Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 17 | Two Years Later…

The next day she woke up bright and early while it was still dark outside and took a jog around the block, when she arrived back home she had breakfast and went down to practice once again; by the time she was done the sun was up, so she took a shower, got dressed and waited for the younger boy on the veranda.

The younger boy arrived there and was shocked to see the young lady from yesterday still alive and smiling at him; she walked up to him and patted him on the back. By this time, everyone who was outside, saw this.

Ichigo knelt down next to the younger boy and told him about the delivery that she needed help with; scarily the younger boy once again agreed to help her with that, but first, he had to cut the grass and trim the bushes.

Everyone watched Ichigo and the younger boy the entire time; after talking to the boy she led the boy to the garage and they went in to get the tools that he needed to do his given tasks with. The garage door closed behind the two of them and suddenly they heard a ruckus outside; everyone thought it was the end of the boy, but before they could phone the police they saw the garage door open with the boy holding hedge trimmers and pushing a lawnmower.

They were all confused with the sight, but the boy never took any notice of this only Ichigo did, she knew what everyone was thinking. She headed off back to the veranda and sat there while watching the boy do his job. She decided to pay him $500; she went inside to fetch the money and something for him to drink.

She came out of the house with a tray which had two classes of pink liquid inside it and an envelope, while she sat down she saw that people were becoming more and more curious and were practically standing in front of the yard watching her and the boy.

She called the boy over and gave him the glass with the pink liquid in it and told him to drink it since it was hot outside; she drank from the glass still looking at the people and told the younger boy that every month this day she wants him to clean the yard and she’ll leave the money underneath a stone for him on the veranda.

He gladly agreed to the request and asked her, “Excuse me miss, but are you a ghost?” She looked at him and said with a smile, “I’m not a ghost, but the family that lived in this house came to me in a dream and told me to ask you for help to keep the house in good condition; by doing this you and I are safe from getting hurt in the house.”

The younger boy smiled in her direction and asked, “Are we the houses’ guardians?” The boy put a smile on her face after hearing those words, then she said assuring the boy, “Yes we are, but after today you won’t be seeing me again.” The boy didn’t ask any questions further and went back to cleaning the yard after an hour or so the van from the gadget store arrived at the house across from her house; she yelled out “Kaz” and he looked back at her.

Ichigo and the boy ran over to them and led them back to the Chau’s house with all the devices she had bought the previous day; Kaz stopped what he was doing and looked around at all the people who were watching them, “Weird neighbourhood.” He thought to himself, he gave Ichigo forms to sign then got into the van and looked over the forms she had signed and saw the name REN KUROSAWA.

He greeted the boy and her, then drove off. The younger boy looked up at Ichigo and asked, “Is your name Ren Kurosawa?” She looked at him and just smiled, then handed him the envelope with the money in it and said, “Remember to come every month this day, the Chau’s will be watching your every move.”

The boy’s eyes widened at those words then nodded his head and watched Ichigo walk into the house and disappear; the younger boy ran into the house moments later after counting the money and saw that all the devices they carried into the house were no longer there and the young lady disappeared with them.

He slowly walked out of the house in shock then went to place the lawn mower and hedge trimmers into the garage and walked back home with Ichigo’s words echoing in his head. On his way home everyone young and old ran to him and asked what happened and why he looked like he had just seen a ghost; the younger boy then explained what had happened and that she disappeared but what surprised everyone was that he was still alive and the fact that the Chau family was protecting him...


Ichigo laughed once again at the stupidity around her in the neighbourhood, but what she had done was enough, for now she had to get back to her mission, so she started setting up each of the devices, putting her notebook and cell phone on charge and setting up the television against the wall in her weaponry room, and for the navigation device well she wouldn’t need that anytime soon.

She spent the last following two days training and improving herself. The third day she took a break from training; when she got up she went to the library room and started her research about the Japanese Bidaru Mafia. She found loads of information on them and where they were situated; this became an obsession for her.

She did this for the next year and a half making sure she knows everything about them, some nights she would watch them from a safe distance where she couldn’t be found, with the help from her navigation devices.

Ichigo found out that the Japanese mafia were hiding out at a club called Insomnia and have been kidnapping people and killing some also. She never did anything about it she just did her observation and saw familiar faces.

After doing so every night, she’d go home and put some training into practice. Not forgetting to pay the younger boy on the 5th of every month.

=Two Years Later=

Tailing the Bidaru and paying the boy, also training hard every day was the only things, she had done till she turned eighteen. After her birthday she went back to the gadget store and bought recognition scanners and printers to connect to her Mac NoteBook.

This time, she had them deliver the devices directly to the Chau residence; everyone saw the people delivering the devices go in and out but didn’t see who was in the house. She set up the printers and scanners next to her Mac NoteBook in the library. She forged the necessary documents she needed with the name Ren Kurosawa and she managed to hack into banks and government records to make her new identity legal to bypass any security protocols thanks to codes and instructions her father left behind for her.

By this time the little girl from before was all grown up and a beautiful young lady; she had bright blue and green eyes, and her hair was long and black; she was no more the young girl on a mission, she was a woman, and she loved how she looked.

Ichigo needed a proper look to go with her new identity; she went into her closet and found spectacles between her glasses and when she put them on she saw that she looked a bit older in these and kept them on hoping to pull this look off and since her hair was long it worked well together with the glasses; all she needed now was the proper clothes.

She looked through all the clothes her father bought for her and picked out a black skirt, a white shirt, a black blazer and a pair of black stilettoes, necklace and handbag to top it all off. She put the outfit together and waited for the next day to arrive.

Morning had come early the next day; she got up and went for her morning jog, as soon as she got home she headed for the kitchen and made breakfast for her then took a shower.

She got dressed and took with her $500 000 since all of the money was way too much to fit into her handbag she put in a black kit bag with a Wakizashi sword(mini sword), five daggers, her blade handset. She was going to need this all for what was yet to come...

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