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A girl used to the secluded life she lived in peace receives much more than what she bargained for at the Trials. A king unaccustomed to romantic feelings, completely enthralled by the girl with the turquoise eyes. An alpha drawn to the power-radiating figure who seems all to unaware of the dominance she declared simply by her presence. All three intertwined by a fate they all deny exists until its staring into blue, turquoise and green eyes.

Action / Romance
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The Trials

Chapter 1
The giddy feeling erupting in my stomach caused my very own body alarm to wake me up at 5am. I showered and laid out all the gear I’d need for today. The Blackwater Pack were sending their Elite for the King’s Trials. Being the daughter of the Beta had me training since a young age to have me apart of the Elite. My brother was destined for the Beta position so I decided to aim for the Elite. My dad was well pleased with my ambitions and pushed me as far as I needed to go to become as lethal as possible. I was dressed in all black as I liked. I tied my black hair into a neat high ponytail in preparation for the day of combat. I picked up my bag full of weapons and traveled downstairs. I dropped my bag by the door and walked into the kitchen greeting my family and sitting down for a proper meal. My dad’s eyes held a proud glint as he looked at me. His pride the day I was inducted into the Elite triumphed mine. He gave me every single weapon in that bag. Each time I conquered the control of the weapon he handed me to yield, I was gifted a custom version which matched the rest of my weapons - as black as my hair with accents of metallic blue which aligned with my eye colour. I had multiple sets of each weapon because you could never guarantee the return of any weapon in a battle.

The King’s Trials occurred annually as a necessity to introduce new members into the King’s Guard. This was the greatest honor for any wolf as you were strategically involved in protecting and preserving our species. I was never one for the glory that comes along with the duty and had decided that I would not partake in my first three years as an Elite. Everyone knew that the Kings Guard mainly consisted of ex-members of Blackwater’s Elite. We were almost guaranteed a position and I didn’t want to be apart of that. This year I decided I would take up the opportunity as a challenge to see how I could possibly improve my techniques. I was looking for a new challenge and the best of the best always showed up at the Arena. My dad however seemed overjoyed at the prospect of me surpassing my goal of becoming an Elite and digging for something deeper. My mother supported any decision I made but was hesitant about the Trials at first. My phone’s screen lit up as I saw a message from Matt. He was the only wolf I spoke to outside of my family. I refrained from the usual tendencies of a wolf needing a pack to survive. I rarely enjoyed the company of other wolves as they failed to understand that I barely spoke. There was nothing wrong with me, I just found that words were most of the time unnecessary. He was letting me know that it was time to leave.

My family looked at me nervously. I understood that. There was a high chance of me getting seriously injured and they were terrified for me. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I took their discomfort as a lack of faith. I had pushed myself in preparation. Now was not the time to doubt my abilities. My brother frowned as he came to realize that I was leaving with a slight possibility of not returning. They were attending the trials along with every other Alpha and Beta family in the Western Hemisphere. The magnitude of the competition was unlike any other because of the intense level of desperation wolves had to be apart of the King’s Guard. I wanted merely to measure my skills against an international standard. We reached the Arena and everyone was beyond themselves with nerves. I was calm as I had no intention of any real outcome. Matt looked sick. He never liked the pressure of participating. He only agreed as it was my first time participating and he actually wanted to see the result. Each pack’s Elite appeared to look intimidating, usually a scowl gracing their features. As expected there were the remarks of my size and gender. Some held a curious glance as our pack rarely associated with other packs. Mostly to do with finding mates. There were few who held my passive glare as it was my first appearance at the trials. Blackwater’s Elite smirked as if they had some secret that they kept from every other pack. We reached our area of the preparation region of the Arena. Everyone immediately entered their own space of reflection. I appreciated their ability to mind their own business. Most of the Elite held a mature aura as they concentrated on themselves instead of their surroundings. Mental preparation was extremely important.

I needed to place my weapons in the weapon room as I preferred the custom handles which fit comfortably in my hands. My slightly aggressive facial expression was plastered on my face as I walked towards the room. Some of the families had began to arrive, signalling the near start to the event. I had previously indicated the need for my to use my own weapons and was granted permission. A board with my name, Liana Rodriguez, caught my eye. I was busy positioning my weapons when my nose smelt something that had my gaze fault for a moment. It instantly relaxed my demeanor. The scent became more intoxicating the closer the scent-bearer came. In the space of time it took for the person to reach the room, my entire body tensed in anticipation of the person that belonged to that delicious smell.

*Alpha Nathaniel*

As my wife and I entered the Arena, she walked with Jax to the assigned seating area. It was his first time at the trials and although he could never participate I hoped he would recognize the opportunity he had to witness the best of the best pinned against one another. I was on edge since this morning. Faint wisps of an alluring scent entered my nose and instead of following my family, I decided to follow the scent. The closer I got, the more my head said to return while the rest of my body followed the sweet, vanilla smell upon instinct. I reached the weapon room as my gaze fell upon vulnerable, teal eyes. As soon as I spotted the weakness, it disappeared as the beauty’s gaze hardened.

*Liana Rodriguez*

My heart quickened in competition with my mate’s footsteps. The moment our eyes connected my body involuntarily shivered. His chestnut hair fell in its natural state. His hazel eyes held everything I expected and one thing I did not, pity. It took the entire time I was preoccupied with admiring my mate for me to recognise his face. Everyone knew of the day Alpha Nathaniel decided he would choose his mate. He completely defied the one law we never strayed from, remaining loyal to your mate. My mother felt extremely sorry for the day he would meet his actual mate. He would no doubt reject her, causing an immense amount of pain on either side. I was caught completely off guard as I replaced my emotionless glare on my face. “I’m truly sorry.” His eyes held nothing but regret. The velvet sensation of his voice passing through my ears almost made the actual words not matter. I knew the mate bond affected everyone strongly yet I had not expected this level of adoration. I realized he was waiting for me to say something and I almost did not. He needn’t have the pleasure of conversation with yours truly. I realized that he had no idea who yours truly was and felt my insides waver at the realisation that I had to speak to him. “It’s alright. Just get it over with.” I responded coldly, my voice void of emotion.“Liana Rodriguez.” I spoke aqgain, frustrated with his lack of response other than pity. His hazel eyes flashed as he looked confused. “Sorry what?” “My name.” He hesitated leaving a long silence. He tried and failed to speak as I stared at him, face void of emotion. My internal turmoil was, however, erupting, needing to get this over with. ” I, Alpha Nathaniel Green, reject you, Liana Rodriguez, as my mate and Luna of Greenwood Pack.” My heart felt as if it were physically torn in two. But I refused however to indicate any sort of reaction on my face. “I accept your rejection.” His face contorted into one of pain. She wanted to comfort him out of feelings caused by the mate bond but instead walked passed the man with a single tear rolling down her cheek. Just my luck. I purposefully leaned toward the wall to avoid contact with the man that changed my life. I needed to look at the situation logically. There was no way I could not tell my pack that I was Alpha Green’s mate. They needed to know that I was destined to be mateless. The humiliation and pity that awaited me needed to be avoided at all costs. A place in the King’s Guard would suit me just fine now. I had pent up emotions that needed to be released through the best way I knew how. Combat.

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