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Blood Soaked Rose ( Rose Series 4 )

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In the final installment of THE MIDNIGHT ROSE series, join Sam and her family once more as they deal with love, pain and anguish. Who will survive this time? Who will be hurt? Will she get her happiy ever after or will she go down with the ship? Join your favourite characters. In book order: 1: The Midnight Rose 2: Shattered Rose 3: Academy of the Rose 4: Blood Soaked Rose Don't forget to like, comment and review!

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Chapter One

I was pacing back and forth in my room as Cody took a nap, Brian watching my every move as he knew I was flustered.

“How is it that this is even possible! Hayden said he confirmed her death! She slit her wrists in a bathtub! She can’t be here!” I whisper shout.

“I have no idea Samantha, but I don’t like it. They so happen to get on a flight with you, you were alone with Cody and they just walk past you like it’s nothing. They have to be planning something. Why would Lizzy even be with Craig, he’s a nobody” Brian grumbles, his hands rubbing over his face with stress.

“I’m calling Jayden and getting him to come get Cody, I need him as far away from her as possible. Beck’s getting in contact with Hayden to figure him out and I have no idea what they are up to!” I raise my hands in exasperation.

“So you’re staying here?” Brian asks.

“Until I find out what they are doing, yes. Jayden and the others will protect the kids, but I can’t have them near her. Not after last time.” I say as I look over my little boy, sound asleep like an angel.

“No one is ever going to touch him again Sammy, you don’t need to worry about that” Brian smiles, his hand taking mine.

My phone rings as I quickly answer before it wakes Cody.

“Hey babe” I answer.

“Hey, what’s going on? Harvey said it was an emergency” Jayden said in a panic.

“I need you to come and get Cody, take him home and stay far from here.” I answer.

“Why?” He asks.

“Lizzy, she’s not dead…She’s here…with Craig, I don’t know what they are playing at, but they were on my plane. I don’t want our boy anywhere near them while I figure this out, so I need to know he’s safe. Promise me, you’ll get him and keep him safe.” I say as Brian squeezes my hand in support.

“You know I would die for him Sammy. I’ll get a flight as soon as I can. We’ll deal with this Kitten. I’ll grab one of the guys to come with me. Any preferences from the little guy?” Jayden replies.

“Taylor or Grandpa, he loves them both” I answer.

“Done. We’ll figure this out. Stay safe, I’ll be there as soon as I can”

“Love you Jay” I smile.

“Love you too Kitten” He says as he hangs up.

“You two are sickening” Brian fake gags and I laugh.

“You’re just jealous” I smirk shoving him playfully.

“Shut up” He groans and gets up.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

“I’m going to see if Beck’s found anything out” He says as I nod.

Jayden: Taylor’s coming with me, we have a flight in two hours. Hold on baby, we’re coming xx

Sammy: See you soon, be careful. Tell Taylor to head to my old house, he knows the way xx

Jayden: Your old house? The one that burnt down. X

Sammy: They rebuilt it. It’s beautiful Jay, I can’t wait for you to see it x

Jayden: See you soon, I love you both. Tell Brian he better keep my girl and little boy safe xx

Sammy: Just get here, I’m capable of keeping us safe babe. Brian’s just a bonus gun x

Jayden: Oh I know you can handle yourself, but you don’t need to do it alone x

Sammy: I know. Just get your ass here. See you soon xx

Jayden: Love you, see you soon Kitten x

“Mummm” Cody mumbles as he wakes up from his nap as I smile and pick him up.

“Have a good nap kiddo?” I ask as he clings to me.

“Still sleepy Mummy” he mumbles as I chuckle.

“Daddy’s coming here today” I say as he perks up.

“DADDY!” He squeals in my ear.

“You’re going to go home with him. I need to sort out some boring work and I can’t watch you all the time, so he’s bringing Uncle Taylor here with him to get you and then you’ll go home while I sort it out and then I’ll come home to you. Is that ok?” I tell him as he frowns.

“Mummy stay while Cody go home?” He frowns.

“Yes, but mummy will come home soon” I reply.

“No. Mummy come home now with Cody” He huffs.

“Cody, I can’t, I have work to do” I sigh.

“Cody want Mummy to come home!” Cody screams.

“Woah there, buddy! What’s with the screaming?” Brian comes in quickly to see Cody grumpy in my arms.

“Mummy no come home with Cody.”

“Cody, I need mummy to help me with some work. But it’s not something you can be here for. We’ll be very busy. I will bring Mummy home when we’re done. I will come with her for a visit too yeah?” He says as I see Cody contemplate in his head.

“Uncle Brian come with Mummy home?” Cody mumbles.

“Yes, I’ll come home with mummy” He smiles and takes Cody’s hand.

“Fine, Cody go home with Daddy and Uncle Tay, but Mummy come later wit Uncle Bwian.” Cody nods as I sigh in relief kissing his head and nodding to Brian in thanks.

“How about we go to the park?” Brian smiles as Cody’s face lights up with joy as he scrambles out of my arms and runs into Brian’s as they run off downstairs. I follow a little behind, grabbing my gun and hiding it in a holster under my jacket, just in case.

“Make sure you put a coat on him!” I shout down the stairs.

“Yes MUM” Brian laughs, and I shake my head with a smirk.

We get ready to go to the park and slowly walk there it wasn’t far at all.

“Mummy old park?” Cody faces me and points.

“Yeah buddy, my mummy used to bring me here too” I smile.

I remember me and Jason playing in this park happily before our whole lives changed for the worse.

“Mummy sad…” He frowns and stops.

