Dark Renewal

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Looking back on the last couple of days, I couldn’t believe I was sucked into a world where mythical gods and creatures roamed the land. But in all I couldn’t believe that I had chosen this life. My life was now to be on the run from Greek gods and monsters and the entire world. I could never get into college, I would never be able to settle down and have a family all I could do now was run. And on some subconscious level I was ok with that. Living a life of action, horror and adventure twenty-four-seven. It wasn’t a bad thing.

Gazing at the violet horizon, I remembered the hours leading up to my graduation. My mother ridding with joy at the fact that I was finally graduating, Elena fashioning her graduation gown, the red and white elegantly matching her makeup.

The morning was warm and filled with aspirations, but I couldn’t help but feel a strange chill down my spine, like something bad was about to happen. I wore a pair of jeans, my favorite street art t-shirt and a pair of heels that would bode well with my cap and gown. My ears were complimented with my late grandmother, Maria’s precious diamond ear rings.

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