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Zhang, who was the last human standing during the zombie apocalypse called Doom, is now reborn into the world three minutes before it will start. Zhang gathers skilled men and women to prepare for the First War of Doom, for they had lost the war in his past life. But he will not let it happen, using the knowledge he had gained in his past life, he will lead humanity to rise again. But will he succeed?

Action / Thriller
Teo Zen Ben
Age Rating:


Living Doom

The world is now coming to an end; most survival’s base has been destroyed by zombie hordes that came cunningly. They allowed no survivor, and they had all perished. It all seems like he was the only survivor of humankind.

Bullets have all finished. The firearms are useless now. He grew more tired and weaker every mutated he killed. The sword he has received from the last development he visits before they fell was broken into two now. The half with the handle was with him, while the other half was stuck on a dead mutated that lay below him.

‘These slow-evolved ones must have been sent to weaken me before the highly evolved attack,’ thought Zhang, ‘the highly evolved may come anytime.’

Suddenly the mutated falls back, while Zhang killed the ones that have been climbing to get him, a highly evolved of stage eleven mutated sword type walked through the horde and started climbing up.

‘This must be the end, my sword is now broken,’ Zhang murmured.

The fight barely lasted long. His strength left was now to the minimum and could not even scratch the mutated of stage two. The sword of the stage-eleven mutated came slashing down. And he felt no more.

A New Life

Zhang woke up.

He was back where he was when the Doom started, next to his class in the Science Museum of Liang Country. All around him were the people who should be dead since it started he looked at the time, 8.47 a.m. of 10th March 2017.

In three minutes it was going to start.

He looked around, found a map and scanned it. He must find a place to take refuge first and think about leaving this place later.

Two minutes to go.

He looked around for some weapon he can at least find to protect himself during the refuge and quickly spotted a display of a samurai sword with its amour, but the amour does not matter. He had to wait for the Doom to start, it would be wrong timing to break the glass while his classmates are enjoying themselves.

One minute.

He had gathered fourteen of his classmates around the display of the sword, they were mostly Zhang’s close friends and those who were least likely to cause trouble during the Doom. He told them something was going to happen that they are best not to get involved.

One minute to go.

He found a hammer for emergencies which he took without anyone seeing him and went back to the display. Told them that they would know right away when it happens, and if it happens he told to go through the exit located at the end of the displays and go straight to the last building and lock the door to it after they went in. He also told them if he did not make it there, is no need to wait for him.


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