Dark Renewal

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Gasping for air, I appeared in a massive chasm venue. My attire was now different. I was no longer in a plain designer shirt and a pair of jeans, now I had on a black dress that puffed out at the cuffs along with designer heels and welded a long stygian iron sword.

Turning my attention to Sage, I smiled. “So what’s this for?” I beckoned. Gliding across the venue, he gestured for me to follow. We glided for fifthteen minutes, until he appeared before a set of platinum double doors, almost like it was a gateway to hell.

“Look’s like the doors of death.” I murmured.

Amused, he arched an eyebrow. “That’s an idea, but this is actually a passage way to hell. It leads to wherever the person desires it to lead, unless that person is me.” Pushing the doors open, it opened to reveal an empty throne room.

“No, as for your outfit.” He sighed as he took his throne. “It is because of my blood coursing through your body. This place reflects the truest forms of one’s soul. Your soul is half-angel, so as a result once you stepped foot within my domain, your true form revealed itself.”

“Ok, now how will I be trained.” I wondered. “You said, I was supposed to be taught how to control this right? Now teach me!”

Closing his eyes in frustration, Sage smiled. “I’ll do something better. I’m going to teach you some modesty and respect. For the next twenty four hours, you’ll be attacked by monsters out of Greco-Mythology, survive and I’ll help you. But if you die, it’ll show you not to be so stupid with your words, child.” With a snap of his fingers, my body began feeling lighter. Gazing at Sage, his physical appearance changed.

He now looked brutish looking, his eyes weren’t their usual green with yellow speaks anymore. Now they were as deep as the depths of Tartarus. They masked themselves with a variety of pain, greif and sarrow. His hair look messy and unkept and his body was more scrawny than before.

Taking a step for, I examined him. “Sage? Is that you?”

Mustering awake, the man, that was once my father glared at me with distaste and hatred. “You smell like that other one. Crap, don’t tell me that he had a kid again. Sleep for a hundred and sixty years and you miss a few birthdays huh?”

“Sage is that you?” I asked again abit louder.

“No you imbecile.” He growled. “I’m Hades.” His eyes bared often revealing all the tormented souls of the afterlife. I had heard the stories of the heroes who met this very god and he was far from anything that I had imagined. His eyes were filled with torment and his body was withered and weak.

This god was weaker than a dead cat. “So, you’re another name of my father’s many personalities. But how is it that you’re a part of him weren’t you bron from Rhea?”

“Children are impudent creatures.” He skulked. “Yes, but that is neither here nor there, and I seem to recall a memory about you being tasked to kill of monsters. Now, hop to it!”

Frightened by his tone of voice, I charge out of the chasm and into a vastly different world. But as I ran I realized, I wasn’t in hell anymore, I was now in the Underworld.

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