Dark Renewal

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Darkness filled her very essence of my core. By now it had been two weeks. I had my emotions off for fourteen days and thus far nothing seemed interesting. I was in this zen state of psychosis, which meant I didn’t care. I just didn’t want to feel again. But I was hungry. . . hungry for the blood of the immortals. Whatever that meant.

Sitting up from my bed, I gazed at the dagger of truth. It was such a let down. To be the dagger that could cleans off all the sins of humanity this peice of metal of rather unextrodinary. Buckling it into my brown leather boots, I rose from the bed and glance at the mirror. Vanity surely didn’t look good on Elena, but it definitely looked good on me.

My aubrn brown hair curled at its ends and my eyes decipated into a deep brown gaze. With a merciless scowl, I grabbed a small cluch purse and walked out the door to meet up with the only person on earth that could get me away from this supernatural phenomenom. Elena McCrough.

Elena’s house was crawling with many college students. Some of them looked yummy and others . . . were cute. Rolling my eyes around, I grabbed a red plastic cup and took a drink. Thankfully it was the medicine I needed.

In a soothing and plecateful voice, I saw Elena before me. “Hey, Hayley it’s so nice you could make it.” She said all gingerly and such. Faking a smile, I nodded. “It’s nice to be here. So which one of these guy’s is yours?”

Pointing across the room, she noticed a muscular man in his early twenties. He was boyishly handsome and looked like a lot of fun. Smiling, I handed her the red cup. “Thanks, I think I’ll go talk to him.” Turning to leave I was grabbed before I could.

“Hayley, what’s wrong with you?” Elena argued. “You’ve never shown interest in any guys that I’ve ever liked. Are you ok?”

“Your right.” I conveyed solemly. “Your guys aren’t that attractive, but I wanted to have some fun. Lossen up and you know live in the moment.”

Placing down the cup, Elena did the one thing I never expected, she smacked me. Reacting to the pain, my attitude straightened back. I didn’t feel dead anymore. Now I felt angry, sad and completely embarrassed that I could’ve flirted with one of Elena’s regulars.

“Thanks.” I mumured.

“Hayley what’s wrong with you? You weren’t yourself a second ago.” Elena assurted. “Did you happen to figure out about your dad?”

“One question at a time!” I blurted out. “Now, I did figure out a few things. I kinda hate him, and from what I know, if I tell you, you’d probably think I’m crazy.”

“What you’re an alien or something?” Elena smirked.

“Something.” I smiled. “Thanks for your help on getting me back to normal, but for the rest of the summer, I’m gonna need some space. It’. . . daddy issues.”

Amazed, Elena nodded. “Sure. . . sure thing.”

Nodding, I walked out of her house and back into the streets of Charlestone. In a vaccum of darkness, a man appeared before me. He looked different now, but he was obviously my father. His green eyes gave it away. With a bothersome smirk, he breathed.

“Hayley.” He murmured. “It’s been a while, have you learned from your little outrage.”

“Outrage?” I wondered.

“Shutting off you’re emotions, is never a good thing. Luckily your emotions weren’t at their complete off button, more like the dimmer switch. But I can teach you how to control the other powers.”

“Powers.” I repeated. “What exactly are you talking about, you seem to think I care about your supernatural world.”

“Supernatural? Please, those cop-outs wish to be apart of my world. In the realm of darkness, I am the supreme ruler. King of the demons and the voids. The Lord of darkness. I am far more powerful in this form than my others.”

“You’re crazy.” I sighed, as I began walking away. In a blure of darkness, he moved before me once again.

“Hayley, if you don’t channel your powers you could become well in a word, me. I’m powerful and all but I need five forms to contain myself with five different names.”

“So what’s this form’s name?” I asked.

"Sophus." He replied. Azing at him, I tried to read into the word. It made no sense at all. The word wasn’t in english nor did it sound like a name. It sounded more like an element that belonged on the periodic table. With a snap of his fingers, my eyes widened as I continued to recall the word. Sophus. It was simple, it meant Sage in Latin.

“Sage.” I exclaimed loudly. “Your name is Sage!”

“At the moment, yes. Like I said I have five forms, all which hold their own names. Those names help me balance out various memories that could consider me the potential anomoly. I am the shoe that does not fit, as you mortals call it. And because I’m so unpredictable, I was considered the strongest of all creatures so nature found a way to restrict my memories while using specific names.”

“So is sage my dad or am I another vision you’s daughter?” I wondered.

“I’ve had many daughters out of all my forms, and you are one of the strongest of my children because you are an angel-human hybrid.”

“What does that mean?” I wondered. “What is a hybrid?”

“It means that you are one of the strongest and most spiritual beings in all exsitance. I know this because out of all my children, if the gods were to know about you, you’d be killed upon notice.”

Feeling a wave of anguish I gazed at him with fear. “What do I have to do?”
“Come with me.” He gestured. Taking his hand, I closed my eyes and awaited for the darkness to transport us.

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