Azumi: The Tattoos

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Someone's after my life because of my magical tattoo. Will they be able to succeed capturing me? Or will they be the first to die by my hands.

Action / Mystery
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Miyuki POV

The loud noise echoed throughout the room from the large box and the front door that I just broke. I instantly scanned my surroundings and saw only two people whom I had just killed and were lying on the floor whilst I was catching my breath.

My body hasn't recovered yet since I'm locked up in a box. I don't know how many days, months or years it has been that I've been caged there. Looked around and saw several wide tv screens and laboratory gowns.

Upon hearing footsteps coming towards the room, I felt agitated thinking they might have caught me so I had to move fast. I ran fast to avoid their gaze and found a spot to hide myself. I leaned across the wall to see who's coming in.

I can't count them all but each one of them have different weapons. I have to move discreetly before they could notice me. I reached 24/F unconsciously while running in the staircase. They all seemed hysterical and were eager to find me. I can tell it through the speakers attached on the walls.

"Where is she? Where did they hide her? I need to see her. I have to find her. " I thought to myself. Immediately I stopped and hid on the wall when I heard footsteps coming in my direction.

"Where did that child go?", asked by a man while scanning the surroundings.

"Let them find that child. What's important is Subject S.", replied by another man while adjusting the strap of his gun.

"Right. It's terrifying if Subject S got loose. Good thing, she's sleeping." Then he reached for his flashlight in his pocket when it suddenly turned off.

I clenched the knife on my hand and quickly moved towards their direction. I aggressively covered the mouth of the first man and sliced his throat and I immediately kicked the second man on his stomach and jumped towards him and stabbed his heart several times.

I moved back to the first man to find that small device they were using to communicate with their other co-workers. I quickly hid myself as soon as I got the device. The device light switches on and I see a red button blinking continuously. I clicked it and the name Subject S flashed on the screen. I immediately remember the rest of the conversation of the two men I got killed earlier.

"That means, it's my Big Sister Azumi. Damn!", she is in15th/F. I quickly left and looked for a shortcut. "Think, Yuki! Think!"

Instead of running, I jumped on the stairs. This way I could move faster reaching the 19th/F after 2 minutes. I diverted my gaze to the small device on my hand. "She's on 14th/F!". Dammit! I have to move faster. After a couple of minutes, I'm on 14th/F. I can hear gunshots and yelling of men not far from the lobby. I slowly went out and followed the noise.

I'm about to cross the intersection when something slippery caused me to fall. "Ouch!" My butt hurts. I moved my eyes to the floor and that's when I realized that the floor is covered with blood and the hallway is full of dead bodies. I heard continued gunshots at the end of the hallway and I ran fast to get hold of the killer. There, I saw her. Finally!

Azumi's wearing black fitted leather suit and her hair reaches her waist. On her hand was a silver knife covered with blood. The one last guy fired randomly while screaming at the top of his lungs. But she dodged it easily and vanished into the darkness. In a blink of an eye, she found herself in the back of the guy. She sliced his throat and stabbed him at his chest. He dropped hard on the floor. Her gaze shifts on me. I could see the blazing fire on her eyes that could cut through anyone's soul.

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