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I am a normal college student in Washington, and I mean the state not D.C., and a part time waitress on the side. Or so I appear. I am actually in hiding from the worst gang there in from my home. My home was Italy. The Gang is so huge that it is in Italy, Greece, UK, France, and a little bit in Canada and America. But how long before I am found out before I am caught and tortured for escaping? Because no one gets out of the gang, unless you are in a body bag.

Action / Thriller
Cora Morris
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I am sitting in the courtyard of the College that I am attending in Washington State, in a small town called Emersville. It's so small that it isn't on any map, we have our own town map, which is the residents in this town. Or in the Town Hall.

Ask any of the locals on where you are trying to get to and they will be able to tell you, or more likely be able to show you. That is how small it is.

The campus is the biggest part of this town. Most of the college student live in the dorms and in the small apartments in town. Me, I live in a little cabin in the middle of the woods that has ten acres of land. I like my solitude, but I hate surprises.

I look up from sitting against the water fountain in the courtyard. I see Ivan, a guy from my Maths class, walking while with his head down and looking down at the ground. I look back down to my drawing and it is of a dark sillouette of a girl holding out a gun sideways and a bullet going out of the gun.

"That's pretty good." I jump at the voice. I look up to see Ivan standing in front of me and looking down at my drawing.

"Thanks." I say with a smile.

"No problem." He sits down next to me. "You don't talk much, I always see you alone and you are usually either studying or drawing."

"You noticed me?" I ask in surprise and looking at him. He has light brown hair with hints of red in it. He had a sharp jaw bone, high cheekbones, a straight nose, and grey blue eyes behind black framed thin glasses. I notice that he is looking me over as well and I feel my cheeks warm and look down.

I feel him place his finger under my chin and lift it. I look back into his eye and he runs his thumb lightly over my reddened cheek.

"Of course, I've noticed you. You are a bit hard to miss. You are incredibly beautiful and I can't keep my eyes off of you." My cheeks get even hotter. Shit!

Sirously I have killed people without blushing or even blinking, but have a hot guy tell me that I am beautiful and I turn into a speechless girl that is like on her first date again.

"You really don't see your potential, do you?" He says in amazement.

My phone beeps and I pull it out of my pocket.

Unknown: that guy won't save you.

I gasp and look around, but there are too many people and almost all of them are on their phones. I try to see on if there is anyone paying attention to us, but again there are a few that is paying attention to us. Most of them are girls that are shooting daggers at me with their eyes.

"You okay? You just changed." Ivan asks in concern.

"Yeah, I... I need to go. I have... I have something to take care of." I say and then I grab everything as fast as possible and take off running and I get to my car.

Even though this is a small town, it is well spread out, that you still need a car, and plus if you need something that you can't get here, you'll need to drive to the next town over in Aberdeen and get the stuff there.

I drive to my cabin and then I go running to the cabin, then stop halfway, turn back and turn my car off and keys out of the ignition and then go running back up to the cabin again.

As soon as I get inside, I close and lock all my doors and windows and then I go into my room and I open a panel in my wall that is 10x10 inches and I have to push on it on the right side of the panel to have it click and open. I pull it open and my lock safe is behind the panel.

I enter my twelve digit code and then the pound sign and it beeps a couple times before it turns green and I turn the handle and open it. I pull out my gun and put it in the back of my waistband and I put my hand back into the safe to grab the files out.

I pull my hand back when I hear a knock on my front door. I clock and lock the safe and then close the panel. I go out to my kitchen and open a bigger panel that has two panels connected and I open then to see monitors that show different camera views all over my property.

I see that it is Ivan is on my doorstep.

I close my panels and then go over to the front door and unlock it and open it slowly. I wave him to come in and he comes in slowly.

"You forgot this." He says and I look down to his hand to see my drawing journal.

I lick my lips and nod my head.

"Thanks." I say but I don't reach for it, instead tears start trailing down my cheeks.

"Hey." He says softly and sets my journal and my side table that is beside the front door and then pulls me into his arms and I wrap my arms around him and one of my hands is on his shoulder.

"I know this is probably a bad timing, but why do you have a gun?" He asks and I let out a sigh because I forgot about the gun.

I pull back and wipe the tears off my cheeks and sniffle.

I sweep my place to make sure that there are no bugs. I know my cameras are linked with my phone but the people that are after me are smart and brutal.

"I guess I'll start at the beginning so that you'll be able to understand."

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