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Alexus Erman is strong determined and very kind and compassionate. When he is thrown into a world with monsters and gods that are set on making his life a living hell, Alexus is forced into a life that not many demigods choose. A path that he walks alone.

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Chapter 1

The golden blood of the immortals splatter across his face, as Alexus gazed at the demon before him. It was a basilisk, a giant creature with a snake-like tail a monstrous grin and hollow yellow eyes. Smashing its claws at the grounds before him, Alexus jumped to retreat further into the colony walls.

Alexus had fought countless monsters in his days. He’d even strangled two snakes in his crib as a child. But this was different, this creature wasn’t just a threat to him. It was a threat to the people of the colony before him. He couldn’t let them die because of his lineage. Even if he was the son of an immortal God, what had his father done for him? Alexus was on his own most the time, which meant this time he had to kill the creature without the help of some god.

Gripping his sword, Alexus’s fear vanished. He knew that fear was a weakness. If he didn’t control that weakness he would die. Gazing at the creature, he smiled. “You want a piece of me!” He cried. “Well?!”

The basilisk roared in admiration as it advanced closing all paths accessible for an evasion. Lifting up his sword, Alexus readied himself. “Come on!” He chided as he jumped and grazed the creature’s left eye.

Landing a backflip, Alexus charged forward evading and attacking at the same time. His form was sloppy but the results were sufficient. Alexus had left his body open for any and all attacks. He worn no shirt or armor, he had not a single shield or arm brace and his head also was bare and open. If anything he would die in a fight like this, that is if he didn’t have the proper training.

Luckily he did which allowed him to be such a ruthless and dangerous fighter. Nearly being scratched to death, Alexus drew distance between him and the monster, his clear green eyes held a tinge of excitement and happiness. Alexus was a good swordsmen, but not one of the best. When it came to close combat he was only slightly above average, and that actually wasnt his gift. His gift was more of a distance based attack.

Crawling forward the basalisk screeched and slammed its claws before him. Drawing the monster closer to the wall, Alexus began to climb until it slammed into the wall. Securing the cornered monster, Alexus smiled. “You are much larged than the other kinds of Basalisks, but I will say one thing. You are an intriguing enemy. For that I thank you.” Withdrawing his sword, Alexus held his hands like he was welding a bow. In a shimmer of blue light, a bow appeared in his hands as an arrowforged he smiled at the creature.

“They call me the one shot killer! I’ll shot you why.” Releasing the arrow, it sailed through the winds leaving a clean cut as it peirced the monster. In an explosion of golden blood, Alexus was caked with dust and ichor.

Turning, he gazed at the terrified citizens and raised his bow in victory. In a roar of cheers, the crowds praised the young demigod for his achivement.

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