Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 13 | Been awhile

This would now be a full two years without her parents and she could start practising what was written on the scrolls and tapes she found in the weaponry room, but seeing that she read over 700 books, she decided to take a days’ break from it all just to relax her mind; she went to the park near her neighbourhood and spent the day there.

Ichigo had on black sweat pants, black Wabaki’s and a grey hoody. It had been two years and her mind and body were tired of reading. She was sitting on one of the parks swings, sucking on a lollypop that she had bought on her way to the park, not long before it got dark someone spotted her and a man walked up to her and said, “Excuse me young lady, but you look very familiar is your name, Ichigo Chau?”.

She looked up at the man with no fear in her heart nor eyes and answered him confidently with a smirk on her face, “Sorry, but my name isn’t Ichigo Chau, but what I can tell you is that,” Ichigo stopped talking and looked at the man angrily after standing up, the man said, “Tell me” and stopped talking, she stepped closer and said, “My name isn’t Ichigo Chau and my parents told me never to talk to strangers, I may look like someone you know, but I’m not I came here to have time away from what I was doing, a peaceful day to myself and you just ruined it by asking me a silly question,” she smiled and continued, “I would like to finish my day happy and I may look like a typical girl to you, but believe me, I’m not, so please leave me now.”

Ichigo’s smile fell as she took a step back, looked at the man for a second then turned her back on him and walked away. The man watched her walk away, but he was sure that she was Ichigo Chau, so he followed her.

Ichigo could sense that she was being followed home, she stopped walking and turned around, she saw him before he could fully hide, so instead of going home, she remembered a house that was on for sale and headed off to that house. She walked towards the empty house near the park and she went in and closed the door behind her then looked outside the window to see if the man was still following her and he was.

She hid behind one of the bedroom doors and kept quiet, listening for him. The man opened the front door and called out to her, no-one answered so he went lurking around looking for her. The man ended up by the door where Ichigo was hiding, he opened the door and slowly walked in while saying “Hello.”

Ichigo slammed the door behind him and asked, “Why are you following me?” he answered, “You look like the missing girl Ichigo Chau.”

Ichigo asked, “Why what’s so important about her,” he answered scarily as his eyes widened at the object in Ichigo’s right hand, “She’s been missing for over two years now,” stuttering as he looked at the knife Ichigo was holding.

He stopped and asked, “Wow, wow, wow, what’s with the knife?” she laughed and said, “You’ll know soon enough.”

She ran up towards the man, jumped on him making him fall over, while hitting the back of the knife against his head; he hit the ground unconscious and Ichigo turned him over on to his stomach and sat on his back, she put her left hand under his chin and pulled his head back. After doing that she slit his throat open from left to right.

She got up and looked at the man’s body under feet and didn’t care that she killed someone that was looking for her; she knew what she had to do to keep herself hidden from the world.

Ichigo moved to the corner of the room and sat down waiting for the right time to take the body to her house to burn. Around 01:25 am, it was dead silent outside and was just the right time to move she went outside into the street and looked around for ten minutes, then went back inside the house to get the man’s body and carried it out all the way to her house.

Ichigo arrived at home twenty minutes later with the man’s body on her back. She carried the body all the way to the backyard and started digging after she laid the body on the ground, after digging for a while she was finally done, she rolled the dead man’s body into the hole, and set it on fire, while it was burning she went into the house and collected a few rags and ran back to the house she killed the man in.

Ten minutes later she went back home only to see cars in front of the house and hearing voices coming from the backyard. Ichigo threw the bloody rags aside and got out the blades that she had in her sweat pants’ pocket and walked quietly towards where the people were standing. Ichigo saw that it was two of her neighbours and the three officers standing in front of the burning body trying to get rid of the fire, she broke out in anger and with the first two blades, she threw it at her neighbours hitting them at the back of their necks.

Ichigo jumped out from where she was hiding and walked up to the two bodies, while keeping her eyes on the police officers. Shocked with what just happened the police officers stood there in silence, till they saw Ichigo bend down and roll her neighbours’ bodies into the hole. One of the officers told her to stop while pointing a gun in her direction, the second officer asked, “Are you…” before he could finish his question Ichigo had thrown two blades, one hitting him and the officer with the guns’ necks, leaving one left.

The third officer looked over at his fellow officers bodies till he heard, “Roll the bodies into the hole,” he looked over at Ichigo and refused to do it, which pissed Ichigo even more off which made her slit his throat as well, she then burned the five bodies with the man’s body from earlier and watched them burn throughout the night.

Not forgetting to burn the bloody rags she, went and fetched them behind the bushes and threw them into the fire, once everything burnt out she covered the hole and saw that the sun was rising. She walked towards the front of the yard and the cars were still in the driveway, she was still young and couldn’t drive, but she knew she had to get rid of the cars to make sure nothing could get traced back here; Ichigo got into the first vehicle and closed her eyes, trying to relax herself.

Ichigo opened her eyes then started the engine and slowly reversed out of the driveway, the car was shaking a lot as she was driving it. While driving past the park Ichigo got dizzy and stopped the car, she left the car there, with the keys inside it and the driver’s side door open and ran back home to get the second car.

She did the same, but this time she left the second car near the house she killed the man from the park in. For the third time, Ichigo went home and got in the third car and drove it into the first vehicle by the park accidentally due to her tiredness and loss of energy. After bumping into the first vehicle the cars alarms went off and gave Ichigo a headache on top of her tiredness and weak body, she stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut and looked up into the sky, while leaning against the car with her hands on her head, feeling exhausted.

Ichigo backed away from the cars and ran with all her might back home when she was at home she ran straight to the backyard and picked all her blades up and looked for anything out of place, once she sorted that out, she went back inside and down to the home underneath the house.

She took a shower and put her dirty clothes aside, wrapped in a towel she went to her bedroom and dropped down onto the bed and drifted off for a few hours.

Ichigo awoke later naked and cold on her bed; she got up and took out clothes for her to wear from the closet, she then went upstairs to make for herself something to eat. While she was eating she thought to herself that taking a break was a bad idea, but on the other hand it was good practice and it is strange how her body and mind worked together to get her out of the situation she was in.

Ichigo said, “I haven’t had any practice with the knives, but I already know how to use them, and it has been two years since my last killing,” she stopped talking and laughed at herself for talking out loud and realized how insane she was getting. She then got up and went to fetch a few tapes to watch while she thought to herself, “Going out and taking a break isn’t such a good idea, it brings unnecessary problems, but that’s been solved for now, well at least till the police or whoever comes to the house again.

While going through the box of scrolls and tapes, Ichigo noticed that they were very selective; each scroll came with a videotape and weapons on how to use them.

Ichigo knew that this was all put upon her for a reason not only was it for revenge, it was more to end all of this once and for all, she understood this and she also knew that it wouldn’t happen overnight, it took her so long to learn what she knew now and is willing to carry on with her given task to learn all that must be learned; another thing Ichigo knew was that she had to practice at all times, what she knew so far to get stronger and that she has to avoid any more difficulties in order to stay open-minded.

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