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A story about a feminist struggling through her life.. She experienced child abuse to rape and harassment. She was broken inside but one day she stood for herself. She changed and became stronger. She vowed to protect the ones ,like her, around her. She joined mafia and slaughtered the guilty ones. She held a strong position in underworld. Nobody, knew her true identity. In reality, she was a big businesswoman of the country. She had everything she dreamed of fame, her purpose, career and family. She was missing something in her life and that was still to come.

Action / Romance
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(Ella Rose Anderson P.O.V)

Hi! I’m Ella Rose Anderson. I’m 23 years old. I’m a feminist struggling through my life. I have long raven black hairs, brown eyes, cute, small button nose, round face, and petite figure. I belong to one of the richest family of Bashfaland.

Our family has long run the Anderson’s Corporation for decades. I’m a natural in acting. After 17 long years, put on a show, is what I have done. So, I have not many friends. Trust, is one thing I lack.

I experienced child abuse to rape and harassment. I was weak and broken. Not anymore. I have a purpose now. I vowed to protect and help the ones who had suffered in similar situations.

I’m the Black Falcon in disguise. A person, expert in MMA fighting and master of hypnotism. I’m the leader of ROYALS, a mafia gang. We have many enemies. One of them is Xavier Chahan. I know him since my childhood.

Back to my life, I’m the CEO of Aderson’s Corporation. I’m a popular, rich, young, capable businesswomen, hot and bachelor of state. For now, I have everything, a lot of fame, a purpose, an outstanding career. However, I still feel as if there is something missing in my life, and that is yet to come....

The person, who changed me is Aaron Reid. He was my best friend, father, elder, brother and my tutor. He taught me to me strong from within. He use to say

“A strong person is not defined by physical strength, money or fame but power of will and heart. A strong heart is calm and cool. Don’t hate anyone. You’ll find yourself the strongest person on earth.”

My only regret is that I couldn’t save him. He miss him. He left his nieces in my care Andy and Beth. I love them both. I would protect them both with my life.

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