Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 14 | Please Leave Me Alone

Over the next few months, the police had searched the entire neighbourhood for the missing officers and the neighbours; nothing not even one trace was left behind of the five missing just their cars, yet alone no-one knew about the sixth body. It bothered Ichigo for a few weeks. The noise was too loud for a while, but she would calm herself down and just carry on training. As time passed Ichigo grew stronger and also grew in appearance; she would look herself sometimes in the mirror and see how she resembled her parents in every way.

After the police stopped searching the house, random people started coming into the house unnecessarily and Ichigo hated it so she began killing again and again and again until it was known not to go near that place; due to the growing number of disappearances’, everyone that stepped foot in the house was killed then burned. People began making up scary stories about the house and the Chau family, but during Ichigo’s teenage years she stopped killing for one week every month. On the anniversary each year of her birthday, which was known as the day her parents passed; would be the day she goes out and hunts as practice and for fun.

Ichigo’s hunger for revenge was filled with practice and knowledge and it was enough for her. She never grew lonely. She grew stronger, intelligent and brave, fearless as well. After many years of training and practice she was finally ready; at the age of sixteen Ichigo had mastered twenty-eight styles and thirteen focus points.

She was now a beautiful and dangerous young lady who was now ready to take on the world with her everything.

She packed a bag with a few things that she needed most; she then cut her long beautiful black hair short with one of her swords then got dressed.

Ichigo once again cleaned up after herself and said “goodbye” to the house; she would return once she is done with testing out her knowledge and strength.

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