Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 7 | The Right Time

The young couple were madly in love with one another.

Many months passed while he was spending every day with Ayame. One day while in Ayame’s presence he thought to himself how happy he was and that he didn’t want to waste any more time, that he wanted to marry her.

After Yoshino asked Etsu and Gin-Dai for their permission to marry Ayame, Yoshino planned a wonderful and romantic evening for the proposal.

Two months had now passed and the two of them had the most wonderful wedding.
Five years passed after the couple got married; they had everything, a beautiful house, car and a wonderful life together. It was now time for Ayame to give birth to a beautiful baby girl whom they named Ichigo Gin-Dai Chau.

A beautiful black haired, who had one blue and one green eye, a pale-skinned creation; the most beautiful and the most precious thing that Yoshino and Ayame Chau had together.

After meeting the most beautiful lady, he had ever laid eyes on and loved with all his heart, he’d help create his number one and equally compared to his lovely wife, is his lovely daughter.

Yoshino loved spending time with his girls’, the three of them loved it, even more, to spend time over by Etsu and Gin-Dai’s for family days, but Yoshino knew that one day this would all come to an end and that his past would come back and claim what belonged to them.

After watching his daughter sleep on her second birthday, Yoshino kneeled down besides Ichigo’s bed and told her about everything that would occur one day when she’s a bit older; Yoshino’s heart broke after every word he confessed to his little one, not knowing that Ayame heard every word of that confession.

After his confession, Yoshino told her that he’d be there watching over her from above in the heavens and guiding her every step of the way.

Yoshino then realized his daughter’s fate and started a project that took him endless hours for a full five years to put together, but it was all worth it because he was doing it all for his little one.

Yoshino never missed a single moment of Ichigo’s life, but on Ichigo’s seventh birthday, Yoshino took Ichigo down to the underground home he had built underneath their house while Ichigo was asleep; Yoshino explained everything in detail to his sleeping daughter and introduced her to everything inside the home, Yoshino secretly hoped that his daughter was listening to his voice and every word that he was saying.

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