Halls of Truth

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The feast, was unnessecary but Alexus didn’t complain. He had been treated with utmost care and delicacy, he felt like royalty, which soon after lead to guilt. He wasn’t better than anybody. He had lived his life as a normal American teen up until the last couple of months, which lead him on a while goose chase throughout most of the mountainous and desertous regions of the United States. Even with that he had been stripped of his freedom and his mother.

He had been dirven to figure out his own heritage because of some dumb prophecy, his mother had read in a letter one night. If that wasn’t selfish and unfulfilling, then how about the meaningless weeks of chasing monsters and killing them for sport. Whatever the gods did to create those things, they didn’t do a good job at making weaknesses.

Even Erinys, was difficult to dispose of, and she was supposed to be a monster-goddess. Gazing at him, Odysseus smiled. His dark blue eyes and black hair had been capable of reading Alexus’s everythought along with the sentiment behind them.

Taking a drink of his wine, Odysseus smiled with his eyes. “You seek purpose.” He interupted. “That seems to be one thing, all men of your age seek, aside from the casual pleasureties of purberty of course.”

“You mentioned that your father was Dionysus, how can that be possible. The gods aren’t still doing that are they?” Alexus argued.

“Some are.” Odysseus shrugged off. “Although, the Olympian gods are very serious about keeping their children secret, most don’t get claimed until they are old enough to protect themselves. Although, I was claimed when I was a young boy. About the age of four.”

“Have you lived within the Imperial Legion all your life?” Alexus asked.

Soothing his wine, he took a light sniff of the powerful odor. “I was born into royalty, my mother was born here and so was my grandfather. I was blessed with luxuries and the powers of divinity over wine and grapevines. Wine sooths me, but it can also rev me up. I am but a true child of the God Dionysus. As you are a child of Apollo.”

Glaring at the man, Alexus wondered what exactly he was trying to do. He never intended on getting any kind of answer as to Damian’s hopes of him being a demigod, but the idea that he could be one of the half-gods was unpredictable. The monsters trying to convince him, was one thing. The colonest of various colonies was another but a demigod acknowledging it, was beyond his comprehension.

“A child of Apollo.” Alexus murmured. “How are you so sure?”

“The bow and arrow,” Odysseus explianed. “Not a single demigod, can summon that specific bow, do you know it’s name?”

“It’s just a bow and arrow. Why would it have a name?” Alexus wondered.

Sidestepping over his comment, Odysseus smiled. “It’s the bane of Apollo. The god of prophecies and archery. He is an all-knowing being that knows about everything. He even shed light upon the secret relationship between Aphrodite and Ares.”

“Apollo is the god of knowledge.” Alexus said intrigued. “So, does being his son bestow upon wisdom and knoweldge?”

“No, not often, but they say the children of his that are deemed worthy are blessed with various talents, one is divine knoweldge another would be the gift of Prophecy.”

Silently judging the facts, Alexus seemed intrigued by the very god. Apollo seemed awesome, he was a god that knew about every single thing, and was blessed with powers beyond various of the Original Olympians. Even Zeus needed his help every now and then, if he was going to rule with an iron fist.

Rising to his feet, Alexus smiled. “Answer me this: Where exactly can I find, the Oracle of Delphi? She would be the one to answer all the questions I have about Apollo, am I right?”

“Yes, but you see, the Oracle died a year ago, as for the idea of finding the Oracle, I have no clue.” Odysseus replied.

“What do you mean you have no clue?” Alexus argued. “You are the king are you not?”

“Well, yes. But when an Oracle dies it takes time for nature to take it’s course and provide us with another one. Sometimes it’s as quick as a month others it takes a handful of years. I remember a story where it took nearly a decade for an Oracle of Delphi to turn up.”

“Fine then.” Alexus sighed. “I’ll be leaving you’re Imperial Phlanax, whenever we meet again, I’d like to have a word about your skills as a warrior too.”

“Please,” Odysseus grasped his arm. “Just stay for a week or two, learn swordsmenship. I know you don’t know how to fight with a sword. I can teach you. I could have Hermid teach you. Our finest soldiers are skilled enough.”

Gazing at the man’s eyes, Alexus breathed carefully. “Fine, I’ll learn from you. Teach me how to fight with a sword and I will reconsider staying within the Phlanax for some time, but I still need to leave here. It’s not good for me.”

“Thank you.” Odysseus replied, as the feast ended.

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