Dark Renewal

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Michael sat in the kitchen waiting for me. After my dream last night, I didn’t know exactly what to think of him. Could he be trusted. And of he couldn’t how could I get him off my back. Staring at him, I noticed he had a cup of coffee placed before him.

Laying a mundane smile, I took my seat at the head of the table. “How did you find my house?” I asked. Smirking, the angel laughed. “I’m your Gaurdian angel, I’ve known you since you were born. But Hayley could you show me the dagger of truth, I’d like to see it.”

“Sure thing.” I rose to my feet. “Follow me.” Leading Michael up the stairs and into my room, I dugg out the dagger. Staring at it, I sighed. “Michael, what’s my dad like?”

“Huh?” He replied confused. “Oh, he’s ugh pretty good. He’s awfully nice, and caring. He’s a great man.” Closing my eyes, I began to shake. It wasn’t out of anger nor fear. But humor. I was laughing at the poor pathetic angel, who had disguised himself as a messanger and protector of the souls.

Turning around, I gazed at him, completely and utterly transformed. My facial expressions had given up, I didn’t carr about anything nor did I want to care. All I understood was instincts and my instincts were telling me to kill this angel.

Jabbing him in the gut, the angel shimmered and revealed his true form. He wasn’t anything from what the old emotional me thought. He looked like a cross between a demon and a human, and then it hit me. He was one of the archangels.

"Archangeli." I breathed.

With a mustered hum of laughter, Michael laughed amazed at my response. “You’ve noticed. I’m sure he didn’t tell you his history. But in due time he will. As for you, I’ll tell you one thing. You’ll have various demons and monsters in your wake. I suggest you learn how to control your divine powers. Just switching off your emotions isn’t enough, you have to feed, you have to exert force and eventually use the power of Life. Eventually your wings will come in handy, farewell, my lovely Princess of Darkness.” In an explosion of darkness, Michael was gone.

Furious, I screeched to bring forth a small platoon of dark viods of men. They each had a skin composure like the universe and looked loyal. “Who are you? Speak to me!”

Sinking down to their knees the middle one spoke. “We are the Soldiers of the Void. We serve you great Princess. We are in your dept.”

Intrigued, I smiled. “Who is the king over me?”

“Why, your father, the Lord of Hell.” The soldier replied honestly.

“What is the name of the Lord?” I tried again.

Confused the soldiers eyed each other in unison as if to say, is this girl serious. Disappointed, I sighed. “Fine, you are dismissed until further notice, as for now leave me in peace.” Waving my hand the three soldiers vanished into the air.

Laying down on my bed, I couldn’t shake the feeling of betrayal almost like I had lost something, something thathad made me feel good.

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