Dark Renewal

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Hey guys! This actually somewhat ties to Halls of Truth. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1

“It’s raining again.” I sighed, as I watched the rain droplets nest upon my bedroom window. It wasn’t strange that it rained here in Charleston, for the passed year, it rained most of the summer days. Even with our local in-land climate, the idea that we had an actual sunshine summer was insane. Luckily, we weren’t in Florida. According to Elena, Florida was plagued with thunderstorms and hurricanes throughout the summer. Not such a nice vacation place when you’d have to muster all that rain.

“Don’t worry about it. The reporters said it was supposed to stop.” Elena replied. “Now, explain to me why you want to learn about the Ancient Greek society, again?” She mused as her honey-brown eyes caught a fragment of light through the window-lining. Amazed, I gawked at her. Elena was beyond beautiful. She was Tres magnifque. That was French for very magnificent. Her lovely long auburn hair, combined with those high, elegant cheek bones. Every little thing about her was perfect.

“I kinda found out that my dad was a Greek man.” I replied anxious at making eye-contact. Elena could smell a compliment from a mile away. I didn’t like that about her, and if that wasn’t bad enough she had this vanity factor that made her selfish. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love her to death, but the girl really needed to learn a bit about modesty. Keeping my attention on the patter of the rain droplets on the sidewalk bellow, I smiled at her. “My mom told me, he was a descendant of royalty and was a very powerful man. She didn’t describe his looks though. Weird, huh?”

“Kayley is always subtle with things.” Elena answered. “Either way, I think the Geek club.” Coughing, Elena cupped her mouth, faking embarrassment at her choice of words. “I’m sorry the Greek club isn’t much to help in your dad hunt. Although, I’ve heard Greece has marvelous beaches. Maybe we could go someday. I’m not busy next week, we could bring Conner and Lance. They could keep us busy on the ten hour plane ride.”

“Ten?” I wondered amazed at her quick calculations. “How did you figure it was ten hours so quickly?” I asked baffled. Moisturizing her lips, Elena puckered up and smiled.

“I went to Italy last summer. Remember?” Elena replied. “It took us about nine hours to get there, and Greece is only a few thousand miles east of the coast of Italy. So call it an estimated guess.”

“As much fun as it would be,” I continued. “I’m gonna have to pass. Besides, life is more than just meaningless fun. Sometimes its easier to love and experience life to the fullest before doing that."

“Boo.” Elena puffed her bangs up. “Fine. But if you change your mind, call me.” Turning around, Elena elegantly strutted her way out of my room and out into the world.

Taking a breath, I calmly walked over towards my bed and pulled out a bronze imbedded dagger that had a mystical element trapped within the hilt. Unsure what the relic was, I knew one thing, whatever secrets it had, they would be found somewhere in Greece.

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