Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 11 | Reading List

Skip most of this chapter XD... I wrote this 5 years ago and I am not about to take out all my hard work, although its just a list of books.


Japanese Martial Arts vol1 to vol50

Self-Healing vol1 to vol25

The Art of Focus vol1 to vol90

The Art of Style vol1 to vol604

Books of Swordsmanship

Books of Hybrid

Books of Grappling and Softness

Books of Pinning

Books of Submission

Books of Hybrid and Eclectic

Books of Striking

Books of Weaponry

Books of Karate

Books of Bo Staff

Books of Archery

Books of Strategy and Tactics

Books of Styles and Scrolls & Tapes…




Enshin Macotokan



Japanese Kickboxing









Kyokushin Macotokan






Shoot boxing

Shoot wrestling

Shoot fighting

ShudoMacoto Jujutsu



Yoseikan Karate

Ichigo was young, but she could read and write with an eighth-grade level and understand every word she read.

A few moments later, she started with the first book, she carried on reading until the book mentioned a few weapons, she had no clue how it looked so she stopped reading, took out a pen and paper, and wrote the names of the weapons down and went to the bookshelf, searched for the books that had the names of the weapons on it.

Ichigo took the books to the desk and flipped through them looking for images each of weapon, she laid the books on top of one another and went to her weaponry room, she went crazy and enjoyed looking for the following weapons on her list and gathered them together, while placing them on the floor in front of her and looked at each one carefully examining them as she held them in her hands.

After a while of examining the weapons, she put them back, switched the lights off and went back to the library and carried on reading. While imagining each weapon after being mentioned in the book, learning and understanding what she was reading. This continued to take place until she could recognize every weapon without having to go back and forth to identify the weapons, the books and weapons made things interesting for her which made her read non-stop, well at least till she got hungry then she’d only stop.

Ichigo stopped reading, and made her way upstairs to the kitchen and took five books with her to enjoy while eating, while she made for her dinner, she saw that she was running low on food; her mother would usually just buy a few things every day, besides she needed to grow and her eating cereal every time wouldn’t work out.


Ichigo ate her dinner while reading the books; afterwards, she went back downstairs and took a bath, cleaning up after herself upstairs. Ichigo cleaned up after herself every time she went upstairs to make sure that she didn’t leave a trace of someone living there, because she knew that if the police came back or if anyone came to the house and see that someone was living there they would get suspicious and want to investigate the situation, and Ichigo doesn’t want to be found.

By doing this she avoided all possible connections that would be traced back to her, by doing this she moved into the underground home. She never took any of her clothes from upstairs because she had no need for them since she had everything in her closet downstairs that her father left for her, so she figured that she didn’t have to worry about clothes due to the fact that her clothes come in different sizes. The only thing she worried about was how she was going to get herself fresh food to eat and groceries…(It’s repeated/sorry)

While downstairs in the library she sat at her desk just looking at the books on it, she sat there sitting with boredom from thinking about how to get food for her, she sat there for at least twenty-five minutes before she tapped her left foot three times, then tapped her right hand three times on her right leg, while on the third tap she clapped her hands together then snapped both her hands fingers together in unison, pointing both her index fingers in the direction of the bookshelf in front of her and she smiled thinking to herself how far from sane she’ll become just sitting there doing nothing; since she couldn’t think of a plan to gather food for herself, she went back to reading the books in front of her. Ichigo fell asleep; she didn’t realize this until she woke up on her arms the following day.

Ichigo woke up and sat back in the chair feeling a bit dizzy, when the dizziness went away she slowly spun herself around in the chair making the room around her look like it was spinning in slow motion, silly enough after she got up from the chair she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up.

When she was on her way to her bedroom to get dressed, she stopped by one of the paintings on the wall near the weaponry room in the passage, she felt that the painting was out of place, and to top it off it was a painting of yellow roses which looked ugly to her since yellow is a horrible colour, so she removed the ugly painting to find a safe behind it, when she opened the safe she found it filled with money.

Ichigo wasn’t surprised since she needed some of it for food; she just ended up closing the safe and placing the ugly painting behind the table in the passage.

She walked over to her room thinking to herself how strange it is for someone her age to experience all of this. She knew how her life was going to change and how everything had to be thought through in detail and finalized before implementing it, every step and action included, it had to be done this way in order for her to survive, this was her destiny and this was what fate decided for ten-year-old Ichigo Gin-Dai Chau.

It was still early hours of the morning when all of this happened and Ichigo’s stomach started to make noises for a while, irritated by the noises she finally gave in to her hunger and went upstairs to make for her something to eat. She went through the fridge and the cupboards, seeing that the milk was almost finished and irritated by the fact that she had to eat lousy cereal with milk instead of a normal and healthy breakfast with eggs and beacon, she stood there in the middle of the kitchen with the fridge wide open and her head pointed straight up to the ceiling, slightly tilted to the right with her eyes looking down to the ground remembering the money in the safe.

So, she closed the fridge leaving the bowl of cereal and empty milk carton and went down straight to the safe that she had found behind the ugly painting of the flowers. She took out $20, then went to her cupboard and got herself a black hoodie and sweat pants and a pair of sunglasses.

Ichigo went upstairs and went out of the house’s back door trying to avoid being seen, hiding behind bushes near the house till the next street where she could walk freely and not showing that she came out of the house. She went to the nearest grocery store to buy what she needed, she was now waiting in line at the cashier’s till behind three people and the person in front of her was reading a newspaper. On the cover it read, “Missing girl, please contact the police if you have any information about her”… Ichigo thinking to herself, “I’m the only one who knows where she is and they should stop looking for her too,” moments later, Ichigo left with her groceries.

She took a stroll back home and when she arrived home she saw three policemen at the front door talking, she moved closer to listen too the conversation that was being exchanged.

Officer one, “The neighbours say they saw the girl leave the house not too long ago.”

Officer two, “Let us search the inside of the house again maybe we missed a few clues.”

(Inside the house)

Officer three, “Someone was definitely here, we left the house a mess and yet it’s clean as if nothing happened!”

Officer one, “Let’s wait for a while maybe she’ll come back to the house.”

Officer three, “What if she doesn’t?”

Officer two, “Then we’ll let her grandmother know that the girl is still alive and well, we just don’t know where she is!”

Hours passed and it was almost lunch time, so the police left and as they left Ichigo went back into the house, thinking to herself, “I must be more careful, this cannot happen again.

Inside the house, Ichigo made for herself something to eat because she was starving, then cleaned up after herself, when she was finally done she went back down underground.

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