Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 16 | New Day, New Start…

Morning came and Ichigo woke up with a smile on her face thinking to herself, “A new day, a new start.” She then jumped out of bed and stretched her body out for a while; she got dressed and went for a jog near the park for an hour, walking back home enjoying the quiet.

When she got home she made for herself a light breakfast then cleaned up after herself as usual. She went downstairs to her underground home and started training with her weapons once again for a few hours. After training she took a bath then went to her closet and put on a white dress with red flowers on and a pair of red pumps to go with it. A pair of red sunglasses which she placed on her hair to hold it up.

After getting dressed she went and got a black back-pack for herself out from the closet and put $1000 in the bag and set off to town.

Ichigo arrived in town by bus and it stopped on the corner of a coffee shop; when she got off everything looked unfamiliar to her so before she started she first took a stroll through town while drinking a cup filled with green tea.

Getting familiar with the town she stopped first at a gadget store and looked through the store not knowing what to buy when one of the workers from the gadget store approached her and asked, “Can I help you with anything young lady?”

She looked up at the strange man and said, “My father said I should never talk to strangers.” The man smiled and said, “Okay well my name is Kaz and I am an employee here at the gadget store, I walked over here to help you find what you need, and it’s one of my duties as an employee to help a customer.”

Ichigo smiled back at the man and said, “I need a communication device, a new television that I can put up against the wall in my weapons room…” she paused at the last word knowing that saying weaponry room was a bit too much, she looked away then turned back to Kaz and continued “To put up against my bedroom wall, and something that will help me find a place I’m looking for… oh and also something I can look up people with.”

The man looked at her and said with a weird smile on his face, “You sound like you were born yesterday.” Ichigo’s smile fell from her face and she said to the man, “You and I are on a need-to-know-basis” strangely enough the man felt weird after hearing those words then introduced Ichigo to a navigation device that she could install in a car, the latest model from the Apple iPhone range, an LCD television, a brand new Mac NoteBook.

Kaz said, “Well young lady I think this is everything you asked for.” Ichigo looked at the man and said with widened eyes turning red in her face, “Don’t think; make sure it’s what I’m looking for, I don’t want to waste my money on something unnecessary.”

Shocked with her response he quickly rethought of all the things she mentioned and said, “I’m 100% sure that these are the devices you asked for.” Ichigo laughed and said, “You look ridiculous, and I’m sorry if I scared you, communicating with people isn’t one of my strong points.”

The man taught Ichigo how to use each of the devices after she paid for them, he and the other employees were shocked at all the money she had on her but didn’t say one word about it. Before leaving the gadget store Ichigo wrote down an address of an empty house near her place where she wanted the men to drop the devices off the following day.

After leaving the gadget store she went to a car store just to look around at the cars and was fascinated by one of them, she stood in front of a black Audi A8 and fell madly in love with the car and told herself; she’s going to be the owner of one when she turns eighteen. When she stopped daydreaming about the car she looked around the store and saw people staring at her which made her happiness dry out, once it did she left the store and walked for a few minutes till she passed a motorcycle shop.

She stopped in front of the store’s window and stared at the motorcycles before going inside. While she was inside she walked around looking at the different motorcycles that were available, until she suddenly stopped in front of a black Kawasaki Ninja 500R, and stared at it for almost an hour; thinking to herself how she couldn’t wait to purchase this beautiful motorcycle soon.

What Ichigo didn’t know was that from behind the desk at the front entrance was a young man watching her the entire time, and falling in love with her as he watched her from a distance noticing her every detail, his heart was pounding hard at the sight of her.

After an hour had passed, Ichigo looked outside and saw how late it was getting and she had to catch the next bus home, she ran as fast as she could back to the corner of the coffee store where the bus was waiting, she got in and the bus drove past the motorcycle store; she saw a young man standing by the entrance watching the bus drive past, and he waved at her, strangely enough, she waved back at the young man with a smile.

Feeling a bit weird after what she had just done she sat back against the seat she was sitting on and enjoyed hearing all the nonsense that was being spoken by the other passengers on the bus.

The bus stopped at the park then she had to walk all the way back home. When she was on her way home she noticed that every person she passed in the street would stop to take a second look at her, she would just look at them and laugh at the stupid and confused looks on their faces.

When she reached the house she turned back and saw everyone was looking at her with curiosity written all over their faces. She turned back and took a look at the house, then looked at the people in the street that were looking at her; she called one of the younger boys and asked him if he could cut the grass by her house and trim the bushes for her, the younger boy agreed to do so the following day, she told him to wait outside the house for her, because it’s not the only thing she wanted him to do; the younger boy agreed to her request then ran off home to ask his parents for permission.

After watching the boy run off the people in the neighbourhood were still watching her actions, so she just looked straight back at each and every one of them then headed towards the house; before she could lay a finger on the doorknob she heard a loud yell coming from behind her, when she turned around she saw everyone was standing in front of the yard, then she heard again, “Don’t go in there”… Ichigo just looked at the people and went inside, while inside the house she heard how noisy the people were getting, then quickly went to the garage and down into the underground home closing all doors behind her.

Moments later she heard footsteps coming from above and knew that someone had followed her in. She continued to listen and heard these words,

First voice, “She disappeared!”

Second voice, “Do you think the Chau family got her?”

First voice, “Probably, but let’s not take a step further. This place is giving me the creeps.”

Second voice, “What if she was a ghost?”

First voice, “I’m definitely leaving you here!”

Second voice, “No!!!! Wait for me.”

Ichigo laughed out loud once she heard those words and thought to herself, “Don’t people know, there’s no such thing as ghosts?” she laughed until her stomach started cramping then went back upstairs to make her something to eat, took a bath afterwards, and off to bed, she went.

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