Dark Renewal

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The underworld was a series of landscapes sliding across from each other with each minute passing. I didn’t understand how Hades could rule this entire place but considering various champions from Greek Mythology could make there way in and out of this place, I figured I could find a horrid of monsters, kill them off and return with my task done.

After two hours of walking, I was beginning to wonder where exactly did all the monsters roam off to. Here I was an eighteen year old girl, fresh out of high school, recently proclaimed half-angel and there were no monsters in sight. Angered, I waved my hand ushering forward an entire army of voids. Silently they nelt awaiting my orders.

“Find me the location of a monster and bring it to me. Alive.” I murmured. With a screech of agony, the voids dispersed releaving me of my army. Turning around, I smiled.

“Hi.” The girl smiled. “My name is Kelly, I’m going to be your predator today.”

Amazed, I laughed. To think a mere monster would challenge me a half-angel was absured. “Kelly. I’m flattered, honestly. But your kind smells the blood of the immortals. I want to know why do you want to kill me?”

Eger to rip of my head, she sighed. “You smell like Hades, cold dead and of olive oil. Obviously you are either a dumb mortal that just bore him a child or you’re his child.”

Realizing, the reason the monsters had escaped my radar I cringed. The fool had placed a surpression spell on me. So even if I searched high and low, I wouldn’t find the monsters unless they came looking for me. “Hades will pay for this.”

“I’m sorry but you won’t be alive long enough to meet him again.” Screeching one more time, she morphed into a creature with one bronze leg, one donkey leg and vampire like fangs. Her eyes shimmered in a monopoly of light as her hair slowly changed from glossy black to withered gray.

Unphased, I smiled. “An Empusai.” I confided. “That makes me question the myth about the werewolves even more. But like your famous cousins, can you switch off your emotions?” Closing my eyes, it happened again. This time it wasn’t like before. I saw every single emotion on the other side. Hatred. Indifference. Greif. All those emotions rushed out and then. I was only left with indifference.

Drawing my sword. I gazed at her.

“Scared?” Kelly teased. “You should be!” In a sherik of vengence and anger, Kelly charged forward. With a simple slash, the blade carved her into nothing but darkness and absorbed her essence.

“Such a bore.” I spoke solemly. In a glitter of light, I was surrounded by an army of monsters: from gorgons to furies to orges and giants. Cyclopes and earthborn and even harpies soared overhead screeching in beaconing calls as if to say Hey everynody the food has arrived!

Emotionless, I stood there still as a statue. I didn’t care about the numbers or worry about the strength they could all pose together. All I cared about was getting in the combat experience. With a instant arch of my blade, it lashed out a pulse of black lightning relinquishing the army of monsters to handful of medeocracy.

Amazed the remaining giants backed away. Fear was painted in there eyes, as I skulked forward. As if on que they all lowered their weapons and mustered away. Intriuged by their fear, I vanished into a dark pulse of shadows. Reconfiguering myself before them I slashed them down as they vanished only leaving the blood of the immortals behind.

Bored, I arched my blade on my shoulder and marched toward the one place no mere-mortal had ever escaped from. . .Tartarus.

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