“Mummy just misses her mummy” Brian ruffles Cody’s gorgeous curly, mouse brown hair.

“Mummy come play with Cody” Cody grabs my hand and drags me with him to the swings.

I place him in the swing as he giggles when I push him, screaming to go higher as Brian takes a few photos of us all together.

Brian takes Cody to the sand pit as I watch them together from the bench.

“He looks healthy” the bench creaks as someone joins me on the bench as I flinch.

“You shouldn’t be here” I growl.

“Sam, please, I’m not going to hurt him. I’m sorry” Lizzy says as I look at her.

“Leave. I don’t want you near my son” I snap.

“Ok. But we need your help” Lizzy sighs standing as I notice Brian get up, alert with Cody in his arms.

“Why should I help you? You faked your own death…You tried to kill my son…Why should I help you?” I ask as I signal for Brian to go home.

“Mummy!” Cody screams for me as Brian walks off.

“Mummy will be there soon baby!” I shout as he cries in Brian’s arms, kicking and screaming.

“I won’t hurt him” Lizzy says.

“That’s what I thought last time…Look what happened then…” I growl.

“Just promise you’ll help me, and I will never ask anything of you again. I won’t go near Cody”

“What do you need me for?” I ask, my eyes scouring the area.

“Craig heard about someone going up against my father. He fully backed Bryant but has managed to keep quiet all these years. No one knows who he is. Until Craig heard a few things in prison…He has a few friends inside still listening for him. This man wants to take down every mafia known. He wants total control and the Midnight Rose is one of the ones he wants. My father and you have some of the biggest mafia groups in the world. This man threatens the whole balance you want to keep. I pretended to die to go under the radar. Turns out this guy likes young blondes, he’s into everything we hate. Human trafficking, sex rings, all of it. I need your help to take him down or we could all die” She says as I look in her eyes, searching for whether she was telling the truth.

“Why should I trust either you or Craig?” I ask.

“You loved me once…I owe you a huge debt after what I did. But I will not have my father killed. He’s tried to help me so many times as I’ve failed him time and time again. Just as I failed you. Craig was in my clinic…We talked he’s been helping me…” She says as I laugh.

“He’s helping you…This is Craig…He likes to play with women, pulled a gun on me and my Grandpa…He doesn’t help anyone but himself” I say snidely.

“Just take this. It has everything we have so far. My new number is in there. No matter what though, Cody is safe from me. I’m better, I swear. I’ve been taking my medications and Craig talks to me. I’m better I swear” She says handing over an envelope.

“I’ll look at it. No promises. I’ll be in touch” I say as I begin to walk away.

“Thank you Sammy” She sighs.

“Just know Lizzy, you cross me or my family this time, there’s a bullet with your name on it” I growl as she nods and walks away.

“Sammy! You’re ok!” Beck drives up to me on the way back with a couple of his men in the car as they get out, looking around the area, searching for Lizzy.

“She’s gone” I say, and they nod at me.

“Get in the car” Beck orders as I get in and we drive a few seconds down the road to the house. Getting out as I race into the house, hearing Cody screaming out.

“Baby, mummy’s here, I’m here” I say as I kneel in front of him as his tears soak my t-shirt.

“What happened?” Brian asks.

I throw the envelope onto the table as he just looks at it.

Beck’s the first to grab it and open it.

“I’d heard rumours about this…I didn’t think it was true...” Beck said.

“Sammy!” Jayden’s voice shouted from the door as they knocked heavily.

“Daddy!” Cody squeals as I grab him and race to the door opening it.

“Hey there buddy” Jayden smiles as Cody jumps from my arms and into his.

“Why are you wearing, we have a problem face?” Taylor asks as they enter the house.

“Daddy, uncle bwian take me from park when mummy talk to lady!” Cody grumbles angrily.

“What lady?” Taylor raises a brow.

“Lizzy” I answer, and he stands still in shock.

“She’s supposed to be dead…” He says.

“Yeah, that’s what we all thought. But, trust me, she’s alive” I sigh as we sit in the lounge as Cody hugs into Jayden tightly.

“You need to look at this Sam” Beck hands the envelope to me as I take out the papers inside, Taylor looking over my shoulder.

I looked at some of the images.

“Hold on, that’s one of your Grandpa Jon’s gala’s from years ago…Look, that’s you” Taylor points to me in the image, I was about fifteen in the image.

“This one too… But that’s the boarding school dance…This man, he was our head master…Why is he in all of these images?” I ask looking to Beck.

“Look at the other page” He says as I bring out another, it describes, people, places, locations of sex trafficking rings.

Then the name of the head of the Mafia…

“No way was Mr Henderson the leader of another mafia” Taylor gasps.

“Hold on, the headmaster of your old boarding school is the leader of some mafia? What do Lizzy and Craig have to do with this?” Jayden asks.

“Daddy what’s a ma…mafa…mafia?” Cody asks as I tilt my head back and groan.

“Oh, uhh, it’s a very big family that protects people. But some aren’t so nice.” Jayden answers and he seems to just take it and continue playing.

“This is why Lizzy needs me… I can get close to them without suspicion, they already know me. But they don’t know that I know about them” I say.

“You’re not doing it alone” Taylor says.

“You have to go home with Cody and Jayden” I urge.

“No, Brian can go with them. We went to that school together. They know we stick together like glue. We do this together. Like old times” Taylor says.

“I don’t know…” I sigh.

“He’s right. You both knew this man before. You could get closer to him.” Beck says.

“Looks like we’re going back to school” I groan.

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