Bloodshed – The Awakening of Ren Kurosawa

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Chapter 8 | Yoshino Chau’s Hidden Truth

As years passed, the Chau’s grew happily together while Yoshino forgot all about his past, although inside he knew that it was getting closer slowly.

On Ichigo’s 10th birthday after seven pm, Ayame saw the light of a car outside the window, shining brightly into their living room, blinding her. She told Yoshino, who had just come from the garage, closing the door behind him. There was a black vehicle outside.

When Yoshino went to see who it was, he saw his past flash before his eyes; he ran to his wife and daughter, telling Ayame, “Hide Ichigo away, you know where to put her, she’s the only one who can survive this.”

Yoshino turned to Ichigo and said to her, “Once this is all over and the house is cleared of everything I want you to go into the garage, you know what to do it’s inside you and don’t ever leave this house, it’s yours!”

Ayame did as Yoshino told her to, then the men outside shot the door down, killing Yoshino in the process. The Bidaru went looking for Ayame and Ichigo after entering the house to make sure they got everyone.

They only found Ayame!

The men took Ayame to where Yoshino laid dead, bleeding all over the floor with many holes in his abdomen.

Ayame broke down in tears as she saw her husband laying there breathless, she started screaming as Maito Hasegawa, the Bidaru’s leader started laughing.

Maito instructed his Bidaru’s captain, a young boy named Okino to stand behind Ayame and cut her head off, Okino did so and from above Ichigo could see what was happening, but when Ichigo heard Maito say, “Look for the girl,” she ran back to hide inside the bathroom walls where her mother had left her.

Not finding any trace of Ichigo, the men left.

When Ichigo was certain that there was no one in the house, she ran downstairs and went to see if her mother was really dead.

When she ran towards her parents that were laying on the floor she stopped in front of them and started crying; she crawled her way to her parents’ bodies and fell asleep in their blood as she felt drowsy from all the crying.

It was almost midnight when Ichigo awoke in blood. She went upstairs and packed a few of her things together, went through the entire house and gathered all her parent’s valuables together then went back to her parents.

She took her parents wedding rings, including the heart of the ocean ring Yoshino gave Ayame.

Ichigo paused for a moment, then looked at the ring her father gave her mother way back before he proposed to her; she started crying again and swore to her parents that, they will have their revenge and that she’d kill every one of the men that were here tonight and end their legacy forever!

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