Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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18 | The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa (2)

These stupid people don’t they know it’s late besides I have a date later on with Akihiko; wait no what am I saying a date????? It’s a driving lesson wow hope I don’t blow it, wait there it goes again…

Stupid! Stupid! Focus Ichigo… why is this happening? I don’t even know the guy! I got into my car and drove off to meet him. Oh look his already waiting for me, am I late?

Can’t be, his the one that’s early…when I stopped in front of him he looked a bit angry I hope it’s not because I’m late. He walked over to my side and asked me, no wait he told me to move over… I didn’t want to upset him more by asking why so I just did as he said.

Why didn’t he greet me… is he angry at me? I tried talking to him but nothing wanted to come out. I looked once again over at him… he’s so serious and so handsome; I can smell him from here, I wonder what spray he uses…

We arrived at the racing tracks. I really hope I didn’t upset him. He helped me onto the bike and got on behind me; he’s so strong, he moved up closer to me and we drove off, he’s so close to me, I can smell him even more now.

He moved my hair out of his face… wait why are we stopping? He gets off and starts telling me what to do; it all sounded easy and I could do it, all I needed to do was implement it and concentrate. I got on the bike and did what he said - this went on for a while till his face popped into my head and that smile of his, what a gorgeous smile he has and he is so strong…

Oh, what a beautiful smile Akihiko has… “REN!!!!!!! Concentrate you’ll get hurt!” why is he screaming at me? The next thing I knew was that the bike stopped and I flew over it, I landed on my left foot than on my back, I just laid there, I couldn’t even move, I tried to but it hurt. I looked into his eyes as he picked me up, I could see how worried he looked; I struggled to say “Ouch, Akihiko it hurts,” it came out sounding like nonsense in a different language.

“I know come here,” he said to me with the same worried look. He picked me up with his strong arms and put me in my car.

Akihiko’s POV…


Wait what was that? I stopped the music and “Ugh” that was sore… wait what the hell, whose this holding me so tight. I pulled the hands apart, they’re so strong for girls hands, I accidentally pushed her away because well I guess it was my instincts that did that. Wow, it’s her… my heart started to beat fast, I hope I didn’t hurt her.

She looked at me with widened eyes I could see I hurt her, she was rubbing her back trying to hide her face from me. She had an uncomfortable look in her eyes.

She turned around towards the desk, and climbed on top of the desk and jumped over the counter; this was strange to see since she was a lady… “Wait why is she leaving? I wanted to scream stay, but it couldn’t come out so I ran after her trying to catch up with her…

I touched her right shoulder; she turned back and looked at me… Wow, she’s got two different coloured eyes, left blue, right green. I never noticed that before, she’s looking at me now…

What next, what do I do now, for a moment we stared into each other’s eyes. She quickly got out of the gaze and said, “I’m sorry for what I did back there, I don’t know what came over me,” she looked down to the ground embarrassed.

I looked at her and put my hand on her chin to make her look at me again, I smiled at her and said, “You caught me by surprise and please don’t be ashamed of what you did, I know who you are and I’ve been waiting for you.”

I have no idea where that last part came from; she wasn’t supposed to know that. She looked at me confused and stepped back from me… did I say something wrong? I definitely scared her by saying that right?

She asked me, “What do you mean by that,” while looking at me with curiosity written all over her face. “You were here two years ago and I haven’t seen you since then, well what I’m trying to say is … I’m glad you did what you did back there,” I said, she then said, “You’re the guy who waved to me while I was in the bus right?”

I smiled with embarrassment but answered her with confidence trying not to show how embarrassed I was and by now the blood was rushing up to my face. “Yes and I’ve been thinking about you ever since. My name is Akihiko Naito, and since you’re here I’m sure you came to buy yourself the black Kawaasaki Ninja 500R right,” she looked at me, wait why did I say I’ve been thinking about her, well it’s true but it wasn’t supposed to come out.

She started looking at me strangely, “I’m Ren Kurosawa and yes I was going to ask you about it but you were too busy enjoying yourself so I just stood there watching you for ten minutes… then” she stopped talking and looked away so I finished her sentence saying, “Then you decided to join in and dance with me forgetting about the motorcycle.”

We laughed, finally I made her smile but it was only for a moment. She then got shy again, she looks beautiful though, I took her hand again and took her back to where the motorcycle was.

