Dark Renewal

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The rain stopped around four, which allowed me enough humidity to go to the public library and research on the Ancient Greeks and their cultural backgrounds. Surprisingly, they were very normal. Even their religious ideology was rather normal. I mean, aside from being devoted to a plathora of ancient patheon gods, the Greeks were kinda cool. Every one had a purpose, every little thing had a god or godess for itself.

Even the creation of the universe made sense, a lot more sense than nothingness becoming something or one great being surfacing out of nothingness. First there was Chaos, then Tartarus and after that the first ones were born. With the birth of the Pronogenoi, or the first ones, everything would be cascaded by Nyx and Erebos, the rulers of the world. Facinated by the mythology behind Greece, I read enviously yurning for a life like the demigods that the Olympians, future rules of the world, would bare.

After three hours of reading, I happened to find out various typos in an old book marked in some weird scripture. I couldn’t make out the writing but considering it had mentioned Greece three times within the first paragraph, I assumed it was Greek. Aka the dead language. Not many people spoke Greek, and with a curiosity in a language that is fifty percent of what I am, I kinda wanted to learn as much as possible.

In a burst of cold wind, I turned to notice a boy across the table with impecible style. He seemed to actually pull of the punk-rocker emo kid look. But aside from that he also held eyes exactly like mine. A lusterious and radiant emerald shined green with hints of yellow surfacing around his pupils. But that wasn’t the only thing he had of mine, he also gave off my signature intriuged look. Almost like he seeked to guide me.

“I could help you know?” He assurted. “I’m fluent in many languages. Ancient Greek, Revolutionalized Latin, French, Spanish, and of course English. I’m what you’d call multi-cultural.”

“Who are you?” I asked amazed.

“You can call me Michael, I’m your angel persay.” He sighed. “Now, as to what you want to know, I can answer it. Just ask, away.”

“I wwant to know more about my father, and a dagger I found a few days ago.” I conveyed egerly. The idea of Michael being an angel had freaked me out, but considering his game of pretend was harmless, I decided to let it go.

“I’m afraid, I’ll have to report back to you about your dear old dad, but as for the dagger. I believe it’s a dagger of truth. There are only seven in the world, most are destroyed beyond repair, although the one you have is also known as the dagger of purification.”

“Ok?” I grimised at the thought. “So what does this dagger of purification do?”

“It, cleans off all the sins of a mortal soul.” Michael replied. “Your soul being mortal is bound to sin, it’s an inveitability your bound to have. So that dagger cleans off the souls curruption. Very much like the wings of power.”

“Michael, what exactly are you. You seem to be very smart and wise like you’ve life forever.” I gawked moved at his words.

Rising up from his seat, Michael smiled. “I’m an angel that has lived for over three thousand years. To me, you’re nothing more than an anomoly within an ant pile. Luckily for you, I enjoy watching anomolies, and I enjoy your company.” Gazing at me with his lusterous green eyes, I felt compelled to him. Michael was actually telling the truth and this omnipotence also made him attractive.

Amazed by his eyes, I started to notice I had looked into a wormhole into his past. I could seem him as a Roman soldier. As a Greek peasant, his long and unratheled beard masked in dirt and suage. Even his life style within Heaven was amazing. Gasping, I blinked to realize, Michael was holding my hand. His skin was pale yet radiant almost like he had dabed bronzer all over it.

“We’ll meet again. Hayley, I’ll make sure to it that we do.” With a warm smile, he vanished into thin air, leavinbg my alone and afraid.

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