Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 12 | Ichigo’s Routine

By now everyone knew about the incident that happened at the Chau’s house and no one dared to go anywhere near that house, everyone was afraid of what might happen, but no one knew who murdered the Chau’s and no one had known what happened to Ichigo Gin-Dai Chau.

The investigation that concerned the Chau’s death had led to nowhere and the search for Ichigo Gin-Dai Chau also was stopped due to the fact that no-one could find her, but there were sightings of her in numerous places near the neighbourhood.

After two years of searching, it was all called off and due to the fact that they were getting no-where with this particular case.

No-one knew what else to do; the house was never put up for sale which left the house all to her. Ichigo used this to her advantage; she now had the house to herself including the home underneath the house.

Every day when morning came she would get up, wash herself, have breakfast, then go back down to spend hours there just reading books and more books; when she was hungry she’d drink carrot juice, that she blended every morning, she would also drink water and sometimes eat fruit if she felt up for it.

Dinner times, she’d make for her dinner, eat then clean up afterwards, then would go back downstairs and carried on reading. This continued for the next four months. One evening after dinner Ichigo heard noises coming from above, she went to the weapon’s room and took one of the first knives from the glass case and went upstairs very silently.

While upstairs, she heard six different voices from the garage, she opened the side door of the garage door slowly making sure it doesn’t make any sudden noises. Inside the house, she got closer to each voice and moved quietly towards them and one-by-one she slowly slit their throats.

When Ichigo was sure she got rid of all six voices she then switched on the lights. She stood over the bodies with no emotion and just looked at them and gave off a smirk. She just stood there and smiled at the six teenaged bodies, then suddenly the smile disappeared, she realized that she couldn’t leave the bodies lying there; they would start stinking up the place in a few hours, so she went to the back yard and dug a deep and huge hole in the ground, she threw the bodies in the hole and burned the bodies.

When the fire burned itself out, Ichigo spent the rest of the night cleaning up after herself and covering up the hole. She knew that what she had done might be or was seen, but never even felt fear for one second. When she was done outside she went inside to clean up the spilt blood and burned the cloths she used to clean the blood up with.

Ichigo went back downstairs to her books and carried on reading, not long after she started reading again, she heard noises inside the house and got frustrated with all the interruptions, but this time she couldn’t do anything about it, they weren’t just ordinary people they were police officers, she heard one of them say, “The lady from across the road called because she saw smoke coming from the backyard.”

That night Ichigo sat still and heard every word that was spoken, they dug up the ground, but found no trace of anything or anyone, Ichigo knew by now how to clean up and leave no trace behind her, but the one thing that bothered her the most was the neighbours, first they called the police when they saw her and now when they saw the smoke coming from the fire.

She tried coming up with different solutions, but the one solution that stayed with her and made more sense would be her killing everyone in her neighbourhood, but for now, she let them all live until one more encounter then it would be the end of them all.

When Ichigo heard no more talking she figured every one left then carried on reading. The next day she fell back into her routine, this carried on for the next year and eight months.

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