I removed the silk cloth and took one last look at her; she was looking at me that very moment with her beautiful eyes and asked me, “Why is it here and not inside where the others are?” I smiled as I answered her, “I figured that you wanted it so I kept it here for you.”

Well I guess now I made her feel even weirder because she’s not looking at me and more I want to kiss her but that would just make things weirder than it already is; she then said, “I do want it but I just don’t know how to drive it”, “I can always teach you, but that’s only if you’ll let me,” I said answering her… again I have no idea where this is coming from, Ren what are you doing to me???.

“I would like that” she answered making me smile inside. She helped me cover the motorcycle; it went all quiet afterwards, we walked back to the front of the store.

I went to the other side of the counter, when I looked back at her she looked sad then said, “I’ll purchase the motorcycle after I’m done with the car, and if it’s okay with you I’ll come by tomorrow for my first lesson,” I was extremely happy to hear those words, “I’ll be here.”

I said with a smile, she smiled back at me then walked to her car; I didn’t want her to leave but I couldn’t keep her here either. I woke up early today. I’m way too excited to meet her again, the beautiful Ren Kurosawa.

I actually can’t believe she agreed to me teaching her. I got ready and was already on my way to the store… since the business will be slow as usual I’ll stay open for an hour before closing up… What the hell!!!! I can’t even think straight anymore, she’s all I can think about, her smile, her eyes, her long hair, her legs, her shyness… man, I hope I don’t mess things up between us… Aah, let me just lock up I’ll do the rest of the paperwork tomorrow.

I stood outside trying to keep myself from thinking of her… well, it’s going to be hard since I’ve been crushing on her for the last two years and here she is in front of wait what she’s here already?

Ugh, what am I going to say to her!!! Crap what am I going to do now, I better drive; this is all giving me a headache. How am I going to tell her she’s driving me crazy? I walked over to the driver’s side and told her to move over.

Ugh why is this happening now of all times, she looks worried. We drove off, man I’m still thinking about her oh crap I forgot to say hello. I caught her looking at me but why did she look away, what is she thinking? She probably thinks I’m a jerk… ugh crap, why didn’t I greet her?

Man, this girl is messing me up. We arrived at the racing tracks. I never spoke the entire time to her … well there is nothing to say but, Ren Kurosawa I’m falling for you and you are driving me mentally insane.

Maybe if I ride along with her, for now, she’ll get the feeling of driving it. I helped her up and got on behind her. My heart started beating faster being so close to her. I moved a bit more closely to her and she looked at me from the side, while tilting her head; she smells like roses; it feels wonderful having her near me.

I started the bike and we drove off. My mind finally cleared itself. I finally stopped the bike and got the courage to speak to her once again.

I told my love I mean Ren what to do while riding after I got off it and she was doing a good job. Wait a minute she’s no more concentrating. I yelled at her “REN!!!!!!! Concentrate you’ll get hurt,” she looked back at me and the bike started wiggling.

It stopped and threw my love over, I ran to her as fast as I could; she wasn’t moving; as I stood above her tears formed in my eyes, my heart started to ache. I bent down and picked her up. “Ouch, Akihiko it hurts,” she said to me softly, I could feel her pain, she wasn’t moving at all; “I know come here,” I said to her holding her tightly in my arms carrying her to the car.

She looked at me the entire time, I couldn’t bear to look down at her or my tears would fall on to her face.

End of POV

Akihiko drove Ichigo to the nearest hospital; meanwhile, inside the car, Ichigo laid at the back and all she could do was look up at the roof.

Akihiko kept on looking back at her to make sure his love was okay but when they reached the hospital her eyes were closed and he grew worried, the tears that formed in his eyes were now falling down his face.

He picked her up and rushed inside the building screaming for help; the doctors and nurses ran to him and took Ichigo from him into a room to check if she was alright, they did tests on her and made Akihiko fill in some forms.

The doctors assured him that she is alright and that she just has a sprigged ankle that would be good in a weeks’ time. Akihiko watched Ichigo sleep and never left her side. He stayed with her overnight at the hospital.

During the night, one of the nurses that were assigned to Ichigo, woke him up to ask him a few questions. Akihiko and the nurse spoke in the hallway…

Nurse, “Sorry to wake you up sir but there are a few complications with the test results and the information you filled in on the forms.”

Akihiko, “What kind of complications?”

