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To Where It All Began

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There's a powerful bomb set at the centre of the world: it’s about to go off in a week and it’s up to the Whites to stop it. The only apparent way to do that; however, is to get to the belly of the beast, their enemy's headquarters. Alex Jackson, a teenager surrounded by more questions than answers, will be their guide, but there might be bumps in the way that even he can't predict, and battles that no one can win. To Where It All Began is an epic story of mysteries, discoveries, trauma, revenge and the lesson that where there is family, there is hope. Read a free except on Inkitt!

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The deceptive cover of night hid the vile doings of the man creeping through the trees. He walked stealthily, not making a single sound. He had a bundle tucked under his arm. Nobody saw him.

The man knelt in a clearing, placing the bundle down. He lifted away the cloth covering it.

“Ah, my little beauty,” he crooned, running his hands over the sleek, black machine. “Now you shall aid me in my mission. You shall destroy this wretched world.”

The man smiled to himself, revelling in his closeness to victory. He checked his watch, and at the very moment it struck midnight, he pressed a button, chuckling darkly as the machine came to life with a powerful but silent whir. Digital numbers appeared on the bottom, reading 168:00:00. It decreased by the second. The man stood, gazing down upon it. Then he raised his face to the sky, and shouted, “Beware! I have returned to wreak havoc upon this land. By a week’s time, you will all perish.”

The man then stole away into the darkness, a smile spreading across his face.

In the nearest house, in their soft, warm beds, two children startled awake, breathing hard and completely bewildered.

Not far away, a fourteen-year-old ran through a wood, wet and exhausted, but with a gleam of hope in his brilliant blue eyes.

No-one knew it yet, but they were setting events in motion that were more epic than anyone could have ever imagined.

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