Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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19 | Forget About Him…

Ichigo and Akihiko never spoke for the next week. She got up every day and went back to her normal routine, wake up, practice, stalk her prey and meditate, by now she had forgotten about what had happened but she still wanted the motorcycle, from him.

Akihiko wanted so badly to go back to the house but he didn’t have the courage to face her, every person that came through the door he thought it was his love, but unfortunately, it wasn’t her. He had almost given up until a few weeks later.

Ichigo was now ready to take on the Bidaru and its leader but first, she needed her motorcycle to pull this off.

She woke up, got ready, she took the bus to town and it stopped by the coffee shop once again, which means she had to walk all the way to Akihiko’s shop.

Never the less she did so and when she arrived at the shop, his back was facing her and once again she caught him in one of his moments. He was dancing with those headphones on again. This time Ichigo wanted to actually kill him for doing this because she couldn’t waste any more time.

Ichigo stood there behind him and yelled out to him “Akihiko,” he immediately dropped what he was doing and looked at her with widened eyes, all he could say was, “Ren why are you yelling at me?” Ichigo looked at him wanting to hurt him so badly, well she restrained herself from doing so and she just said, “It’s nice seeing you too but can I buy the bike now?”

Akihiko smiled and went to get the forms; Akihiko said to her, “You have good taste.” Ichigo looked at him and couldn’t resist smiling and said, “Just give me the forms so I can go!”

She signed the forms and waited for Akihiko to bring her the motorcycle. She took the keys from him and drove off without saying “Goodbye,” to him.

He watched her drive off. He had a smile on his face but at the same time, that smile was sad. It was as if nothing had happened between the two of them.

End of book 1 :)
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