Nurse, “You wrote here, that lady you brought with you, her name is Ren Kurosawa am I correct?”

Akihiko, “Yes?”

Nurse, “Well, her blood results match with a particular famous family, and when I say famous, I mean bad famous.”

Akihiko, “What are you talking about?”

Nurse, “Do you know the story of the Chau family?”

Akihiko, “I’ve heard rumours but I don’t know what to believe.”

Nurse, “Okay well the Chau family consisted of three members, a mother, a father and their daughter, eight years ago the mother and father were murdered in that house.”

Akihiko, “And the daughter?”

Nurse, “No one has found her.”

Akihiko, “Now what does this have to do with Ren Kurosawa?”

Nurse, “Her blood results are the same as Ichigo Chau.”

Akihiko, “That’s impossible!”

Nurse, “What should we do, because she is the only one that knows what happened that night and the police are still on the lookout for her?”

Akihiko, “I’m sure you’re mistaking her for someone else.”

Nurse, “If she is Ichigo Chau, she’s one strong person.”

The conversation ended and left both the nurse and Akihiko confused and curious.

Akihiko’s POV…

I stood confused looking at her. Ugh, could she really be the missing Ichigo Chau or maybe there was just a mix up with the blood results… but what if she is Ichigo Chau; should I ask her about it, no wait she would’ve told me if it’s true right?

Ugh, who am I kidding here? We barely know each other… but why would she lie, there must be a reason for her changing her identity… she looks so peaceful asleep… would this be the right time to kiss her?

I stood there arguing with myself whether or not to kiss her… maybe she won’t even feel it, I should just go ahead and do it, and I can’t hold my feelings in for her anymore.

I leaned over and caressed her cheek softly before kissing her; I placed my lips on hers and stayed like that till I felt like it was enough, I felt our mouths move in sync till her bottom lip was placed perfectly between mine, I then realized moments later that we were making out, I felt her left hand move up rubbing against my jacket weakly towards my face, wiping away the tears from my cheek with her thumb, I didn’t want this moment to end but I had to stop.

I was the only one who could move. I opened my eyes before moving away from her lips and saw, tears falling from the sides of her eyes; I moved back to looked at her properly and yes she was crying.

Was she crying because I kissed her? Her eyes were still closed I couldn’t help but call out for her but once again nothing came out when I opened my mouth. I screamed inside “Ichigo open your eyes and look at me, tell me what’s wrong, why are you crying?”

Immediately after that she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. Now my heart was beating faster, I could feel how sore it was getting. She lifted herself up and I moved away from her, to the end of the bed… could she hear what I was thinking? Could she hear me scream out her name? Wait I said Ichigo and not Ren would she have heard me as well if I said Ren?

Maybe it was all a coincidence; she was bound to wake up after the kiss. I looked away down to the floor, I could feel her movements; I looked up and she was standing in front of me and she was standing properly as if nothing happened to her, she said to me “Akihiko take me home.”

I wanted to say no but still, I was speechless. I walked out of the room and to the nurse whom I spoke to early on and told her that my love was awake. We went back to the room to see if she was alright enough to check out.

Ichigo was already dressed when we got back to the room and both the nurse and my eyes widened, there was no way that this was the same girl that was injured earlier on. The nurse walked up to her and said, “Miss Ichigo we need to first check if you’re well enough before I can let you leave the hospital.”

After the nurse said those words I looked over at her and my love, and I was shocked, then I saw Ichigo kick the nurse away with her injured leg and say, “What did you just call me?” The nurse stood up and said, “I called you Miss Ren,” both Ichigo and I knew she was lying, but nothing happened.

The nurse checked my love out of the hospital and we were off, she drove this time, no words were spoken since we left the hospital. She drove me back to the motorcycle store. I got out and looked at her but she was looking away, I turned my back and I heard the car door slam.

I walked to the front door of the store fiddling with the keys trying to calm myself, the next thing I knew was my whole body being pushed against the wall. After hitting the wall I turned around to see who it was, to my surprise it was her, but why was she so strong and why did she push me like that, was she angry at me for kissing her?

She stood there in front of me looking down at me and all I could say was “My love, please don’t hurt me.” I was hurt from the force of my body hitting the wall and dropped down in front of her. I saw her kneel down in front of me and heard her say, “If you had spoken to me on our way here, this wouldn’t have happened.”

