Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 10 | Later that night

Ichigo was laying on her stomach when she was woken up by loud footsteps rushing around on the roof of her bedroom, she turned around and laid there on the bed listening to the noise that was coming from above.

She sat up and let out a sigh, then got up and walked out of her room. Now standing in the passage she looked around to see if she was alone and she was. Moments later she heard voices talking from inside the house, she walked down to the end of the passage where the staircase was and walked up to the door that she had found under her father’s car and closed it.

Ichigo walked back to her bedroom and laid once again on her bed listening to what was being said from above. Thinking to herself “what if it’s the people that killed her parents,” she carried on listening later learning that it was the police.

She was still tired, but couldn’t sleep due to all the noise coming from above so she just laid there and listened.

(Conversation from inside the house between the policemen)

Police one, “The photo frame shows that there’s a child, but there are only two bodies, where could she be?”

Police two, “Maybe she was kidnapped, or missing, we should dispatch a search team for her and ask around if anyone knows what had happened here.”

Police three, “I’ll go ask the neighbours and see if I can find out information about her.”

Finally, there was no more noise coming from above, it was silent. Ichigo sighed heavily this time as she was thinking about her parents, grandmother and her aunt Gin-Dai, but hearing her fathers’ voice echoing, “You must never leave this house,” the whole time in her head, she eventually fell asleep again.

When morning came Ichigo got up and had herself another warm shower, when she was done she decided to go upstairs to see if the policemen had left anything behind, all that was left in the house was blood stains and broken glass from the glass frames on the tables, without even thinking Ichigo went and got some cleaning gear and cleaned up all that was out of place in the house.

Afterwards, feeling hungry she made herself some breakfast and while she was eating she asked herself, “Why is it that the police took the car, but never bothered to look under the door,” she again cleaned up then walked to the garage, when she looked down she saw that the trap door leading to the underground home was invisible, but she knew where it was and figured that the police didn’t see it because it looked just like a normal floor from above.

Since Ichigo was still very young, she didn’t fully understand the position she was in all she had was her instincts telling her every time what to do, the only thought left on her mind was, “What kind of person was my father,” the thought irritated little Ichigo for a while, but a feeling told her that it was all going to be solved one day, and she was going to be the one to solve the problem.

Ichigo went back downstairs, a few seconds later her head began to spin making her dizzy, so she walked towards her bedroom while gripping on to the wall as she made her way to her bedroom to keep herself from dropping down to the ground, when she reached her bedroom she went straight to the bed and laid down, falling into a blackout in her mind.

By this time it was almost three pm and little Ichigo was still asleep, while she was asleep, her brain reset it to the night of her seventh birthday, remembering how her father took her out of bed carefully in order not to wake her up, and taking her down into the home, speaking to her while she was asleep, saying the following, “My dearest Ichigo you are just a baby and you will still be a baby, the day your mother and I will be taken from you, I want you to know that your mother and I love you unconditionally, you were born into a family with a long history of parents being murdered and the child is the only one left, what happened to me shall happen to you as well, it breaks my heart having to tell you this, but I know one day you’ll understand my little one.”(Yoshino carries on explaining to Ichigo how she needs to prepare for her upcoming battle and how she should take it step-by-step and not rush her training, in order for her to survive the battle).

Ichigo awoke moments after her dream ended, now she understood why everything in the underground home was so familiar, she’d been here before with her father, also understanding what all of this was for she immediately went to the library in the next room and went to sit at the desk that was placed in the middle of the room.

She sat there, started opening the desk draws, found a photo album and looked through it, the photo album basically had her entire life in it with memories that she herself couldn’t remember, after looking through it she carried on searching through the draws till she came to the last draw which had a trap door connected to it. Which had a box within it, Ichigo opened the box and she found old rolled up paper inside, there was almost twenty of them, but she didn’t care about that, she picked up the box with the rolled up papers in it, put it down in front of her and moved the chair back.

She just sat there looking at it, Ichigo let her head dangle from her neck and then slowly moved her neck in a circular motion, cracking her aching neck, as she continued to do so, she looked at the bookshelf on her left, got up and walked towards it. She then took the first book off the top shelf and it read, “Japanese Martial Arts vol1,” Ichigo took each book off the shelf one-by-one till she got to the final volume of the Japanese Martial Arts, then placed them back on the shelf in the order she found them.

Over the years to come in Ichigo Chau’s life, she would be reading for most of it, this is to help her learn how to be a warrior and learn more about herself.

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