Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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YOU KNOW THEY SAY THE FIRST KILL IS HARD, BUT I FOUND IT RATHER ENJOYABLE. Ichigo became an orphan because her grandparents owe the Bidaru so much money. Her father couldn't pay back the money, so he and his wife willingly died to save their daughter. "It's all up to you now little one, I did this to you not because I want to but because I have to. I was too weak so I ran away to the army, but for you I left you a foundation that will help you end all the troubles our country are having, you will be saving a lot of people by erasing the Bidaru from the earth, and don't forget little one I will always be by your side watching over you always." Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Action / Thriller
Vanessa Nicole
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Chapter 1 | The meeting

This was the very first book I ever wrote, 6 years ago. It's not up to standard so please bear with me :)

It was love at first sight, a medium height, medium-sized Japanese military official with brown eyes and black hair by the name of Yoshino Chau age twenty-eight, took a two-week long holiday from serving his country in a small town south-west of the capital city of Tokyo.

On his way back from the supermarket he strolled through Ono Park near Sakura hotel where he was staying. He stopped near the water fountain in the middle of the park to see if there were any fish in the water of the fountain; as he looked down from the corner of his left eye, he saw something moving.

Curious as to what it was he looked up while bending over the fountain’s walls; his eyes widened because across from him was the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen in his entire life.

She was of medium height, a little shorter than him; she had green eyes, hazel brown hair and a white dress on with lace floral patterns going down her dress with a pink sakura flower in her hair.

His heart pounded hard as he gazed at such a beautiful young girl, it was breathtaking and unbearable for him to just stand there looking at her and not say anything.

He slowly mustered up the courage and walked up to her.

She was seated down on the fountain wall while he walked towards her. He watched her long hazel hair blow in the wind; it was such a beautiful sight that made him even more nervous.

Yoshino reached out to her and touched her on her right shoulder while saying, “Excuse me miss,” she quickly turned towards him, with a frightful look on her face, and replied “Yes, can I help you?” hearing her voice made his heart pound frantically.

He looked into her eyes and saw it glow; standing there in front of her for a moment and just looked at her noticing her pale white skin, trimmed eyebrows, and long eyelashes.

Also noticing for a second that her left eye was green and her right eye was blue, her lips had the colour blood red to it; she was looking back at him while nervously biting on her bottom lip.

The young lady said, “Excuse me sir, but can I help you?” Yoshino fell back to earth after hearing her voice.

He pulled himself back together and smiled; Yoshino looked straight into her eyes and said “I’m sorry if I startled you there, but I couldn’t help myself from approaching you, I saw you from across the fountain and wanted to see you up close, I hope you aren’t freaked out by me because I wanted to take a closer look at you.”

He paused for a moment, and carried on speaking, “I’m Yoshino Chau and you are a very beautiful young lady, I really hope I didn’t scare you with what I just said,” the young lady replied with a smile that made him feel nervous than he already was!

“Hello, Yoshino Chau,” she said teasingly, “I’m Ayame Tachibana, it’s wonderful to meet you, and yes to answer your question, you did freak me out a little, but all is well now, you don’t anymore and also thank you for the compliment it’s much appreciated.”

Ayame added as she blushed, “I hear it a lot, but from you, it sounds pure.”

She then jumped off from the wall and looked at Yoshino and clapped her hands while saying, “Yes!! I didn’t fall this time,” with a huge smile on her face that made Yoshino laugh.

The two of them went to sit on one of the park benches near the fountain and spoke, they sat there and spoke for hours getting to know each other better. While they were talking Yoshino noticed how much they had in common, how much Ayame made him smile and feel better about himself.

Ayame looked at her watch and saw that it was getting late and told him, she was sorry and had to leave because she needed to fetch her baby sister at daycare.

Yoshino then asked her if it would be okay with her if they could see each other again, Ayame replied, “yes” enthusiastically and added, “I sit in the park by the fountain every day till it’s time to go fetch my baby sister!“.

Before Yoshino could say goodbye to her, she ran off screaming, “See you tomorrow Yoshino Chau!!”

Yoshino headed off back to the hotel with a huge smile on his face, believing that he had probably met the most beautiful girl ever!


The next morning; Yoshino awoke before the sun was out and got ready to meet Ayame at the park, but before that, he went to the nearest florist and bought a single white rose.

Yoshino went to the park waiting there for two whole hours before Ayame showed up. Not knowing that she had been watching him from afar, for an hour and a half.

He thought to himself, he didn’t mind the fact that she was late, and once he saw her coming towards him, skipping and humming a tune, he immediately forgot that she had him wait there for two hours, which would be a bit silly since she never gave him a time to meet up, she just said she’d see him the following day.

Ayame greeted Yoshino with a smile and gave him a quick hug and pulled away.

Yoshino greeted Ayame with a pat on her back and gave her the rose.

Ayame laughed and pulled him towards the fountain and just stared up at the clear blue sky.

Yoshino looked over at her and said, “Beautiful,” not knowing that Yoshino was referring to her, she agreed, he knew that she had no clue what he was referring to and just smiled.

He stood there smiling inside at the beautiful sight Ayame created.

They walked around the park the whole day talking while admiring each other at the same time, not knowing that they were falling for each other every second.

Late afternoon soon arrived, and it was time for Ayame to fetch her little sister from day-care!

They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

The following morning Yoshino woke up again early, and went to the nearby florist and bought a single white rose and went to meet up with Ayame, when they were together they would talk and fall for each other more; this routine happened over the next following days.

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