My head was leaning against the wall, while I looked at her, she moved closer to me and we kissed once again she then said, “I won’t hurt you. You mean the world to me.”

After that I don’t know what happened; I woke up in her arms, I looked around and saw the inside of her house and realized it was the Chau house, wait am I going to die now?

And is she really Ichigo Chau, the missing daughter? I called out her name trying to wake her up and her eyes opened, she looked at me while I was looking around me… I wanted to ask her who she really is but the words didn’t come out. I looked back at her and she said to me, “Go upstairs and take a bath, here’s clothes for you to wear.”

I did as she said and walked slowly upstairs to the bathroom, I was frightened; I was never in this house before and yet here I am about to take a shower in it… was I going to die or not?... ouch!!! My body still hurts, man she’s so strong… wait how did I get here?

Did she pick me up and bring me here? Ugh, why did I fall asleep? I was finally done showering and put on the clothes Ren gave to me. I walked down the stairs still a bit frightened and walked over to her.

She was in a mini nightgown that looked quite good on her. I sat down next to her and she moved in closer. She was making me more nervous than I already was and when she laid her head on my shoulder my body got hurt.

She looked at me and asked, “Does it hurt?” I nodded my head, and she got up standing in front of me. She told me to lie down on my back and I did as she told me to, wait what????? She’s climbing on top of me.

Oh my, this is so inappropriate. I looked at her and she looked afraid. Wait afraid? Afraid of what … me? She put her hands over my eyes and I closed them, I then felt her hands move down my body massaging me.

Oh, how good it feels. This went on for at least more than twenty minutes and I enjoyed every moment of it. She stopped massaging me and got off me, she told me to get up and as I did I felt no more pain, I looked over at her and saw fear in her eyes.

Seconds later her eyes showed sadness, wait did I just make her sad with how I reacted? She turned away and walked to a door that looked like it led to a garage, she closed the door behind her and I stood there waiting for her.

I wanted one last kiss before I went home; I stood there for a few minutes and it seemed as if she was never returning. I called her name out as I walked nearer to the garage. I opened it and all I saw was her car and no sign of her.

I must have upset her. I went to every room in the house and still nothing I could find no trace of Ren… ugh, guess I really messed up this time. I left her house with a broken heart and walked home.

Ichigo’s POV…

While I was laying in the back of my car I could feel how numb my body was feeling from the crash, I moved my foot and it hurt but I could deal with it, I’ll let my body heal itself. I’m so sorry for doing this to him… aah I’m falling in love with Akihiko, is this going to be a problem?

But how do I tell him that I’m not really who I say I am? Will he accept me for who I am? He must be really worried about me, his driving way too fast and keeps looking back at me. I better get some rest now so I can heal.

I closed my eyes and suddenly I felt the car stopped moving… where am I, I asked myself… I felt him pick me up and run with me into a cold place, he screamed out for help. But I couldn’t open my eyes to see where I was I had to keep it closed for my own sake, well for both mine and my body’s sake.

I was put onto a horrible bed and they undressed me; putting on some clothes over my body. I felt needles go into my arms and cold hands touching me. Well, I knew I was at some hospital, I could hear every word loud and clear, unfortunately.

I heard them tell Akihiko I’m fine and just asleep, well I wasn’t asleep as you can read I’m listening to everything around me; I barely sleep because it’s a weakness and especially now that I’m in a strange place; I can’t sleep.

I want to go home! I opened my eyes slightly and saw him there sitting in the chair watching me. Well, I could see him look at me but he was just sitting there thinking and staring… I wonder what’s he thinking about, well I hope he’s thinking about me, and I’m not even going to fight away my feelings for him.

I wiggled my foot a bit to feel if my healing took place. Well, it worked thanks to all the reading and my father as well. I moved myself up and got out of bed; I looked over at Akihiko and he was still just sitting there, he didn’t even notice me get out of bed, was he really thinking?

Would he hear me if I told him I’m in love with him? It’s worth the shot… I said to him, “Akihiko I know you can’t hear me but I want you to know that you are the reason why I lost control of the motorcycle; I was thinking of you the entire time. You made me sad when you didn’t greet me at your shop. I am not who I say I am and my name isn’t Ren Kurosawa, it’s Ichigo Chau, I hope you can forgive me for lying to you but I have to stay hidden from the world. You are the only person that knows my true identity.”

