could he be as Invincible as Achilles in the Trojan War.

“Don’t worry about me.” Damian murmured. “If you’ve got a plan out of this situation, I suggest you’d use it.” Amazed, Alexus wondered if Damian had a death wish. Being a soldier of the Imperial Phlanax, had been knew to him, but Alexus know that he couldn’t let another man die on his watch. It was be inhumane. Something that was against his own personal beliefs.

“I have a plan.” He sighed. “But, it requires you to be alone for a lot of time. I need distance, for this to work. And if it’s against the rules I might be killed.”

“You’ve heard about that huh?” Damian smiled. “I’ll give you, your time, I can run pretty fast, and my reflexes are supernatural, if you know what I mean.” Breaking apart from their back-to-back position, Damian raced off leading most of the army towards the northern end of the stadium.

Turning his attention towards the small platoon of men in front of him, Alexus smiled. “Soldiers! Witness the powers of a man far beyond your caliber in power!” Dropping his sword, it planted itself into the ruggid terrain. Arching his fingers like an archer, a bow and arrow appeared out of thin air. Keening his eyes, Alexus felt a strange rush of emotions. He felt a shock of adreniline coursing through his veins, the sheer power of pride at its full potential and even a bit of fear. He wasn’t afraid of the small platoon before him, he was more afraid of himself. In a shining light, he released the arrow as it errupted in an explosion of rays.

As the smoke cleared, Alexus was on his knees as he stared breathless at a platoon of battered and defeated soldiers. His body glowed an omipotent color as, he rose to his feet. Gazing up at the sky, he noticed a man at the center of the sun. He had a warm smile and toned muscles.

In a roar of cheers, Odysseus, the king of the colony raised his hands. With a sudden turn, he pointed at what looked like a roar of agony and pain.

Need the furthest end at the Northern walls, Damian was being pummbled to death. His face, looked battered and blooded, and his eyes were lost with hopelessness. He looked miserable, but unfazed. Enraged, Alexus aimed at the platoon of soldiers. Releasing the arrow, the army dropped in a slash of bright lights. Glancing at his newly found friend, Alexus realized it was too late.

His new friend was on the road to Hades. Charging forward, he raced to Damian. As he arrived, he held him in his arms. “Damian, I told you! I told you this would happen!”

“It’s ok.” Damian muscled. “I’ve never been cut out for this.” He coughed. “It’s good that, I got to meet a person like you. I didn’t believe it when I first looked at you, but you’re a true hero. Your a Demigod. Tell, ya what. I’ve always admired those heroes of myths, maybe one day, you’ll make it to the Underworld in one of your quests for the gods, just do me a favor and don’t turn out like Hercules. . .” With a final breath, Damian weezed out his last breath, as he closed his eyes and died.

Angered, Alexus rose to his feet with a new conviction. He knew now that he couldn’t stay within the Phalanx, it wasn’t his place to be, and even if he did, would he become a true hero, like his friend.

Glazing up at Odysseus, Alexus decided to figure this one man out. Cheering at their newly found hero, the audiance appluaded for his latest victory.

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