Azumi: The Tattoos

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Chapter 1

Miyuki POV

I put some light make up on my cheeks and lipgloss in my lips. Then I checked my reflection in the mirror. I smiled. I love the way I look today. I went out from the wash room and headed my way to Onesan. We are in the Philippine Airport right now.

Onesan is a japanese word which means Big Sister.

We will be meeting Uncle Mark in a couple of minutes. He was my father's best friend. We call him "Uncle" because we're just comfortable calling him that way. We've been waiting for an hour now here in a restaurant until I received a message. Uncle Mark got stuck in the traffic.

I sighed and looked at my pretty big sister. She was sitting comfortably in a high chair whilst drinking her favourite cup of hot chocolate. She's wearing a white oversized shirt and a fitted white jeans coupled with black boots. Her tattoo near her cheek bone is eye-catching hence it adds more to her appeal. Onesan is really awesome. She usually gets the attention of the crowd because she's oozing with sex appeal although she's only wearing a simple outfit.

I'm about to reach her when her phone rang. She quickly answered the call and I saw her nodding while talking over the phone. Few minutes later, she bid goodbye and ended the call.

She fixed herself and looked at me. "He's already here"

I blurted out 'Yes' instantly. We took our baggage and followed Onesan coming out from the door. The door automatically opened and we were welcomed by Uncle's bright smile. I ran and hugged him and he hugged me back while they did fist bumping with Onesan and hugged each other. Taking our luggage into his car, we made sure everything was inside before entering. Onesan is in the front seat while I'm at the back.

On the road Uncle Mark initiated a convo first. He missed us so much that he brought so many jokes and stories to share. The conversation last for an hour due to traffic. When his out of stories, silence took over for two minutes. Looking out the window on my right side and unexpectedly saw a teenage boy handing out some bills on a street child. I smiled.

"So?" he broke the silence and I turned my gaze to him. "May I know what exactly happened two years ago?" he continued.

I know he's unsure whether he'll gonna ask about it. Either he'll get an answer or maybe not. We never mentioned to Uncle Mark what happened exactly on that day.

I sat properly when Onesan started to talk. "After knocking us out, we went unconscious for how many hours. They locked us up in a large box or should I say its like a metal box that has a human size. They studied my body and especially my unique tattoos." she said with annoyance.

"I'm sorry. If only I found you sooner" he starts to say and tighten his grip on the steering wheel.

"Uncle, that was two years ago. Besides the flight is not yet finished. I'm starting to fired up." Onesan replied reassuring that it's not Uncle's fault.

He sighed deeply and agreed. "I promised your father that whatever happens I will definitely protect you two."

Our father told us to trust no one except Uncle Mark.

"You can still keep your promise Uncle. Because we really need your help for this mission." she smiled warmly and Uncle Mark nodded heartily. Yhup! You heard it right. We came here because we have a mission.

"You can count on me." he replied in a very confident tone and Onesan nodded.

Tension begins to roam when Onesan and Uncle Mark went silent. I need to break the ice. "Ahem. Uncle Mark, where are we going?" - I asked Uncle.

"Haha. We're almost there Yuki, I'll have to turn to the right and we'll get there soon. " - Uncle Mark assured.

"Hai!" - I answered back.

The gate automatically opened. I guess, we arrived in his house. We went out from the car and looked around. The place is awe-inspiring. It has a unique landscape and full of flowers. Uncle Mark brought out our luggage and he went to the front door and took out his key. We couldn't help but to exclaim "Wow!" because his house is spacious and glamorous.

He gave us our keys and lead us to our rooms. He instructed us that we can fix our things and he'll be at the kitchen if we need anything. Onesan and I nodded and we entered on each other's rooms.

I brought few stuffs here. Some small devices and things that I'll be needing on this mission. Three minutes passed and I'm done. I went downstairs and walked to the kitchen. I've been smelling Uncle Mark's cooked food from my room. I'm really hungry.

I chuckled. He is singing "Born this Way" wholeheartedly while cooking. I sat quietly in a high chair and watched him happily. He's not that bad. I thought. He's good in dancing too. Such a talented man.

Uncle Mark wasnt able to finish the climax of the song because we're both shocked and surprised when Onesan were already beside him. Geez, Onesan, what a powerful speed and I cant keep up on that.

He immediately held his chest. "Gosh, dont frighten me that way, Az. What if I get heart attack? - Uncle Mark uttered with surprise.

"Pfftt..." I'm trying to suppress my laughter.

"Jeez, Uncle Mark, relax. I still need you in my mission." - Onesan replied while sitting beside me. I quickly hugged her and put my head on her shoulder. She patted my head which made me glad.

He shake his head and laid down the cooked pork adobo on the table. Our dinner is noisy and full of laughter because he didn't ran out of jokes. After we finished our meal, I volunteered to wash the dishes. Then I listened of Onesan and Uncle Mark's conversation.

"What's my mission?" he asks

"Here." Onesan

She laid down three pictures on the table. Then she sat across so they are facing each other.

He looked onto the picture and creased his forehead. "Ox Field University? You're going to study? Both of you? But you two finished studying right?" he asked in confusion.

Yes, we already graduated but this is a part of our mission.

"Yeah and we need your help. Please help us enter this hell." Onesan says.

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