I looked at him and still nothing, I guess he didn’t hear a thing… I got back into bed and just laid there meditating, trying to fully heal my injured foot. By now my Akihiko fell asleep and I could hear him snore, well that was till I heard the door open; I heard a lady’s voice wake him up; they went outside and were talking I could hear what they were saying because the hospital was quiet.

That stupid nurse knows who I am and now she’s telling Akihiko that doesn’t even want to believe it… aah, I guess its best this way with him not knowing who I am. Well, I guess now it’s time for me to kill this nurse and get her out of the way.

They stopped talking and Akihiko came into the room with the same look on his face that he had previously had while he was thinking, but this time it’s more like he was fighting with himself… and why can’t he see me looking at him? Is he always like this? He is cute when he thinks… I closed my eyes once again as he came closer to me, he knows now but what is he going to do with this information?

I laid there thinking how to get rid of this nosy nurse… wait what’s this... I could feel his breath against my face and his hand touching my face, I felt a drop well I think it’s a teardrop falling on my bottom lip.

Seconds later I felt his lips against mine but it was just there; I moved mine and we started making out, I opened my eyes and saw that his was closed and tears were falling from them. I could see he was sad so I slowly lifted my left hand and it was hitting against his jacket, I could still smell him and he still smelt amazing.

My hand reached his face and I wiped away his tears; mine started to fall as we carried on making out, till I felt his face move a little and I quickly closed my eyes. I knew he had realized that I was no longer asleep and he slowly moved away from me.

A few seconds passed and I opened my eyes, I saw his eyes widened while looking at me, as I got up from laying down trying to put myself in an upright position he moved to the edge of the bed… did I frighten him?

I looked straight at him at that moment and he looked as if he was fighting with himself once again… he looked down to the ground and I started to worry about him. He lifted his hand slowly up and placed it to where his heart was while giving off a strange frown.

I got out of bed and walked over to him, I stood in front of him and said, “Akihiko take me home.” He looked up at me with tears forming in his eyes; I could see he wanted to say something but he never he just went out and called that dumb nurse. I got dressed and sat on the bed waiting.

I wanted to laugh when I saw the two of them looking at me with widened eyes. The nurse came closer and Akihiko stood there by the door looking at us. The nurse walked up to me and said, “Miss Ichigo, we need to first check if you’re well enough before I can let you leave the hospital,” after the nurse said those words I kicked her away and stood up in front of her and asked her, “What did you just call me?”

The nurse stood up and said, “I called you Miss Ren” I looked over at my dearest Akihiko and saw the shocked look on his face; I wanted to kill her there and then but I didn’t want my Akihiko to see that side of me.

The nurse checked me out of the hospital and we were off, I drove him back to the store and he was quiet the entire way, he never said one word to me and I couldn’t think of one word to say to him because all the words I wanted to say to him; I already said back at the hospital.

We arrived at the store, and I couldn’t even look at him; he got out and looked back at me but still I couldn’t dare to look at him, he turned away and I got out slamming the door behind me, I thought he’d look back but he never; does he really not remember what I confessed to him?

He walked to the door of the store fiddling with the keys for I don’t know what reason, I grabbed him and pushed him to the side making him hit the wall, I heard a loud bang coming from him… wait what did I just do? I hurt the guy I was in love with! Why did I do that? Well I guess love makes you do crazy things or I guess I was angry at him for not noticing me in front of him at the hospital and now I watched him slowly turn around and he dropped down to the ground with his head against the wall while looking at me, I knelt down in front of him and he said to me, “My love, please don’t hurt me.”

He called me his love, wait this means I’m not the only one who has feelings… oh crap, I hope this doesn’t get in the way of my mission… I moved closer to him and said to him in his ear “If you had spoken to me on our way here, this wouldn’t have happened”. I kissed him on his lips, we made out for a while; I was out of breath by the end of the kiss and said to him, “I won’t hurt you. You mean the world to me.”

Akihiko and Ichigo sat there for a few minutes; Ichigo felt Akihiko’s head fall down onto her shoulder then she saw his eyes were closed.

She slowly lifted him up and carried him to the car and put him in the back seat. She had no idea where he stayed so she just took him to her house. She knew that if she took him home he would put the pieces together and finally know that she’s Ichigo Chau!

Ichigo’s POV…

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