Halls of Truth

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Training was rather difficult for Alexus. Everytime he’d move one way, his sword would plant itself in the opposite direction. To Odysseus everything came natural, weither it’d be swordsmenship or archery. He was obviously a superior athelete.

Dropping, his blade Alexus sighed. “This doesn’t seem to be working.” He conveyed. “Either you teach me faster or I’m out of here.” He emphasized.

“You certainly don’t have patients today.” King Odysseus advised. “But, sadly after three weeks of training, we’ve got much to do before you are better than average. At the rate you’re going, you’d be lucky if you stopped at average.”

“Why would I need to learn swordsmenship.” Alexus argued. “I’m a child of Apollo, the god of archery. His specialty is archery. I wouldn’t need to use a sword ever.”

Intriuged Odysseus smiled. He held those graceful eyes as if to say, that Alexus’s premise was fairly short-sighted. Of course all demihods had their tactical advantages but failing to learn something that others did would eventually lead to a down fall.

“I could try attacking you for real.” Odysseus admitted. “If I’ve learned anything in life it’s that sometimes teaching goes directly beside doing. Sometimes one needs to learn in action rather than practical lessons. So, how about it?” He raised his eyebrows.

Gleaming with joy, Alexus drew his sword and readied his stance. Anticipating, Odysseus’s attack he opened his and readied his sword-hand. With an abrupt movement, Odysseus smacked his golen sword upon mine. In a whirl of cycles and the clicking of metal, Alexus matched an repelled him off.

Stumbling forward, Alexus gazed at him impressed. “I did it.” He said amazed.

“My theory was correct. You’d be a demigod that could be mistaken with ADHD.” Odysseus explained. “Attention deficets hper-activity disorder, a physical manifestation of your divine awareness. Most human’s call it off as just the overflow of kinetic energy within the body.”

“So, you’re also a nurse?” Alexus replied sarcasticly.

“I’m just curious to the whole possiblity of others being demigods.” Odysseus smiled. “Either way, the form was good, your inate physical abilities are above average. Just don’t hold back, you see an opening take it.”

Taking their stance again, they drove in the sparing practice once more. This time, Alexus relaxed himself even more. He held his blade lose, and fixed his posture enough to strike first. With a leap forward, he attacked to be repelled. In a clash of swipes and sparks, the both of them were worpped into a world of two opposing objects.

With a sudden block, Alexus snatched his enemies blade and dove in from the front and behind. Smiling at his success, Odysseus nodded in approval. “That’s good, you seem to be getting the hang of it. ”

“I’m good on accuracy, so if you tell me something about my target, I’ll incorperate it into the tactical battle style.” Alexus conveyed. “So, how long before I’m good enough to leave.”

“When you wanna leave, just ask to fight Hermid, beat him and you’ll be free to leave.” Osysseus sighed. “Although, Hermid is one of the Phlanax strongest. The only one capable of defeating him was me and that was before I became king. ”

“Odysseus, let’s continue.” Alexus concluded. “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

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