Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 4 | Yoshino’s Return

(20 months after Yoshino left)

Ayame woke up with a smile on her face because of the lovely dream she had of her love, Yoshino.

She took her sister to school and stopped by her mother’s store to smell the new flowers that came in. Afterwards, she took a stroll through the park while daydreaming about Yoshino Chau.

She went over to the fountain and stopped to run her fingers through the ice cold water, while she did so, she recognised for a moment a familiar scent in the air, but it disappeared in an instant and when she stopped running her fingers through the water to catch a whiff of the scent again.

She turned around looking down and wiped her hands dry on her light blue dress. She looked opposite her on the ground and saw that someone was standing in front of her. When she looked up, she saw a man standing in front of her, but she couldn’t see his face due to the sun being behind him and blinding her sight, so she said, “Excuse me sir, but can I help you.”

The man answered, “You know the first time you said that to me, my heart pounded incredibly fast.”

Ayame still couldn’t see who it was. The man’s voice sounded familiar, but still, she muttered to herself, “Who are you?” She stepped forward, then stopped to look at him and she couldn’t believe her eyes; her heart started beating rapidly and a rush of adrenalin rushed through her tiny body.

She ran towards the man and her body hit against him but the man did not move a step! He removed his hands from behind his back and wrapped them around the beautiful young lady that rushed towards him.

Sounds of heartbroken tears came from the lady in his embrace and his heart tightened hearing it.

The sounds coming from her had so many emotions; anger, hate, sorrow, happiness and love.

Feeling what she once felt twenty months ago today, smelling the scent she once smelt for nine days and feeling the strong arms that held her before made her so happy that her tears refused to listen to her!

Yoshino heaved a sigh of relief and all his doubts melted away.

Holding her near him was the best feeling in the world at that moment, smelling her hair. While biting his bottom lip, getting her hair in his mouth was something new this time, but holding her and remembering the last time they held each other; this moment was the happiest only second best to meeting her previously the first time.

His heart raced at an abnormal speed, while Ayame’s scent made him dizzy and his heart feel at ease.

Ayame let go of Yoshino and looked into his eyes and saw him smile back at her with closed eyes looking like he took in a dose of drugs!

With swollen red eyes, she asked him, “When did you get back?”

Yoshino never answered her, he pulled her back into his arms and asked, “Does it even matter anymore, now that I’m here holding you in my arms?”

Ayame replied with a shy “Noooo,” while shoving her head into his chest. Yoshino picked her up, held her tightly against him, and spun around for a while before putting her down.

He leaned down against her left side, moved her hair away from her ear and whispered into her ear, “I missed you Ayame.”

He saw her ears turn pink from blushing, he moved his right arm up, placed his hand on her chin, turned her face to look straight at him, looked deep into her eyes and moved his mouth close to touch hers.

He motioned his head down then up and his top lip landed on top of hers, his bottom in between her lips.

sliding his left hand down her back to her waist and wrapped his arm around her lifting her up to reach his hight and he carried on kissing her.

His tongue entered her mouth and slid against her teeth, forcing its way between them, till Ayame unlocked her jaw and his tongue entering her mouth.

Ayame’s eyes widened while she looked at him but soon she ended up feeling that her body turned limp and closed her eyes.

Yoshino’s tongue entered the depths of her mouth the entire time, till he finally pulled back his tongue and started sucking on her lips. He slowly opened his eyes to see how pink the young lady in his embrace turned from all that.

He slowly let her down and pulled away from her, he saw that she still didn’t open her eyes and called out her name, “Ayame.”

She immediately opened her eyes and saw he was looking at her with a smile on his face, she turned red from embarrassment. She rushed herself into his embrace and hid her face away from him against his chest.

Yoshino smiled and brushed her hair with his hand and said to her, “Take me to your parents, I want to meet them.”

She lifted up her head to look at him and obediently nodded her head and led the way to her mother’s shop!

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