Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 15 | The Journey

Ichigo set off after dark and as she went from city-to-city she entered martial arts competitions; she was named the champion of all and untouchable even on the streets, she would be minding her business when random people would force her into fighting, but Ichigo never minded, she was more than willing to do it, but once she saw that the fight was not worth her time and just wasted it, she’d kill them or wound them very badly leaving them unconscious for days or paralyzed. She was feared in many cities; no-one knew her name or where she was from, they only knew two things about her which was; she’s very young and dangerous.

Ichigo grew tired of all the fear and attention around her and decided to go back home; it had been four months already since she left the house and she was longing for her warm bed in the underground home, so she made up her mind and went back home. She went back home and it was a very long and tiring trip back. Ichigo knew that being tired wasn’t an option in her life; she always had to be awake and ready to defend herself, weakness was also not allowed in her new life and being tired was a weakness; she wasn’t considered a weakling due to her new identity.

Ichigo wasn’t at all weak, but it was late when she arrived at home, so she just went to her bedroom, lie on her bed for a few minutes and fell asleep.

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