Dark Renewal

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That night I sleep like a rock. It had been amazing to just be capable of relaxing without any supernatural dreams about demons and monsters terrorizing a dream vision of me. Along with that, my brain had also had enough time to process everything in my day. My conversation with the fabulous Elena McCrough. The inticing talk with the self-proclaimed angel, Michael and even my research on Greek humanities.

Everything lined up, or so I thought. Mid way into my sleep, a window opened in my mind, and I was in a cold, desolate and unearthly place. In the distance I could see a rigged old chasm with granite bricks built into a mountain impass. Marking the landscape around me, I noticed a man before me.

He seemed familar and tender, almost like he had a warmth to him that was inviting and kind. Stepping forward, I gazed at the mans eyes. Furious, I cringed at him. The man also bared the same eyes as mine, he had the emerald luster along with the specks of yellow dotting around his iris. His head was masked in lovely black curls as his olive skin painted a picture of the bad boy added into an extra ten years of being a post-graduate.

“Hayley.” He greeted solemly and distant. “I’ve waited for over a decade for you, my child. How have you been. Did you finish,” Batheled by the word, the man gazed at the violet skyline as the twin suns subsided. “Ah! Did you finish high school yet?”

“I’m good.” I replied nervously. “But how do you exactly know me, and why did you call me your child?” I argued combatively. Sighing with a deep exhaustion, the man gazed at me wearyly.

“I am your Father. But before, I give you my name, please explain to me this. How many planes have you been introduced to?”

“What?” I wondered. In an ubrupt explosion of force and dark-matter, the man lifted me up by my throat. Forcing his might, he gazed into my eyes and screamed.

“Tell me!” He cried. “Tell me how many creatures have you met in your lifetime? You know of the humans, now tell me the others!”

“You’re crushing me.” I weezed out, to be released by the very same man that self-proclaimed he was my absentine father. Gazing up at him with anger and a flame of hatred, I rose to my feet. “Why?! Why now?! Tell me why would you care about your dear little daughter now?! You didn’t care enough to stay, so there’s the door, leave me, my life and my very own subconsciousness well alone!”

“Hayley, I could crush you without a thought,” He murmured. “Speak carefully, I don’t know my own temper.”

“All I ever wanted was to meet you. Get to know you. Heck, I don’t know go fishing, maybe play a game of baseball. But now that I see you here before me. I just can’t.” Turning around, I shut my eyes as tears ran down my cheeks.

“You remind me, of a mortal I once met.” He replied. “Stubborn, defiant. Strong even. But I also felt warmth and love within her. She had your personality. Rash, quick tempered. Often called me on my short-comings. But above all she still believed in me, and because she did she believed I could help you once your mortal life was up.”

“What do you mean? Was up.” I wondered turning around to face him.

“I’m not gonna tell you this through a dream, but I can tell you one thing. Don’t allow Michael to compell you. You’re my daughter, if anyone is gonna manipulate you, it’ll be me.” With a snap of my neck, I gasped in fear, as I woke up to an alarm clock. Slapping my hand across the top, I stopped the alarm and climbed out of bed ready for my morning routine.

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