Dark Renewal

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Blood splattered everywhere as I chopped off the head of a hellhound. Gazing around, I saw the mutilated bodies of various monsters. The weird thing was that they didn’t disinerate nor did they vanish into my blade.

Calm and uniressed, I stood there taking in the thick and weighted air of the region. Tartarus wasn’t meant to uphold the life force of humans. Even me being half angel, I coiln’t stand the thick atmosphere.

In a slow clap, an annoying twart appeared sitting onto a bearchested oger. Michael smirked. “Do you honestly think turning off your humanity is going to help you?” He questioned.

“Get lost,” I sighed.

“Come on.” Michael grabbed me. With a swift buckle of his knees, he drew me to the ground. Intranced with my beauty, he closed himself as he laid upon me. “You need your humanity, turn it on.”

Flipping him over at high-speed, he buckled underneath me. “Don’t ever do that to me again. Im not your toy, if you want me, you’d have to win me over.”

Rising up from the grounds, I distanced myself. Michael was a slimebag he deserved to be punished. “I’m going to kill off more monsters, if you’d like to make yourself useful, why not help.” I called back.

Tartarus was beyond what the Underworld looked like. Every single step lead you somewhere else. The worse thing about it, was that Tartarus was a living being. He was claimed as the first god to sprout out of Chaos, the black void of nothingness.

After an hour, I appeared at the endless snaking river of fire. Turning, I noticed Michael calmly gazing at the river. “It’s called the Phlegethon. A river of fire, they say that this river’s water allows one to indure the challenges of Tartarus. Although, we are angels we can indure just about anything.”

“You’re an archangel, one that betrayed the others. Swore your oath to Lucifer.” I reminded.

“No, Lucifer is just one of my generals. I adhear to only the strongest demon alive. Have you ever heard of Satan?” Michael raise an eyebrow with a serious look.

“Yea, he’s the ruler of hell, well at least in Christianity.” I murmured. Amazed at that thought, I wondered, how exactly did Sage become the ruler of Hell.

“Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough. Come on, we’re done here? In a flash of white light, we vanished to reapear in front of thepalace of Hades. In the corner a three headed hellhound began to bark. Swinging my blade, I singed the beast with flames of purification. Burning into a muscular bound of muscle, the dog turned and scurried away in fear.

“What kind of hound was that?” I wondered.

“Cerberus, the three headed gaurd dog of Hades. He’s very durable capable of surviving just about anything.” Michael replied. Now, let’s go before another inconvinience comes about.”

“Who, could possibly inconvienient two angels?” I replied.

“A demigod son of Hades, the annoying teenaged boy of shadows.” Michael sighed. “I’ve never met him personally, but according to my old friend Anubis, he is quite a problem.”

“Anubis? The Egyptian cat god?” I asked.

“Well seems like something is coming back. Curiosity, such a worthless trait for mere mortals. No it’s not cats. He’s a funeral god, a god of mumification,and a god ofthe duat gates or something like that. The third thing always escapes me. But he’s stationed in New Orleans.”

“So can I meet him?”

“Not in your dimmensional plane, but in this one, yes we can.” Michael grazed onward. “He’s rather unique, he’s alive and fun compared to the rest of his family.”

“The god of funerals. Fun?” I smirked. “That must be redundent. What else is there? Besides Sage, Lucifer, Satan, the Greek gods and the Egyptian gods.”

“The Romans, although they are fairly the same as the Greeks, then there is the Shinto gods and last but not least the Asgardians.” Michael paused. “The Asgardians are way to complicated, it’s best not to associate yourself with them. They also believe in space, something the others try not to talk about.”

Gazing straight ahead, I noticed the throne room. Inside was a pool of spirits flying around screaming and wailing of voices of agony. I took on step through and noticed Michael had disappeared. Paying attention to the god before me, I scowled at him.

“Hades. I did what you asked me to.” I conveyed with resentment. I didn’t like this guy not one bit. Even as Sage he was a complete and total jerk. He’d come to me after I finished high school. He’d forced me to live a life of solitude and complete chaos and on top of that, he didn’t care about my personal feelings..

At that moment, a tear surfaced upon my cheek. I had allowed my emotions to turn up. Agrivated, I stared at the god. “Well?”

Sniffing in a blob of muscus, Hades bared a powerful yet distant look upon me. “You are going to be targeted. Hayley.”

“By who?” I asked. This was strange, who could possibly challenge an angel, much more one from a diffferent plane of exisitance. “Who dares to challenge me an angel.”

“Half-angel. But you are right, a child of a serpent like Sage, is beyond the powers of anyone in this domain of existance. Even the Gods of Olympus couldn’t touch you, that is if you know your true potential.”

“I don’t know it?” I gestured. “I slaughed a handful of monsters with just one swipe of my blade! Can anyone do that in this domain?”

“Zeus can. I can and even Poseidon can. Heck I’m positive that all of the Olympians can. But your true potiential can place the balance of the entire world into a total downshift.”

“So, why not teach me how to expose my true potential!” I screamed. This entire conversation was completely one sided. Hades would say one thing, I’d reply and he would change to another topic.

“The gods have assembled a council, and sadly I must tell you, this meeting is to figure out how to kill you.” Hades sighed. His scrawny body ached and blared into a more scrawnier form.

“I am the anomoly.” I conveyed saddened. “I’m an outsider and have too much power so they’re planning on killing me.” I murmured.

“Yes. But luckily the conversation they are having is about dismissing a small group of demigods that are known as the strongest of this agethe strongest of this age. A child of mine, a child of Athena and a child of Poseidon. Tactically correct, considering they have the best luck in combat.”

“Combat isn’t about luck if you are strong.” I argued. “But If I’m as strong as you say I am, couldn’t I just figure out a way around this.”

“You could mask yourself in another plane of existance, but that is unpredictable if you’re a new angel. It takes hundreds of years of practice before you can manage it perfectly.”

“Alright then. I have no choice, I’ll fight these demigods, and kill them.” I smiled. Gazing back at Hades I could tell he didn’t like the sound of that, which gave off the feeling that he kinda did like having a son around.

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